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Amazon Tax Deals Set Off Quest For National Sales Tax aka Internet Freedom Is In Peril

todayMay 7, 2012 2

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TN Governor makes deal with amazon for sales taxes but sets his sights on a national tax, Thanks!

Obama launches campaign and only half the Life of Julia fans show up

Andy McCarthy: The Blind Sheik Case (1993 WTC bomber) could not be prosecuted effectively today because of our compulsory blindness and surrender to jihad

Steyn: Life of Julia is just another composite girlfriend for Obama and Elizabeth Warren is just the latest minority or recently discovered minority who went to Harvard and helped them “diversify”

VIDEO: 75 Years ago today the mighty Nazi airship Hindenburg crashed and burned over New Jersey

Gary North says: Stop investing in your 401k that you started just because a CPA told you to

Ron Paul campaign wins Maine & Nevada delegate selections over the weekend

Audition: Rubio sounds more and more like Romneys running mate and more like a partisan hack

It is a good thing the Dept of homeland Security is around to save us from whoever plotted to kill a white buffalo

NPR praises the libertarian movement for making themselves as factor in 2012!? Yep, I couldn’t believe it myself

Gingrich & Santorum were candidates with platforms in search of a movement-Ron Paul is a candidate with a movement and a platform that the Conservative movement cannot ignore

RGIII will be the Redskins starter-regardless of what happens in pre-season, justifying the teams choice and exorbitant cost

TAC: The New Jeffersonians are coming and they are being successful now

See if you can identify whose names are missing from a list of possible delegates to an Amendment Convention (hint, you might hear one on radio advocating said convention for years)

Pat Buchanan asks the best question this year: After 10 years of war, how many of our Afghani “allies” have performed suicide missions for OUR side?

Biden: Will & Grace did more education’ of the American public than anyone (I assume that means Jefferson too?)

VIDEO: The French elections were so ridiculous that it takes Sasha Baron Cohen to tell us what they really mean

Paul Krugman was always an economic illiterate as we discover in Ron Paul vs Paul pt II which actually happened in 2003

Video: Rick Santelli just can’t take being on the cheerleader channel anymore when the cheerleaders are doping up the unemployment rate ala Sheperd Smith

What is the REAL UE travesty? It is the declining number of full-time jobs as 819,000 were lost last month alone

The REAL unemployment rate is…drumroll please, 8.6…NO! 9.4…NO!…9.8…NO! How about a big, fat 11.6

TIC: Brad Birzer proposes a Catholic-friendly first year curriculum for colleges that would restart the classics and learning HOW to think

Some see the end of America’s decline and an economic boom coming because the oil resources I have been talking about for a decade will finally make their way to market

George Will: What WON’T liberals do to keep the upper hand on political speech? Well amending the Constitution to give Congress authority over “non-entities” becomes the latest rage for Libtards yet it is “extremist” Tea Party types who are a “threat to the Constitution”!?

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