American Hubris Won’t Prevent Another Katyn Massacre Or Great Purge

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Folks, this is dangerous stuff here.  Some people think this is a game. “We’re Americans.  We would never do that.”  Really?  You know one of the reasons why the rest of the world fears us?  It’s because we used a nuclear weapon on Japanese people not once but twice.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Here is the partial definition of what combat means today.  This is William Grigg writing at


What Holder is saying, in substantive terms, is that the President does have the supposed authority to use a drone to kill an American who is engaged in “combat,” whether here or abroad. “Combat” can consist of expressing support for Muslims mounting armed resistance against U.S. military aggression, which was the supposed crime committed by Anwar al-Awlaki, or sharing the surname and DNA of a known enemy of the state, which was the offense committed by Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdel. Under the rules of engagement used by the Obama Regime in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, any “military-age” male found within a targeted “kill zone” is likewise designated a “combatant,” albeit usually after the fact. This is a murderous application of the “Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy,” and it will be used when — not if — Obama or a successor starts conducting domestic drone-killing operations.

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Holder selected a carefully qualified question in order to justify a narrowly tailored answer that reserves an expansive claim of executive power to authorize summary executions by the president. That’s how totalitarians operate.

[end reading]

Mike:  So it won’t be long that we’ll be seeing t-shirts out there with the caption that says “Don’t Drone Me, O!”  As a matter of fact, we may be producing a “Don’t Drone Me, O!” t-shirt early next week.  Let’s move on to Lindsey Graham.  Here’s Senator Graham from South Carolina.  What kind of chance is there for a drone strike happening at a Tea Party rally?  (audio – Dean Wormer: “Zero point zero.”)  Yeah, but what if there is someone there who is a Muslim, who has been sharing emails with someone in Yemen, heaven forbid, someone in Afghanistan?  They may be swapping opium recipes.  That doesn’t matter.  It’s suspicious.  A trigger-happy member of the CIA could channel the intelligence, interpret it improperly, alert the president and there you go, predator drones over Charleston, South Carolina.

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I’m being farcical to make a point.  Folks, this is dangerous stuff here.  Some people think this is a game.  [mocking] “We’re Americans.  We would never do that.”  Really?  You know one of the reasons why the rest of the world fears us?  It’s because we used a nuclear weapon on Japanese people not once but twice.  Did you know that significant members of the Truman administration in military ranks basically resigned in protest over the use of the second device, and pled and begged the president not to use it, including Admiral Nimitz, including General MacArthur?  The idea here that we are somehow incapable of inflicting mass casualties on people we don’t know is ludicrous.  It’s sad.

You know what I was reading yesterday?  I read some of the history of how it was that Stalin came to power and how it was that Stalin acquired the authority to commit what became known as the Great Purge, which happened between 1936 and 1938 in Russia.  It’s estimated — no one will ever know — that a half million Russian souls were executed by the agents of their government.  This was done with the approbation, the approval of the Soviet government.  [mocking] “Come on, they were communists.”  Okay, I’ll give you that.

Sidebar_ad_Secede_die_baseball_capThere was a massacre that is known now as the Katyn massacre.  I know our former Russian friends out there listening today are well acquainted, unfortunately, with this horror.  If you’re of Polish descent, you’re probably familiar with it.  In 1941, the Politburo meets.  Stalin’s henchman is a cat by the name of Lavrentiy Beria.  This man was a monster, an absolute monster, but he was a member of the Politburo, as was Stalin.  Here’s what happened.  In late 1940, the Politburo meets and they are concerned, or they are told to be concerned, that Polish military officers they have captured when they invaded Poland, may be animating, may be organizing, may not be so happy to be new Soviets.  So it is determined: What do we do with them?  Well, here’s what we do with them, we execute them.  The Politburo votes.  There is a unanimous recorded vote with Stalin voting in the affirmative and Baria voting in the affirmative.  You could make the case that the reason it was unanimous was because no one wanted to wind up with the Polish officers.  The vote is held and no one knows what happens until — this happened on March 5, 1940.  In spring of 1943, the Nazis invade that part of Russia, the Katyn.  They take the city.  After they take the city, they discover a mass grave that has the bodies, still dressed, of 4,043 of the Polish officers that the Politburo determined needed to be executed.

