Are Johnson Voters Guilty of Electing Obama?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The question being asked in American elections these days is a rigged question.  The only thing that’s left to be decided by our universal suffrage is how much of your property is going to be taken from you for public consumption.  That’s not what a free people does.  The question has already gone before us.  We already answered the question that we do not own our property, that all government at some level has the right to take it from us, if they can marshal enough votes together to make that happen.  That’s a sad state of society, I would say. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Dan is in Minnesota, next up.  Hello, Dan, how you doing?

Caller Dan:  Not bad, not bad at all.  Sorry to hear you’ve got a cold.  I just got over my first one of the year.

Mike:  Whenever the weather changes every year, I go through this.  The weather changed last week.  It got very chilly in the mornings.  I knew it the day it came in.  It took it four days to incubate, though.

Caller Dan:  I just want to ask you if you can ask your listeners to email you or Tweet you an answer to my question.  If you consider yourself an independent or undecided or whatever, to elaborate, one of your last callers said he was going to vote for Ron Paul.  I understand a lot of people just don’t like Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  I don’t care for either one either; however, there are really only two choices in this election.  If you do vote for a third-party candidate, do you feel like you have no responsibility if they don’t win but Obama wins?  Do they really feel that they can’t carry any responsibility at all?  To me it’s just absurd to vote for somebody you know absolutely can’t win.  You might as well not even vote at all.  What do you think?

Mike:  I disagree.  In other words, you try to pick the winning team and then you vote with the winning team?

Caller Dan:  Right.

Mike:  Don’t you think that’s a little cynical?

Caller Dan:  It might be, but where we’re at right now in this country, a vote for a third-party —

Mike:  If you knew a lib that was doing that, what would you say?  If you knew a single-issue Sandra Fluke supporter that was voting for Obama, to make sure she was with the women’s winning team, what would you say about that person?  In what esteem would you hold that individual?

Caller Dan:  I would hold them responsible.

Mike:  I said in what esteem would you hold that individual?

Caller Dan:  I don’t know.  I’m just asking voters out there.  I’ve got a few friends that are not voting for either one of the main candidates.  They’re voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or whoever is going to be on the ticket.  I ask them if they feel like they have any responsibility and they say no, not at all.  I say why would you even vote for them if you know — I’m not saying Mitt Romney is a perfect candidate.  I don’t care for him, but I can’t see voting for Gary Johnson and throwing a vote away from somebody who’s going to be obviously better than Barack Obama.

Mike:  So exercising the vote is not why you go to the polls?  It is being on the winning team.  When you use the term “throwing a vote away,” then you’re implying that a vote is only worthwhile if your vote is registered on the side that wins.  The people that voted for McCain / Palin in 2008, did they throw their vote away?  Ultimately they lost.  The polls indicated the day before the vote was held that they were going to lose.  Why do they go to the polls and vote for a losing candidate?

Caller Dan:  I understand what you’re saying.  I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you.  I’m just asking people out there what their personal thoughts are, if they do feel as they have no responsibility.  I know people that flat out said, “No, I have absolutely no guilt whatsoever if Barack Obama wins another four years and completely turns this country into crap.”  I’m just asking.  I just want to know what people think, that’s all.  Voting rights, to me, is the most basic, essential, God-given right that we have in this country other than —

Mike:  I disagree with that.  God-given?  Did God give the Israelites the chance to vote on the Ten Commandments?  That’s just silly talk, God-given right to vote?  Look at what has transpired since universal suffrage has been achieved.  Look at the degradation of character of the politician, of the body politick, the enlargement and size of the welfare state, the enlargement and size of the surveillance state.  Look since there has been universal suffrage — meaning if you’re alive and we can get you to a poll you can vote — look at the damage that has been done to republican government.  It is almost nonexistent now and people’s attitudes toward it imply that it’s good riddance.

They love to complain about it and they love to jump up and down and yell and scream and go to Tea Party rallies and claim that it’s life or death in this election or that election, but at the end of the day, because you have universal suffrage, you have people that are voting for their own specific, prurient interest.  They’re voting, in other words, to enrich themselves, at least at some level, through what someone else has done, through someone else’s effort.  So God-given?  No.  I’d say maybe the concept of universal suffrage and the right to vote came from the other spectrum.  That is something that has been sent here by him whose name shall not be spoken.  That is something that came from the underworld.  That is not something that came to us from divine intervention, I don’t think anyway.

That’s an interesting question: did the Israelites get a vote on the Ten Commandments?  Did Jesus’ disciples, apostles, did they get a vote on that passion of the Christ?  Did they get a vote on the parable of the Beatitude?  Did they get to vote on whether or not Christ would acknowledge the harlot at the well?  The divinely-inspired Constitution and the divinely-inspired Declaration, that we’re the divinely-inspired people, this is how you justify this American exceptionalism that we are possessed of currently, and the idea that because of these things, we are superior to the rest of the races on the face of the planet.  This is what gets you into trouble.  This idea that you throw your vote away if you don’t vote for who Fox News or talk radio tells you to vote for is ridiculous.  That’s preposterous.  Ask the question of why my ownership of my property is on a ballot to start with.

