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He Who Rules Terrestrial Sphere Of The Earth

in_God_we_trusted_wallace_frontMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Inverting the order is the greatest device that Satan ever, ever conceived of.  He has succeeded in convincing many that there is no central authority.  There is no unity authority.  He has succeeded in convincing many, if not most, that even if there was such an authority it does not have to be, it is optional to obey it.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I’d like to talk to people – I’d love to have conversations because I have boatloads of people that I am acquainted with that reject what I just said.  They reject it because they’ve been taught to reject it their entire lives.  Whose idea do you think that was?  He who rules terrestrial sphere of the Earth.  You know him as Satan, Devil, Beelzebub, whatever you want to call him.  He was kicked out of Heaven, sent here, and spends all eternity in mortal combat for your and my soul.

Inverting the order is the greatest device that Satan ever, ever conceived of.  He has succeeded in convincing many that there is no central authority.  There is no unity authority.  He has succeeded in convincing many, if not most, that even if there was such an authority it does not have to be, it is optional to obey it.  He has succeeded in convincing entire populations of men and women and thus children – that’s if you can be bothered to have the children – he has succeeded in convincing many of them that there’s no such thing as sin.  There’s certainly no such thing as mortal sin or original sin.  Nope, didn’t happen.  He has succeeded in convincing people that the Garden of Eden –

I actually had somebody tell me this today, [mocking] “You probably believe the story of the Garden of Eden, don’t you?”  Uh, yeah!  Have you ever had anybody hit you with that one, Christopher?  [mocking] “You probably believe the creation story from Genesis, don’t you?”  Uh, yeah!  [mocking] “You probably believe that there really was a flood and Noah was there, don’t you?  That’s funny, man!”  Uh, yeah!  If you read the Holy Gospels, I seem to recall that Jesus believed the story, too, because he quoted it.  What does he tell the Pharisee?  Even going all the way back to the days of Noah, he mentions Noah.  You can’t mention Noah without Noah having actually been there and been a person.

For the fifth Sunday in Lent yesterday, we got the reading where the Pharisee says: You’re not even 50 years old, dude.  How could you possibly have known Abraham?  You’re not even 50.  You’re not even hardly 30.  You couldn’t have known Abraham.  They were modern-day Republicans and Democrats, [mocking] “Mr. Jesus, please, just bash Obama!  You’re wrong.  You couldn’t have possibly known.”  Abraham.  Of course, what does Our Lord tell him in response?  “Before Abraham, I am.”  You know what’s amazing about that?  When Moses is out in the desert or he’s wandering about in exodus and he comes upon this bush that is just burning and keeps burning, what does the bush tell him to go tell the Israelites?  Moses said: What do I tell them?  Who are you?  What does Almighty God say?  Go and tell them that I am.

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Think about that: Go and tell them that I am.  When Jesus is in the temple talking to the scribes and he says “I am,” he is affirming unity.  He is affirming his singular status, his singular, not multiple, singular.

This is why religious pluralism is a heresy.  There’s either one God or there’s not.  There is.  [mocking] “Mike, they can have their Allah and Buddha and all that.  There’s more than one.”  No, there isn’t!  To believe that there is puts you in very, very precarious position.  You see, that’s modern man.  That’s modernity.  Modernity says that not only are there 38,000 denominations and thus gods and teachings, but they’re all fake.  There is none.  We’re all nihilists now.  In 1915, Romano Guardini was writing about this.


A new paganism differing from that of earlier ages will appear in the new world.  Again contemporary man labors under illusory attitudes. In many cases, the non-Christian today cherishes the opinion that he can erase Christianity by seeking a new religious path, by returning to classical antiquity from which he can make a new departure. He is mistaken. No man can retrace history. As a form of historic existence classical antiquity is forever gone. When contemporary man becomes a pagan he does so in a way completely other than that of the pre-Christian. Even at the height of their cultural achievement the religious attitudes of the ancients were youthful and naïve. Classical man only lived before that crisis which was the coming of Christ. With the advent of Christ man confronted a decision which placed druidsatstonehengehim on a new level of existence. Sören Kierkegaard made this fact clear, once and for all. With the coming of Christ man’s existence took on an earnestness which classical antiquity never knew simply because it had no way of knowing it.

[end reading]

Mike:  Just think about that.  Here in the modern world we have a way of knowing it, we do know what the truth is, and yet we deny it.  You deny it at your peril.  It doesn’t matter if they’re friends, if they’re family members.  If they deny this simple, central truth, folks, it’s going to be very difficult for them to be good friends.  You may have to place yourself at a distance from such people.  If they cannot and will not, and if they do insist – which is not to say you shouldn’t keep leading by example and hoping to convert them as a result of that.  It’s going to become difficult.

Is any of this sinking in out there?  Hello?  Is anybody there?  If you don’t get this, if you don’t get that our lives – and yes, that means our politics – must be ordered from the central truth, that is that there is a central, unified, that there is a God, one.  There is a Truth.  We can know it.  We can repeat it.  We can tell others.  Admit that, let that be the basis of everything else that you do, and much of this takes care of itself.  If you won’t admit that, why won’t you?  What is preventing you from restoring the order?  Again, I am happy to explain this.  Back to Father Guardini:


This earnestness did not spring from a human maturity; it sprang from the class which each person received from God through Christ. With this call the person opened his eyes, he was awakened for the first time in his life. This the Christian is whether he wills it or not. This earnestness prevailed, springing from the historic realization of the centuries that Christ is Being. It springs from man’s common experience, frightful in its clarity, that He “knew what is in man,” from the awareness in men of all the ages of that superhuman courage with which He mastered existence. When men deny this awareness we gain an impression that they suffer an immaturity, one common to the anti-Christian faiths of the ancient world.


Just as the renewal of the ancient classic myths against early Christianity was lifeless, so was the attempted rejuvenation of the Nordic myths. Seldom was either of those renewals the camouflage for a drive for power as it was with National Socialism. Nordic paganism had existed prior to the decision man had to make before God’s call through Christ, as had classical paganism. On the other hand, whichever way contemporary man decides, he must enter the depths of the person as revealed in Christ, leaving behind the secure but static life of immediate existence with its false rhythms and images.

This exact judgment must be made against all those attempts which would create a new myth through secular affirmation of the truth Christian vision. Consider what happened in the later poetry of Rilke for instance. Basic to Rilke’s poetry is the will to shed the transcendence of Revelation and to ground existence absolutely on earth. Rilke’s desire reveals its utter powerlessness when we note its total lack of Veritas_earbuds_listenharmony with the world now dawning. His attempts to adjust himself to the new world have a moving helplessness in a poem like the “Sonnette an Orpheus,” an alienating helplessness in the “Elegien.” In respect to French existentialism, too, its negation of an intelligible existence is so violent that it seems to be an especially despairing kind of Romanticism made possible by the convulsions of the last decades.

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A totally different realism would be needed to maneuver human attitudes before they could contradict Christian Revelation or build a fortress out of the world fully independent of Revelation. [Mike: Remember, he’s writing this in 1915.] It remains to be seen to what extent the East can develop this other realism and to what exigencies man will be subjected as a consequence.

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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