For those of you that think these atrocities cannot happen here, I just say to you that no one wants them to happen here and that’s the point.  Once you start killing, once you have citizens — I think some of our fellow citizens are lunatics. I think they’re a threat.  Someone that answers a Gallup or Fox News pollster “Can the president order the killing of an American on American soil?” — 45 percent of people said yes.  That is a macabre, sinister number.  Folks, once you start the killing, all it takes is for one paranoid lunatic to become president or for a series of paranoid lunatics to be in positions of power where they start going: What if there are others out there like the one we just took out?  Yeah, we’ve got intelligence.  There are others like that.  Before you know it, tragedy strikes, unthinkable tragedy.

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1Before you go getting all ginned up, screaming and hollering at me about terrorism and the need to stop it, that we’ve got to do this and do that, yes, you need to do those things.  Common defense is something that is necessary.  Men wielding weapons in uniforms at times is most indeed necessary, as is a vigilant citizenry seeing to it that their government does not use that most awesome of all powers, and that is the power of the state to kill.  Folks, you do not want to unleash that terror in this continent.  History tells us what will happen if we do.  No, under no circumstances, Mr. Holder, is the president allowed to give an order to whack an American citizen.  Direct combat, I think most of us would recognize it.

These people that are out there saying: We have to redefine these things for the 21st century, consider what it is that you are saying.  You’re so convinced of your own I guess moral superiority that you don’t see the danger in this.  There is a grave danger.  Do you not think the Russian people were convinced of their own moral superiority?  No, that could never happen.  Do you not think the Italians, the Czechoslovakians, the Chinese, the Malaysians, the Germans, do you not think they were possessed of the exact same arrogance and hubris?  That could never happen here.  Just trust the man.  He needs to take care of a few bad apples.  They’re enemies of the state the chancellor needs to deal with.  We should let him deal with them in the manner he needs to.  Sticking to the rule of law, offering due process prevents the madman.  At least it goes further to prevent the madman than actually sanctioning it.

I don’t know who I’m more afraid of, the lunatics, the 45 percent of you that say we should grant President Obama this power.  What if it’s not President Obama?  Let’s say Obama’s not that bad.  If you think Obama is bad, what if someone comes along — since people seem to be convinced the government becomes more tyrannical over time — that’s even worse than Obama?  Obama did it.  I think all those people in that group are a threat.  Folks, you’ve got to draw the line.  This is unbelievable fire we’re playing with here.  Senator Paul was ringing that bell saying: We can’t use the Constitution to kill people.  The gentleman that called the show yesterday said: Don’t kill me, bro.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Andy conn

so true, ive just got done listening to “the 12 Ceasars”,.. Julius Caesar was a relative “benevolent dictator” and believed he was doing it in the name of “saving the Republic”, contrary to warnings by Cato and Cisero, but the “people” bought into it, despite 400 years of history that proved otherwise. well all i can say is the other 11 Ceasars were not so benevolent. our founders read and formed a government with this essay and many others for a reason, they weren’t stupid. anyone can win and become the new government leader,… see modern history castro,stalin,hitler,chavez,che,…etc..etc. or you can found a NEW Nation.


It can never happen here. Isn’t that what the Cambodians, Cubans, Germans, Pols, Czechs, Romanians,(insert your favorite communist/socialist country) said? We Americans say that can never happen here because apparently we’re so much more advanced compared to those other countries. The only thing we are is completely wrapped up iwth how great we are that we’ll never accept that something like this could ever happen here. And then BANG! It’s all over and we’ll just be sitting around completely dumbfounded not knowing what just happened. Just like every other country that went through the same thing. We’re truly a bunch of self centered idiots and one day we’ll regret not having been more vigilant.

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