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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Marxist Sodomite Vampires-Opening Doors To Our World For Demons Since 1969       Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 496. How Do I Listen To The Mike Church Show, When It's Live? Click Here! | How Do I Listen To This Episode of The Mike Church Show? Click Here! | How Do I  Download This Episode of The Mike Church Show, On-Demand? Click Here! | How Do I Join Mike's Founders Pass Membership Site […]

todayDecember 12, 2017 2


Cognative Dissonance: THIS Is What Netflix Is Broadcasting As Comedy, Big Mouth Is Big Porn

Mandeville, LA - The new Netflix TV series "Big Mouth" features pre-pubescent teens allegedly agonizing over the changes their bodies are going through in puberty. So to drive the pain and confusion home for all, let's broadcast a 10-11 year old girl, viewing and talking to her private parts in a mirror and then NETFLIX SHOWS said parts for 25-30 seconds. If this isn't child pornography and abuse of juvenile […]

todaySeptember 29, 2017 5


A New Paganism

He Who Rules Terrestrial Sphere Of The Earth Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Inverting the order is the greatest device that Satan ever, ever conceived of.  He has succeeded in convincing many that there is no central authority.  There is no unity authority.  He has succeeded in convincing many, if not most, that even if there was such an authority it does not have to be, it is optional […]

todayMarch 18, 2016

Daily Clip

Mike Church Show FREE PREVIEW – Satanists Right to Desecrate And Truth About Cortes

Mandeville, LA - On December 16th's Mike Church Show, David in Oklahoma informs us that the state has given Satanists the right to desecrate a statue of Mary this Christmas Eve. Mike gives us a history lesson on the truth about Cortes and what the Mexican's ancestors were subjected to by the Aztecs before the Spanish arrived. Listen to the FULL hour of audio below by signing up as a Founder's Pass […]

todayDecember 16, 2015 1


Family Is Being Destroyed By Spiritual Forces NOT Libs

The Destruction of the Family Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "I view this not as the actions of humans.  There has to be a supernatural force that’s at work here.  The dissolution of the family and the things it entails have to be executed by mankind and by humanity.  If mankind is to survive and prosper and be happy, he wouldn’t execute these things."  Check out today’s transcript for […]

todayMay 28, 2015 21


ISIS Is Afraid Of Phil Robertson’s God And The Blessed Mother Mary

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Just like in the movies, bring a sack full of heads into Congress, dump them on the witness table and say: Blam, kablowee!  Do like the guy in the Best Western hotel television commercials.  Go into a meeting with a bunch of Eskimos sitting at a table and with a pair of ice tongs you drop a giant block of ice on the table and […]

todaySeptember 4, 2014 31


HGTV To Jesus – You’re Fired!

Brothers David and Jason are just TOO Christian Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Now there are groups out there that are dedicated to monitoring who it is that’s being hired in any position of public station whatever.  They’re doing background checks on those individuals and then will produce reports and begin the extortion.  Just look for this to escalate, by the way.  In this instance here, we found out […]

todayMay 12, 2014 6


What Has Been The Cause of America’s Deterioration?

Mike Explains Why The Devil Is The Cause Of Our Malaise Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "The point that it is illegal to make, and if you make it then you’re a racist, bigot, hick hayseed and we’re going to schedule you for deportation, is that you cannot maintain any kind of a culturally-cohesive society or any kind of a culturally-cohesive republic in any meaningful sense of the word […]

todayMarch 18, 2014