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Mike Church Show: “Conservatives” Vow 3rd Party To Topple Trumpzilla-Hilarity Ensues.

Mandeville, LA - "Conservatives" Vow 3rd Party To Topple Trumpzilla-Hilarity Ensues. Mike asks the question: WHO are the "conservatives" that plan this 3rd party coup and WHO will be there "protest candidate"? The same people who have been telling us this is "the most important election of our lifetimes" are no plotting to field a 3rd party candidate to stop Donald Trump from becoming el Presidenté!? Won't that throw the […]

todayFebruary 25, 2016

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Autocrats And Nationalists

  Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Thus the threat of the third-party Ross Perot scenario becomes very real.  The longer this goes on, the longer this continues, the more real and likely the Perot scenario or the Buchanan scenario becomes.  Look, I don't have any problem with it.  I don't want to live under Mrs. Clinton, which I think that's what it will produce.  Check out today’s transcript for […]

todayAugust 31, 2015 11


For The Umpteenth Time, You Cannot “Fix” The Federal Leviathan, You Cannot “Fix” Politics, You Must Secede

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – As far as your third party, I don’t have the answer to your political question, because I don’t think that politics is going to solve or is capable of solving any of this. If it were, then I would think since the Roman polis was created, or if you want to go back to the Athenian republics of ancient Greece, I would think over […]

todayNovember 13, 2013 1

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Chris Proudly Wastes His Vote on Gary Johnson

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - Here's a quote from Chris, who is wasting his vote on Gary Johnson instead of one of the "ideal candidates", check out the rest in the transcript and audio, "Me and my wife had our ballots mailed to us for the first time this year, and it was by far the best thing that we ever did. When it came to the […]

todayOctober 24, 2012 14

Founders Television

Third Party Debate Wrap Up

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio - On today's show we go over last night's Third Party Debate with Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode, and Rocky Anderson. This was certainly the most enlightening and intriguing political debate you will hear in a very long time… much more so than Obama vs Romney 27: Live From Vegas. Even Jill Stein, of the Green (Communist) Party, got in on some little [r] […]

todayOctober 24, 2012 1


Are Johnson Voters Guilty of Electing Obama?

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The question being asked in American elections these days is a rigged question. The only thing that’s left to be decided by our universal suffrage is how much of your property is going to be taken from you for public consumption. That’s not what a free people does. The question has already gone before us. We already answered the question that we do not […]

todayOctober 15, 2012 26

Founders Television

Lindsey Graham on America’s “Failed Foreign Policy” in Libya

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - Does Lindsey Graham know how Libya and al-Quada get their rocket propelled grenades and AK-47's? WE GIVE THEM THE WEAPONS! We go in and "arm the rebels" (for democracy) then they become a problem, that we created, then we have to go arm someone else... so you see the never ending cycle of war that we create in the middle East. We […]

todayOctober 15, 2012 2

Pile Of Prep

Exhibit A of What is Wrong With Intellectual Life in the U.S.: O’Reilley vs Stewart

Bill Kaufmann has some historical insight and sage advice for those suffering from their friends' "VoteromneyorDropDeaditis" Romney soars past Obama in latest Battleground Poll and leads among Independents by 18 points (is THIS poll rigged now, too?) Wlhelm Roepke chose propertied markets over proletarianized where one has a moral component and the other does not Actress: Mila Kunis wonders why the poor in GA are "Republicans" which is a pretty healthy […]

todayOctober 9, 2012 1

Founders Television

Third Parties A Crowd

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Video - In the 1852 presidential election, there were SIX parties, on the ticket, that you could vote for. Now, there's only two… and good luck getting a third party on the ballot as one of the other two parties will use their power and money to make sure they aren't. And what's the difference between the two parties? The capitalization of the letters: […]

todaySeptember 12, 2012 2