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The growing collection of Founding Father Films’ “Project ’76 Webisodes” written, produced & directed by Mike Church

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James Madison Veto Of The “Bonus Bill” Shows Interstate Highways Are NOT Constitutional

With "Conservatives" and their corrupt "think tanks" now fully backing the wasteful and unconstitutional spending on "interstate highway projects" who is left to defend the molecules of the Constitution that remain in effect? Well, we can summon the pen of Constitutional author, ratifier and President under, James Madison and his -SHOULD BE FAMOUS-veto of Henry Clay's "bonus Bill" in 1817.

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Declaration, draft mystery solved


The Declaration of Independence-Mystery of The Missing Original, SOLVED! Pages Of Independence

"OVER the past two centuries many legends, myths, misconceptions, and palpable error have clustered about the Declaration of Independence... All of them, including the signed and engrossed copy, share in common the fact that they are derivatives of the prototype which was adopted by Congress on the evening of July 4, 1776, and which unhappily disappeared from history almost at the moment of its creation." - Historian Julian Boyd, commissioned […]

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Finding Jefferson’s Original Declaration – The 3rd of July Is Not Boring Anymore!

Finding Jefferson's Original Declaration - The 3rd of July Is Not Boring Anymore! by: Mike Church As John Adams told us yesterday "the second of July is to be remembered as the greatest epocha in American history" and tomorrow, July 4th needs no explanation but what of poor, lonely, neglected July 3rd? Is there nothing worthy of remembering on the day before Independence was declared!? You bet your 4th of […]

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Trump’s Refusal To Take The Hillary Pledge Was “Spirit of ’76” Brilliant

Mandeville, LA - The Spirit of '76 Lives! The most courageous thing said since the 1776 Continental Congress responded to King George III's Proclamation of Rebellion was said by Donald J. Trump tonight in the misnamed "Debate": When asked if he'd take the pledge to support Hillary's rigged victory, Trump, staring down catcalls of "traitor" stood unmoved and repeated "No I will not take the pledge... I reserve judgement until […]

todayOctober 19, 2016 8

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Times That Try Men’s Souls, The Story of Washington’s Crossing, 2 CD Set

Washington's Crossing Limited Edition CD &  Parchment Map set - Great, rare, collectible gifts for patriots this Memorial Day! Mandeville, LA - Times That Try Men's Souls - Washington's Crossing.  New Feature from Mike Church debuted on SiriusXM December 23, 2013. 2 CD set with original, one of a kind battle map, on sale and in stock NOW, just in time for Memorial Day listening on the Veritas Radio Netwrok's CRUSADE […]

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Madison: George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation Crashed 1st Amendment

NOTE- This essay was originally published on 24 Nov, 2014 Mandeville, LA  - We will all hear a lot about Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation of 1789 and how this holiday has its roots in the Christian tradition. While this is true and not the point of this post it's still worth noting. Let me get to the point. Late in his retirement James Madison began to develop his theory over he […]

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Who Ratified The Nomocratic, U.S. Constitution? Why of Course, The 13 Countries of N.A.

Mandeville, LA - To "reclaim" the Constitution we first have to establish WHAT that Constitution was expected to do and as importantly, what breathed life into it, namely the 13 Countries that ratified it. You read that correctly, the 13 Countries of North America, known as the United States ratified and therefore granted IT powers because they already POSSESSED those powers. Consider the Treaty of Paris that ended the War […]

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