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Your Daily Dose Of “Mike, Why Do You Hate Your Country by Not Endorsing Romney!?”

Mandeville, LA – Now I am accused of hating my country because I wish it to stop killing innocent people the world over!? I am also supposed to “do as others in my field have done” and get with “bringing our Government back to the people”!? By doing what!? Endorsing fools who gave us the NDAA, Patriot Act and Domestic drone use? The “my country, good or bad” (see Cales Ryn) mentality is what leads to Hitlers and Stalins, Sir. Were he a member of the Kraut Party in 1943,  I wonder what Patrick would have thought of Colonel Claus bon Stauffenberg? I am warned of flashing yellow lights, for my career, while there is a air-raid siren screaming over Patrick’s head.

“[I am] Just about done with you Mr. Church.
I hate war but understand that there is evil that can not be reasoned with. I pray we may never have to go to war again. I have four young kids and would not want them to fight in a war but I also want them to love their country and constitution as I do and when I hear men as you that have a lot of knowledge spew out the war mongering talk I can’t help but to think of Hitler or better yet Vladimir Lenin that have talked for decades about how to bring down the US. Then to hear spineless men like Ahmadinejad call America the great satan and how he wants us and Israel to burn. How they want to bring on the 12th imam by bombing Israel. These are not my words Mr. Church. Why don’t you use your knowledge to help bring our government back to the people like others in your field are doing. I stopped listening to savage because of his hatred for others in his field now look at him. I think the yellow lights are flashing in your corner sir. You say you love your country then act like it.” – Patrick Kelly


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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

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Douglas B Adams

I understand Patrick kelly,s problem though I do not sympathize,He would like his world to fit into that neat little box.Known as government, problem is that that is fantasy.They would,nt do that ,they are not out to get us after all. Are they ? But can you prove they are not ? Someone,s vision needs to be expanded.I am open to looking at thing,s in a new way ! Is he ? I think not .Really Mike will you mis his revenue that much ? I,ll buy another book K.Or some Death chief,s famous sauce.Dealing with idiot,s like me is bad enough Mike don,t torture yourself with the likes of hater,s like him.


I wonder what country he lives in….I live in the country of PA. I do not live in the country of America. I owe no allegiance to the national government. The only government I want to bring back to the people is my local county government. I will not pledge allegiance to the US of A. So Patrick Kelly, I will make my stand with another Patrick that would oppose your vision of this union. I stand with Patrick Henry.

Wil Shrader Jr.

Beer, beer! I am currently reading (slowly for such a short book) “The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas” which I believe I found in this here library courtesy of Mr. Church.

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