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Andrew Bieszad – The Final Muslim Invasion Has Begun


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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Andrew Bieszad is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Andrew is an Islamic scholar and he’s been on this show several times.  What we’re discussing here is his 9/11 piece at OnePeterFive, which is “The Final Hijra: A Warning on the Refugee Crisis.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  . . . recently, in the last five years, have written and ratified a new constitution that restores the order of Christendom.  It puts Hungary back in the same condition she would have been in at the time of St. Stephen, for example.  I knew when they were saying no, I knew something was wrong.  I said: These are good Christian people here.  They would not just turn refugees away if they were truly refugees.  I started looking into it and going: That doesn’t look like a refugee to me.  Then your piece came along Friday.  Actually, Steve Skojec sent it to me and said: Mike, you’re going to want to read this.  I did and I went: Finally!  Finally some history on this.  Where are we at with this? [/private]

Andrew Bieszad:  Let me explain the concept of the [unintelligible].  The [?] was a particular incident that happened in Muhammad’s life.  It was in the year 622.  To make a long story short, Muhammad, at his time — he lived in a city of what’s today Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  He wasn’t liked.  People thought he was very annoying.  They thought: Okay, you can have your little cult, but you’re getting too preachy, too loud.  You’re disrupting all the other little cults that have their shrines and places here.  When I say cults, I mean the Arab pagans, but there were also many different kinds of heretical Christians.  There were many different Jewish sects, even sects from the Far East, Buddhism and Hinduism.

What Muhammad did is he got an invitation from a group of Jews living in what was called the city of Yathrib, which is today Medina.  They said: Why don’t you come on up and bring your cult and we’ll listen to you?  So Muhammad and his followers made the emigration to Medina.  That marks three things.  It marks the beginning of Islam, the Islamic State.  It marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar.  It also marks, for many Oriental scholars, the beginning of the switch from what they call the Meccan verses of the Quran to the Medinan verses.  Meccan verses comprise about one-quarter of the Quran and they’re more or less very unassuming, almost boring.  They’re very poetic.  They tend to preach about general morality, Christians, Jews, Muslims, we can all sing Kumbaya and get along, in a very general sense.

When he gets to Medina, he gives a speech, Chapter 2 of the Quran, Al-Baqarah, the chapter of the cow.  He gives this whole long speech and he’s asking the Jewish community of Medina to convert.  They say: Sorry, Muhammad.  No thanks.  As soon as that happens, that marks the beginning of Muhammad’s use of heinous violence, caravan raiding, torture, and gory punishment to get what he wants.  Those verses comprise three-quarters of the Quran.  If you were to arrange them into historical order like the German scholar Theodor Noldeke did in his book Geschichte des Qorans (History of the Quran), you will see that towards the end of Muhammad’s life you see chapters like Chapter 9: 10, which is where you the lines about “kill the infidel,” “fight those who believe not in Allah” 9:29, “take the spoils of war,” Chapter 8 is “The Spoils of War.”  You see that happen.

Going to today, in a theological sense, and not just today, when they talk about a [?], it’s a population transfer of a Muslim population to a primarily non-Muslim population.  The goal of Islam lies there.  This is summarized by [?] in his explanation of the Dar al-harb versus the Dar al-Islam, the House of War versus the House of Islam.  The idea is that the house of Islam, all the domain of Islam, the property, the people, the businesses will eventually overtake the Dar al-Harb, the non-Muslim House of War by means, if not conversion, of war.  The question isn’t so much of if this will happen; the question is when it will happen by Allah’s providence.

If you look at some Muslim scholars, especially the beginning, in the 18th century with Mohammed Wahhab.  You see this idea of Muslims looking back to their old history and thinking: How can we recapture the glory of Islam.  They broke it down, roughly speaking [?] into something like this.  The first great migration of Islam where Islam called for the entire territory from what is today central France all the way to Uzbekistan and western China with the capture of Jerusalem.  The second great conquer — they conquered most of Europe and they conquered even into India and went to many of the East Asian countries — corresponds roughly to the conquest of Constantinople.  These are two once-great Christian cities.  There’s one great Christian city left, Rome, Italy.

