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FLASHBACK: Paleocons vs Libertarians in Russell Kirk’s “Chirping Sectaries”

Editor's Note: ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 16 August, 2012 Mandeville, LA - Since the subject of Tradition vs Reason come sup nearly every day on the Mike Church Show, I thought it would be helpful to lay out what the differences are - or were - between Libertarians & their practice of Reason and Paleocon/Tradcons and their defense and study of Tradition. M.E. Bradfor's opus magnus "A Better Guide Than Reason" takes […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – Dogma’s Got What Kids Crave

Mandeville, LA - All societies, in all times, have lived by dogmas. When dogmas are abandoned, the social bonds dissolve—swiftly or slowly; and the “open” society ceases to be a society at all, giving way to a new order. The need is not for emancipating the young from fixed convictions, but rather for reminding them that there are some convictions worth cherishing. The successor-society may be imposed upon a people from […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – On The Absolute Necessity of Capital Punishment

Mandeville, LA - The abolition of capital punishment, I mean, is one of the products of humanitarianism—that is, of the belief that man’s cleverness will suffice for all purposes, without need for knowledge of the transcendent and the divine. The rejection of capital punishment in any circumstances thus is becoming an attitude which belongs to the intellectual and moral era that is passing. - Russell Kirk Yet humanitarianism is now a […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia-Let Us Quest To Become “High Tories”

Mandeville, LA - [Editor's note: From a review of Ron Dart's The North American High Tory Tradition, by Grant Havers. This list of "High tory" values looks very familiar to me and will to those studying the Ancient Regimes of Christendom. - MC] What, then, constitutes the philosophy of High Toryism? Drawing heavily upon the ideas of Hooker, Swift, Johnson, Coleridge, Wordsworth, and especially George Grant, Dart outlines ten principles […]

todayFebruary 14, 2017

Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – The Inevitability of Gary Johnson Going “Chirping Sectary”

Mandeville, LA - "It is of high importance, indeed, that American conservatives dissociate them- selves altogether from the little sour remnant called libertarians. In a time requiring long views and self-denial, alliance with a faction founded upon doctrinaire selfishness would be absurd- and practically damaging. It is not merely that cooperation with a tiny chirping sect would be valueless politically; more, such an association would tend to discredit the conservatives, […]

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The Real Tragedy Is The Loss Of Souls

  Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "I don’t think the finality of the end of the soul’s existence in this world is understood by modern man anymore.  As a matter of fact, not only do I think, I’m fairly certain it’s not understood by most modern men today, because if it was, we would always keep our gaze and we would organize our societies around the fact that the […]

todayAugust 18, 2016


Russell Kirk: American Conservative

Mike and Brad Birzer Discuss Libertarianism Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "We say hello now to old and dear friend – he’s going to get mad if I call him doctor – Dr. Brad Birzer, who is author of several fantastic books.  I know some of you already have American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll.  The new work, Russell Kirk: American Conservative.  Also, Brad is writing these days […]

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The Root of ‘Murican “Conservatism” Is ‘Murican Big Government

How Does a Conservative Really See The World? Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "To me, at some point we have to get down to not just who said what, who did what, what does it mean for you and me, but how do these people think? That’s really what I wanted to do with this book and say: What is the philosophy, in other words, how does a conservative […]

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Conservatism Defined

Russell Kirk Counseled Canons Of Conservatism Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Let’s talk about Russell Kirk.  One of the things not known or not admitted or buried by alleged historians or devotees of Kirk is that he carried on or tarried on in the footsteps of St. Paul.  That’s what Birzer writes about."  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Bradley Birzer wrote […]

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