The question being asked in American elections these days is a rigged question.  The only thing that’s left to be decided by our universal suffrage is how much of your property is going to be taken from you for public consumption.  That’s not what a free people does.  The question has already gone before us.  We already answered the question that we do not own our property, that all government at some level has the right to take it from us, if they can marshal enough votes together to make that happen.  That’s a sad state of society, I would say.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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I am not frustrated because Mr. Paul will not be on the ticket in Michigan. All I want to know is who in the hell are you to tell me my vote will go to Maobama or governor Romney. I did not vote for John M Cain did that give Obama my vote. If you care to elaborate on this please fill me with your all knowing wisdom on this subject but, do not think just because you think you are right that you are. Some folks think Abe Lincoln was the 2nd coming of Christ but did not even consider trying to find the real truth out. Some of those so-called folks consider themselves Christians and could not spell the word much less know it. The wisdom I have learned from Mike and Mr. Paul and Gary Johnson is that Government does not have that power over me. Read that Constitution again and then tell me where is says I have to vote Repub. or Dem.

john millican

Actually; I believe it is those that vote for a LIBERAL, GUN-GRABBER like Mitt Romney; whose full intention is to continue all that Obama has done, and add even more, that will cause Obama to be re-elected. If everyone that is unhappy with Romney voted for Johnson, and those unhappy with Obama did the same; we would have a Libertarian President.(Ron Paul isn’t running)

Michael Meehan

Libertarians have been trying to “co-opt”, or influence the Republican Party for over 50 years, the closest they came to success was with Barry Goldwater, and it’s been downhill ever since. Ron Paul has tried to “work from the inside” as has Gary Johnson. Johnson won the Governorship TWICE as a Republican in heavily Democratic New Mexico, but got shunned by the party…..treated like an outcast. So what’s YOUR plan to get some respect for Libertarian views in the Republican Party and overcome the corporate establishment that owns it? Or if not Libertarian views, then “constitutional conservatism” or [r]epublicanism? Join the Party as the “Tea Party” did and get absorbed and overwhelmed by the establishment yet again? If nothing else, “Third Parties” provide a contrast of ideas, and a forum to advocate for them without being told to go stand in the corner and shut up as was done to Gary Johnson. Trying to overcome the establishment decepticons is a losing proposition, better to let them keep their tenous grasp on what power they have while the structure comes crashing down around them. I find it ironic though, that the Republican nominees campaign is HQ’ed in Boston, while the Libertarians is in Salt Lake City….just sayin’….


Look, I understand the frustration with the Republican party. At the convention, Ron Paul and his supporters got shut out and his most compelling arguments (foreign policy and the federal reserve) got thrown into the rubbish bin. The original intent of the Tea Party has for the most part been marginalized and the movement has been absorbed into the Republican party. What did you expect? The entrenched politicians aren’t just going to get out of the way, they’re going to have to be forcibly removed.

Unfortunately, constitutional conservativatism is a minority among the electorate. What’s the plan? To split off several million voters into a new constitutional party and wait 50 years for enough people to come around – all while the communists turn this country into a socialist or communist utopia we can’t escape?

In modern American politics, the sheeple only identify themselves with an R or a D, so the only way forward is to co-opt the Republican party and use the masses to fight off the commies

Michael Meehan

These folks that want to place “responsibility” on “third party” voters if their anointed candidate doesn’t get elected don’t seem to be squealing too loudly about how the Republican National Committee Corporation nominated someone that wasn’t capable of earning our votes. That’s actually where the responsibility lies. I’m tired of the RNC crowd thinking that they’re entitled to the votes of everyone on the “right” side of the political spectrum without having to actually work and earn it. They say my chosen candidate has “no chance of winning”, but that doesn’t get any better if I don’t vote for him. I don’t care if he wins, I care that I vote my own conscience, and if it so happens that Obama gets re-elected, I’ll sleep just fine at night knowing that I didn’t vote for him. the Republicans didn’t listen to Ron Paul, didn’t listen to the Tea Party, and aren’t listening to me. They treated Gary Johnson, one of the most successful Republican Governors of the past 2 decades like dirt in the primaries, and when he chose to pursue and earn the Libertarian nomination for President, they tried to kick him off the ballot in several States. Why should I do them any favors?? When they learn to act like decent human beings, and treat candidates with the respect they’ve earned, I’ll think about supporting them, until then, they’re just as bad as the proggies in my book.

Steve Cunningham

Have you seen Dr Paul say “forget a 3rd party we need a 2nd party”? haha

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