The idea that we can capture Rome and take the Vatican, the entire world will fall under Islamic domain because there will be no more great Christian cities left is based off a vague prophecy in the Quran.  I believe it’s Chapter 30 or 33.  I cannot remember at the moment.  It’s called Surah Ar-Rum, the Chapter of Rome.  It begins with this line, “Rome is finished.”  The worldwide dominance of Islam must come with the Islamization of Rome.  Jerusalem, what was that?  That was the original Rome in a sense that that was the place where the prophets came from, the land of Israel.  Constantinople, if you ask a Greek, was known as the second Rome.  Constantine transferred the capital of the Roman Empire from the west to the east.  Greeks used to call themselves Romans, even during the 8th and 9th centuries.  Now there is one Rome left and it’s the real Rome, the mother, and she is under siege.

Mike:  Andrew Bieszad is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Andrew is an Islamic scholar and he’s been on this show several times.  What we’re discussing here is his 9/11 piece at OnePeterFive, which is “The Final Hijra: A Warning on the Refugee Crisis.”  That’s a little bit of the history.  What’s going on with these alleged refugees trying to barge their way into Europe?  You’re saying — I told the audience this earlier.  The ultimate goal is Rome.  They don’t care how they get in, do they?

Bieszad:  No.  Remember, in Islam [Arabic], the ends justify the means.  When you look at these refugees, think of it like this.  We think of – you read the history books about population migrations, the Vandals, the Goths, the Visigoths, the Huns, the Mongolians, you name it.  As much as things change, they stay the same, too.  We are watching another population movement.  Like I said, this movement is being permitted, it’s being funded by foreign governments.  There’s no doubt about that.  Even Saudi Arabia alluded to that.

Mike:  There are so many little nuggets to this and pieces of this that had to happen to bring this about.  It almost defies not wanting to characterize this as a great, grand conspiracy.

Bieszad:  I hear you.

Mike:  You have to have certain things fall into place.  Then you have to have the United States start acting like the big bully that it is and invading and bombing and driving the civilian populations of predominately Muslim countries, driving the remaining Christians out, which we have succeeded in doing.  All those things have to take place.  You had mentioned in your piece something about the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq and that there was some evidence that there was some declassified documents that said their demise was officially planned? [/private]

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Bieszad:  Yes.  Let me put it like this.  If you look at the documents, what’s going on — and this is a problem that is very traditional with Islam.  You have — I think I’ve mentioned this before in some of my writings; I may have mentioned it on your show before.  When you’re dealing with Islam, Islam is very much a religion that works on groupthink.  There is no thinking in Islam.  I tell people, if you want to understand Islam, stop thinking and you’ll be able to understand the theology much easier.  When you’re looking at this, again, think about this in the perspective of a person whose sole goal is the acquisition of money and power by any and all means possible.  The answers defy the means, a Machiavellian worldview.

If you look at a Muslim population, they are very easy to control initially because you can simply herd them just by influencing them with power, with money, with handouts, with their religion to follow what you do.  If anybody has any doubt about this, this has been going on for centuries.  One of the greatest people who actually was involved in influencing Muslim populations to do this was the famous British explorer T.E. Lawrence.  That’s what his entire life mission was, to rouse the Muslim population, the Arab populations to turn against the other Muslim populations so that the Brits could conquer and divide up the Middle East.  That is what he did.  He writes about this in his book.  I have T.E. Lawrence’s works.  He regretted a lot of his work later but that’s what he did.

The problem with Islam is, you can do that until you can’t.  The same barbarism that drives Islam from its theology, to act the way it does, is the same power that they have to conquer.  What will happen is — you see this repeated throughout history.  You see it in Spain.  You see it in the Mediterranean.  You see it in the Byzantine Empire.  People will ally with certain Muslim groups against other Muslim groups to expand their power.

That is what we are doing, again, on a larger scale.  For America, we have an oil addiction.  We need oil to keep our economy going.  It makes a lot of money for certain people.  Some people don’t have morals, will do everything and anything to preserve their power.  They believe, from what I have seen — again, based on simple historical analysis, they’re doing what dictators of the past did.  They are influencing, manipulating Muslim populations to get what they want.  The problem is, when you’re encouraging Islam revivalism, when you’re encouraging this kind of behavior, eventually it’s sort of like a ringmaster beating and whipping a lion too much.  Eventually that lion is going to eat him.  That is what we are starting to see.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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