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Are You A superior Man of Virtue or a Common Man of Comforts?

Like those old Leisure Suits you trot out every 4 years from the attic the Dumbocrats trot “gun control” out but at least you have the good sense not to actually wear the Leisure Suit

Does Congress’s taxing power extend to micromanaging State Sales Taxes!? I think not but don’t tell them, they might send it to the Roberts Court-Where is THIS power in the Constitution?

The “liberal media elite” think that Romney’s “insult” of the Brits and their Olympic prep was done intentionally because the “Tea Party would like it”

How is it possible to discover a “new species of human” in the African desert when our scientists claim to be able to trace “us” back to amoeba? What. did they forget to count the Africans?

Only in our deluded “culture” does the WaPo have to actually identify then try and define “christian fundamentalists” over their support for Chick-fil-a

The good society must be led by men of virtue or in our case RESTORED by men of virtue. Russell Kirk leaves us a wonderful essay on how that may be possible, so read this and answer: Are you a man of Virtue or a man of comfort?

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