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Bieszad – How Catholic Europe Struggled For 1,000 Years Against Islam

Andrew Bieszad mentioned the story of St Fernando fighting the Muslim hordes and we carry James Fitzhenry's wonderful biography of Fernando, autographed by the author.
Andrew Bieszad mentioned the story of St Fernando fighting the Muslim hordes and we carry James Fitzhenry’s wonderful biography of Fernando, autographed by the author.

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Islam is a conquering religion.  Its purpose is to conquer and convert, if not by word then by sword.  People think Islam just wants to conquer by the sword and take over everything.  That’s actually not true.  Islam first tries to convert people by intermixing, interbreeding into the population, and by inspiring people to convert by saying Islam is so good, Islam is so great.  If you follow Allah and renounce Christianity, you’re going to get all kind of goodies in this life and the next…”  Andrew Bieszad, interview with Mike Church. Check out today’s transcript AND Clip of The Day for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

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[/private] “I am going to tell you straight up, if it weren’t for the Catholic Church, much of Europe and the western world would be Muslim today.” – Andrew Bieszad from the Clip of The Day

Mike:  Is it fair to say, from your study of Islam and from the history of Christendom and the 1100- or 1200-year struggle that the Christian nations of Europe went through, is it fair to say that the Christian nations had the right idea from the beginning, which was to not allow the Mohammedan into their populations and instead to disallow them?  This is pretty much what they did and caused many of the — for example, the Ottoman Empire deciding to attack Vienna, the Ottoman Empire deciding to attack the island of Cypress because the sultan needed a couple bottles of wine.  That’s a true story, by the way.  You can expand upon those.

Andrew Bieszad:  Well, it’s real simple.  The Europeans didn’t even have to say for the Muslims not to come in because the Muslims invited themselves in.  This is what they always do.  In modern times we have this idea of saying hundreds or thousands of years of evil, white, Christian male bigotry against Muslims, we have to somehow now open our borders up and let millions of you come in and live in our country.  [private |FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76|Founding Brother|Founding Father|FP-Lifetime] We have to give you unlimited amounts of free welfare, which we wouldn’t’ even give to our own citizens but just to you.  They have welfare programs for the Muslims in these western European countries.  They let them literally hemorrhage into these nations.  They did have to say no to them initially because the Muslims invaded of their own will.

As Christopher Ferrara said, Islam is a conquering religion.  Its purpose is to conquer and convert, if not by word then by sword.  People think Islam just wants to conquer by the sword and take over everything.  That’s actually not true.  Islam first tries to convert people by intermixing, interbreeding into the population, and by inspiring people to convert by saying Islam is so good, Islam is so great.  If you follow Allah and renounce Christianity, you’re going to get all kind of goodies in this life and the next life.  If that doesn’t work, then they use the sword.  It’s quite simple.  It’s sort of like the ends justify the means.  If this doesn’t work, then we’ll go to the next one.  We’ll just do it until we force the issue.

Like I said, for hundreds of years, thousands of years, Europe literally fought for its survival against the Muslims.  Even in Spain, we talk about the Spanish Reconquista.  I’ll give you an example.  That was a 781-year-long war, the longest in human history.  On top of that, that actually did not get rid of Islam from Spain.  Islam in Spain did not end until 1609, almost 120 years after the formal end of the Reconquista when [unintelligible] pushed for the expulsion of all Muslims from Spain and all people who claimed to be converts from Islam from Spain.  These people were secretly fomenting rebellion for over a century.  Believe it or not, people think 16th century Spain was very strong and going out and conquering the Americas, Mexico, the Philippines and so forth.  There are many times when they almost became Muslim again.  It was very close.  There was one point in 1568 where you had a massive rebellion in the south central part of Spain that almost overthrew the country.

These people, at the same time, had backing from not just the Ottomans but from Calvinist revolutionaries in England and Germany.  Most people don’t know that.  It was very close.  Europe literally barely missed becoming Muslim.  Poland almost became Muslim.  Vienna and Austria almost became Muslim.  I’ve been to Vienna.  They actually have marked in the city the different cannonballs and bullets that Ottoman soldiers shot over.  You can see them still stuck into the stone walls in certain parts.  All of us were almost Muslim at one point.  Literally by the grace of God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Rosary, we did not become Muslim.  We drove them out and then proceeded to rise to this power that we did.  The fact is, Islam is back.  It is back.  It is no different than it was 400 or 1,000 or 1,400 years ago.  It’s still the same.  It’s the same threat.  If we don’t address it the way that our ancestors did, following the example of the saints — if we don’t become Muslim, our kids and our grandkids and our great grandkids will.  We will be the ones to blame for it.  It will be our infidelity at fault.

