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Obamacare Should Have Asked For Help

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – This is what is amazing to me. What did you expect it to be able to do? It would be too much to ask, wouldn’t it, that the powers that be inside Mordor on the Potomac River would, I don’t know, maybe ask the people that built the Amazon website to give them a hand? That one seems to be able to deliver products […]

todayOctober 23, 2013

Pile Of Prep

Amazon Tax Deals Set Off Quest For National Sales Tax aka Internet Freedom Is In Peril

TN Governor makes deal with amazon for sales taxes but sets his sights on a national tax, Thanks! Obama launches campaign and only half the Life of Julia fans show up Andy McCarthy: The Blind Sheik Case (1993 WTC bomber) could not be prosecuted effectively today because of our compulsory blindness and surrender to jihad Steyn: Life of Julia is just another composite girlfriend for Obama and Elizabeth Warren is […]

todayMay 7, 2012 2

Pile Of Prep

Gingrich Gives Back of Hand: Romney Isn’t As Good As Me But Still Better Than Obama

In what must be the most overachieving moment in recent politics history, Newt bows out without bowing out without endorsing Romney and without backing off his publicly financed Moon Base Is anyone at the Romney campaign listening? Obama has upper hand on foreign policy and none of Romney's attacks make a dent (which is why Mitt should be listening to Ron Paul) Freedom has another strand of the rope it […]

todayMay 3, 2012