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Billy In Texas Refuses To Surrender HIS Papacy


Humility_Cover_featuredMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Billy, of course, everyone will have that question ultimately if they’re thinking clearly.  You’re thinking very clearly and very precisely.  The answer to the question is he would not be able to do it in a human institution.  That’s why we know the institution is divine because it has lasted for 2,000 years.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Meanwhile, how about Billy in Texas?  Hello, Billy.  How you doing?

Caller Billy:  Good morning.  How are you doing?

Mike:  All right, Billy.  How are you?

Caller Billy:  I’m doing pretty good.  I got a quick comment and question.  I just want to let you roll with it.  First of all, you guys are great.  This is the headiest political religious show on the face of the planet.  The question I have for you is this.  Since we can’t be our own Pope, then who is the Pope of the Pope?  While he’s out there making all these changes to Catholicism and proclaiming to be a Catholic — so this is the only guy that gets to Pope himself?

Mike:  That’s a really good question.  I’m going to let you take that one.

David Simpson:  Billy, of course, everyone will have that question ultimately if they’re thinking clearly.  You’re thinking very clearly and very precisely.  The answer to the question is he would not be able to do it in a human institution.  That’s why we know the institution is divine because it has lasted for 2,000 years.  How does he do it?  How is he able to — who Popes the Pope?  Of course, Christ does.  And, of course, the Holy Ghost does.  When Christ left He said: I’m going to send you the helper and the helper will make you see all things through the divine perspective.  The answer to the question is God does it, but most people are going to dismiss that as haha, what a joke, what a bunch of superstition.

Mike:  Of course, but you can channel your dead Aunt Edna at a séance and she can tell you what to do, but the Vicar of Christ can’t channel the Paraclete.

Simpson:  That’s the ultimate answer.  Then we have the secondary answer, which is we do something very similar with what we do with the Constitution in our country, which is we have established dogmas and doctrines.  We have historical realities.  We have Saints and so on that have gone before us.  Just like we would do with the Constitution, look at it and analyze it from a historical perspective, we do the same thing within the Church, meaning the College of Cardinals and the bishops will all say: Wait a second, Pope, you’re saying something now that contradicts this document or this dogma.  If he does that, by the way, he’s incorrect.  He does get challenged by other apostles, if you will.  See, the Pope is nothing more than the successor of Peter, who was an apostle, and one of the first bishops.  All the other bishops have, in that sense, equal authority to look at the law and say: Wait a second, I think you’re going off the track here.  The answer to your question is, first the Holy Spirit guiding the Church, a divine institution, and secondarily the other bishops challenging him or even the laity with things that don’t correspond with traditional dogmatic pronouncements.

Mike:  Billy, that’s a great question.  I hope he answered it.

Caller Billy:  Let me ask one more question because — the Holy Spirit is greater with him than he is with me?

Simpson:  Yes.

Caller Billy:  No, I completely disagree with that.

Simpson:  You can disagree with it, but when Christ breathed on them in the upper room and said receive the Spirit, I don’t believe you ever received that breath.  Yes, when a person takes orders, he is given a special charism that allows him to act more in accord than you or I can.  That doesn’t mean that they’re better than us.  That just means that they’re given a special job to do.  I don’t know why that would be offensive to you, but I’m sorry that it is.

Mike:  Billy, thank you very much.  He didn’t want to surrender his papacy.  [mocking] “I’ve got to reject that right out of hand.”  Well, before you reject things like that directly out of hand, a little bit of contemplation, as Brother Francis likes to say, and as philosophers like to say, and as we should say, and little bit of contemplation and then contemplating on these things with an act of humility.

Simpson:  It’s not to say that a person can’t be elevated to that level.  If God wanted to take me tomorrow and give —

Mike:  See, he was asking the question because it’s the trap of why the Church is evil and why it can’t be right and why it must be opposed, because what you’re saying is these guys are better and elevated to a supremacy over me and I have to obey them.  I have to listen to them.  Well, they’re not Christ, they’re not in my Bible, so I’m not going to listen to you.  I’m not going to listen to him.

Simpson:  I think you’re right.  I think implicit in the question is: I reject hierarchical society.  We can’t reject hierarchical society because it is a hierarchy.

Mike:  See, now we’re back at the beginning of the conversation.  The beginning of the conversation all revolves around authority.  What Billy just said, God bless you, Billy, is: I reject what you just said about authority.  As David just told you, David didn’t say it.  It’s recorded in the gospels that “I breathe upon you.”

Simpson:  There are also other expressions in there . . .

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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