Mike:  It’s like when I talk about Beelzebub and Baphomet and the other demons invading our culture.  Ladies and gentlemen, these demons, they don’t sleep, they don’t take naps, they don’t have union coffee breaks.  They don’t ever quit.  You can’t see them.  They’re there all the time.  They’re always at work.  They’re like the Terminator.  They will not quit until you are dead.  Until your soul is dead, they will not quit.  It’s pretty much the same thing with the Mohammedans.  It took a millennia.  As you said, France was also — when you read the history book about the Moors, what do you people think you’re reading about?  You’re reading about the Muslims trying to conquest France.

Bieszad:  In the year 732, half of France was Muslim, and not just only half of France but the entire French Riviera was Muslim.  The entire French Riviera was actually a major Muslim pirate base that they would use to conduct slave raids, to basically take European Christians and sell them back into the slave markets of North Africa.  The only reason that ended is because there was a Benedictine monk named Majolus and he was captured by these Muslim pirates around the year 973.  They held him for ransom.  The kingdoms paid the ransom, but after paying the ransom, do you know what they did?  They stopped fighting with each other, they rallied together, and they went over, butchered the entire pirate base, took all their money back, and drove the Muslims out of France and back into Spain, which they never were able to reestablish a pirate base.

Like I said, people are afraid to say the truth about Islam and how to deal with it.  The truth is this.  There are three ways to deal with it.  This includes everything.  No matter what you hear, there are only three fundamental ways.  You either have to convert them, which I can tell you from experience, having been involved in this for 17 years, conversion of Muslims, if you’re lucky ten percent of people will listen to you.  Maybe of those, ten percent will convert, just from experience.  You’ve got to drive them out or you’ve got to go to war with them.  That is the only way you’re going to stop them.  No one wants to say that.  Just like Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Mike:  When we say go to war with them, the way the Europeans went to war with them — we’re not going to talk about the Crusades because somebody’s going to say, [mocking] “You and your Catholic buddy there, why don’t you bring the Crusades up?”  Why don’t we not?  Let’s talk about the other wars.  Usually the wars that were fought were fought either to repel a Muslim invasion or, as Andrew just said, to expel a Muslim invasion.  The Europeans, by and large — correct me if I’m wrong — with a few notable examples, did not leave their nations of Christendom to go in search of the Mohammedan to go exterminate them.  For the most part, they contained their efforts to protecting their own and surviving.  It was a struggle, practically speaking, for survival.

The way we’re trying to go about it by picking and choosing little pockets of resistance to go and try and invade, that’s not going to work.  Number one, there are too many of them.  It would not be a just war just to go and massacre all of their population.  That’s number one.  Number two, they’re so widespread and they’ve already invaded us.  If you continue to do this, then you’re going to get the kind of attacks we’ve seen, smaller attacks in Europe, which it’s really surprising that we haven’t seen more of.  Are they biding their time?

Bieszad:  Yes.  Yes, they are.  Like I said, I’ve been involved in this for years.  What’s happening in this country, the approach here is different.  I think it can be more lethal than in Europe.  In Europe you’re getting open war right now.  You’re starting to see that happen.  It’s going to get worse over the next five years.  It’s going to get a lot worse.  What’s going on now is, what’s happening in America is much more insidious.  What they’re doing is they’re putting large numbers of people, basically paying for them outright to study to become lawyers.  The reason why they’re doing this is they want these lawyers to become judges.  They want the judges to rise to positions of higher and higher authority.  There was already a case of this in Pennsylvania two years ago where a Muslim judge actually told a person: Based on Sharia Law, which I’m judging my case — the person was accused of blasphemy by some Muslim.  He said: You’re guilty of blasphemy.  Now, the ruling was eventually overturned, but the fact is, this is the real danger. [/private]

God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
Chris Ferrara’s book has become the subject of many conversations on the Mike Church Show of late

We’ve already seen in this country that our government has basically been legislating through the courts, as you know.  It doesn’t matter if every single person in a state, which, of course, we know would never happen, but if every single person in the state said they want or don’t want a certain law, someone will just have it sent to the Supreme Court and they’ll overturn it by fiat, without any respect for the people.  That is what the Muslim community in America is looking to do.  They’re looking to legislate Islam through the courts.  That is the real danger.

If they can win the politicians, if they can get lawyers into the courts to become judges, they can influence people from the inside.  That is what I have seen to be the main stress points.  The idea is — there’s actually the head imam of the mosque in Memphis, Tennessee.  He alluded to this when he said that people think about Muslims conquering America in ten, twenty, thirty years.  I heard him say this.  I was there when he said it.  He said: We have to think about what we see ourselves in 20 or 30 generations from now and what our vision is going to be.  That’s the idea.  If they can legislate Islam into society, it will literally collapse from the inside out.  If you legislate Islam into society, you don’t even have to do it directly, but you automatically can legislate out any form of Christianity.  It’s an automatic of one or the other.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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