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You’re Daily Dose of “Mike, Stop NOT Kissing 100% Of Romney Propaganda!

todayOctober 4, 2012 8

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Mandeville, LA – Here is your daily dose of vitriol hurled at your most kind and gracious host for his failure to accept, whole cloth, 100% of the Romney propaganda. Silly me and my 18th century, critically thinking mind!

Name: Shary C.

Comments: Mike,

Every morning I would wake up your show as it was the first show. On many issues I see eye to eye with you. However, I believe the only flaw with you is that you can only attack people that you know cannot harm you. You do not want to get your nose bloodied. So you attac[k] Romney but not Obama. Get a pair. You have no idea what life will be under Islam or in total socialized system. I know Romney is the not the best candidate and once he is elected we will hold him accountable. But after I looked into his sole and knowing the charity that this man has for his fellow man. 

I am sure he will do his best for all people. But we know Obama has dark vision for America. 

Stop your shit about Romney and put your effort where it counts. 

I have stopped listing until I see you can put your energy to stop this man, not open his path back into our White House. 

This libertarian candidate is a plant from Obama administration. It will not work. 

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

Written by: TheKingDude

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Tom McNulty

To Shary C
I have listened to the King Dude for a long time . As said before, Mike offers an opinion. You on the other hand have told Mike to support Romney & to stop his “sh!t”. And how pray tell are you or anyone else will hold the President “accountable”. Seems to me , no one has held anyone accountable. You may respond with “one term” jargon but remember . They have 4 years in office , whoever is elected. My opinion is this “Do you want a slow ruination or would it be better to fast track it. Get it over with & start fresh?”.


In my 5 years of listening nearly every single morning, I have heard no end of Church speaking about what he disagrees with regarding Obama. How can this ‘listener’ say that he needs to Start??? Even the opening of the program, utilizing the Star Wars ‘First Galactic Empire’ bit was started in reaction to Obama’s ways, if my memory serves me correct. We hear it every morning. After 5 years of learning about Obama from Mike Church, I am now learning a few things about Romney. I for one would be a bit bored hearing about Obama all the time right now – because I have heard about it from long before he was first elected! Let’s learn about his challenger before people head for the polls. Church does not tell anyone else who to vote for, but he sure seems to get a lot of callers or commenters, trying to tell HIM what to do and who to vote for. I think of it as helping people make an Informed Choice. It seems to me that people don’t like what Church is letting them know about Romney, it must be echoing in their head or something and making them halt a bit in their quest to put their mark next to his name on the ballot. It’s not Church’s fault that Romney provides heaps of contradictory information for others to play with.

Consider this – there is another radio program on this channel that I listen to almost every day (dont have to now that there is On Demand! woo!), and I spent the last year or so listening to the most nasty hateful horrible stuff about Romney – because that host liked 2 other candidates. When it got down to the wire between Romney and Santorum, it got even worse. Really deep nasty stuff posted in the daily newsletter, on air, on the FB page, etc – but yesterday I nearly fainted listening to the same host nearly bowing in adoration of Romney. It made me physically ill. How on earth can a person retain their personal integrity and pride when they can move from utter hatred of a candidate, to screaming their praises and talking about it for over an hour straight. I don’t want to listen to THAT host ever again because they sold themselves out. Spend several months slamming a candidate into the ground face first, only to dance around calling out praise suddenly? Only because he is running on the Republican ballot? Shocking. Another host spent a great deal of time slamming him down when he liked Bachmann and had her on his show all the time – but she left the race and he floundered around for awhile til he got to support the final ‘winner’, Romney. Until then, he picked apart every word Romney said and now everyone is supposed to forget about it?

It reminds me of a friend who was a huge Hillary Clinton supported back in 08. She wrote things on her blog like “I cannot stand BO. He is the ugliest man I have ever seen, and every single word that comes out of his mouth is a LIE! How can he even be considered in this race and stand next to a person of Clinton’s caliber?’. My friend was downright beside herself when Obama won. She laid on the couch and CRIED her eyes out like her dog just died. I’m serious. But when he came up in the debates against McCain, I caught her talking about how wonderful he was… What??? I asked her about it and she said ‘Well, I read his book and I changed my mind’. I was so disgusted with her, and shocked. What a crock. She was just so desperate to keep the Republicans out of office, she voted for someone she HATED (and probably still hates to be honest, even moreso now). And look what that man has done!! Now we are supposed to do the exact same thing in support of Romney, in order to get Obama out. Sure, that makes sense!


Sadly true! But some of us ARE listening and learning to think for ourselves and check things out. Rest assured that you ARE getting through 🙂

Wil Shrader Jr.

Stupid people should not vote.

Michael Meehan

Gary Johnson a “plant from the Obama Administration”?? Really?? With listeners like this threatening to bail on you King Dude, you need to tick more of ’em off!!! People that have only listened to you superficially and don’t get the importance of the “little R” just don’t seem to understand what it is that you do on your show every day. I am officially a “red pill addict” and find myself feeling like the King Dude’s “brother from another mother”. I get it. As a Veteran, I want to see our military scaled back to DEFEND our nation. I’d like to see the Department of “Homeland Security” disbanded…..isn’t “Homeland Security” the business of the Department of Defense? You read the names of the legislation that gets passed and see the actions that the Government takes, and it’s all Orwellian in it’s propagandistic prose. I do not recall one King Dude ever cutting Obama an inch of slack at any time, and has actually said some charitable things “Christian Gentleman” comes to mind, about Romney. These “lesser of two evils” folks have a new name in my book…..Romulans.


I have been listening to Mike for almost a year now. It took me alitte longer than 8 weeks of takeing the red pill, I turned him off many time over that time, but always came back the next morning. after many years of sticking my head in the sand my eyes were opened. You have to listen and not close your mind to to the info Mike gives us you must be informed in order to make a good choice. the more i listened the more I realized thats how I used to think when I was younger. I am better at making a point to friends and family. The education we get daily makes us better equiped to deal with whats coming.
So, Mike doesn’t tell you what you want to hear suck it up and listen. I do not want anyone to tell me who to vote for. You are who you are and Mitt is who he is. All Mike is doing is giving you his opinion, wart and all. Its not up to him to tell you who to vote for, thats your choice and noone elses.
So suck it up big boy and stay informed, sounds alittle like you may need a pair!!!!

Steve Cunningham

So if he has stopped listening how does he know you haven’t jumped on Dear Leader? When will he know you have if he isn’t listening? How does one go from looking into another’s “soul” then tell you to drop your ‘sh*t”? That isn’t charitable at all. Oh & ‘get a pair’ isn’t exactly a charitable thing either.

It is obvious to see that you hate white people hahahaha had to say it 😉

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