Legitimate Divine Authority – Bobby Jindal Discussion

todayOctober 22, 2015

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I respectfully dissent and point to the actions of the State of Virginia in 1798 on nullification and interposition, and if not just outright civil disobedience.  Just say no.  Someone in authority in a state has to say no.  Greg Abbott has already caved.  Jindal has caved.  The governor of Mississippi has caved.  The governor of Alabama is probably going to cave today.  Will no one stand up to this broad assault on Almighty God?”  (Discussion date: July 1, 2015) Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Just play the whole clip.  Here is Governor Chicken who says he has no alternative but to comply.  I respectfully dissent and point to the actions of the State of Virginia in 1798 on nullification and interposition, and if not just outright civil disobedience.  Just say no.  Someone in authority in a state has to say no.  Greg Abbott has already caved.  Jindal has caved.  The governor of Mississippi has caved.  The governor of Alabama is probably going to cave today.  Will no one stand up to this broad assault on Almighty God?

[start audio file]

Chuck Todd: Let me start with this, put up this map here. Just one state in the Union has not issued any marriage license since the court ruling on Friday. And it is your state, in Louisiana. Even there’s been some in some counties in Mississippi, some in Texas. Can you explain why your state hasn’t implemented the law yet?

Governor Jindal: Sure. Chuck, look, I strongly disagree with the court’s ruling. According to Chief Justice Roberts, they weren’t even reading, this has nothing to do with the Constitution. But, of course, we’re going to comply with the court order. We don’t have a choice. Our agencies will comply with the court order. We were in a situation where we actually had it in our state constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman. A local federal judge actually . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  Pause that for a second, please.  This is what drives me nuts.  We didn’t have it (past tense) in our constitution, governor.  The people in this state have not taken it out.  We’re the ones that put it in there.

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We didn’t have it (past) in our state constitution, Governor Jindal, we have it (present) in our constitution.  It hasn’t gone anywhere.  Your fortitude to defend it is what has gone.  Madness, folks, absolute madness.

[start audio file]

Jindal: . . . upheld that. It was upheld. We are now waiting for the Fifth Circuit to reverse that ruling. They’ll implement the Supreme Court’s order. We’ve got no choice to comply, even though I think this order, I think this decision was the wrong one.

Todd: So how quickly do you think you’ll end up complying with the law?

Jindal: Well, look, it’ll be up to the court. As soon as they issue their ruling. I suspect it’ll be a matter of days. I don’t know how quickly they will move. But Chuck, look, I do support — I know there are efforts in Congress to restore our Tenth Amendment rights in response to this ruling, especially when it comes to marriage. I think the court shouldn’t have ignored the Tenth Amendment. Here’s where the next fight’s going. I think the left is now going to go after our First Amendment rights. I think it is wrong for the federal government to force Christian individuals, businesses, pastors, churches to participate in wedding ceremonies that violate our sincerely-held religious beliefs. We have to stand up and fight for religious . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  Pause it right there.  What if Anthony Kennedy issues an order and says you have to participate?  Are you going to comply with the court orders there, too, Governor?  Why is this man running for president?  Why?  For what purpose?  This is what happens here, folks.  This is what happens.  Now the government of the State of Louisiana, you just heard it, we “had” an amendment in our constitution.  Is there anything else you federales would like us to dispense of from our constitution?  Folks, there’s no room for negotiation here, and there hasn’t been for quite some time.  [mocking] “All of a sudden you’re going to defend these things on faith?  Where were you when they were coming to get our guns?”

Caller Chris:  I’m doing good, Mike.  I heard you play Bobby Jindal.  It’s ironic, he’s kind of noted as one of the fiercest defenders of our sort of religious liberties and rights.  You kind of put some good perspective on it.  You look at the Republican Party and they are essentially disarmed when it comes to fighting for our principles and rights, in this case religious liberty.  You could say the same thing for many other things that Republicans are supposed to stand for.  The left is armed to the teeth and on constant battle footing when it comes to pushing their agenda.  The Republican politicians, they’re not like a bunch of talk show hosts like yourself and others on the Bobby JindalXM slate.  If you guys were our politicians, we might have a chance.  I just don’t see the fight in any of our guys.

Mike:  I don’t want to be a politician, number one, for obvious reasons.  Although, I just finished a study of – there are three things the Greeks said made up civilization, the civilization of man.  One is your monastic life, one is your economic life, and one is your political life.  In the first instance, it’s all the things that are human and the monastic.  In the second instance, it’s all the things that are in the home.  That’s what economics are, not GDP; economics are home.  The third is polis, Greek for city.  That’s the State.  The relationship that we have as citizens to the State is what has become perverted.  The State no longer even attempts to exercise legitimate divine authority.  It recognizes no master and no authority that is higher than it.  It is the ultimate authority, as Friday’s Supreme Court ruling shows, and as the actions of politicians in the Republican Party, as you mentioned.

What does Jindal have to lose?  He’s obviously been poorly catechized, either that or he’s just a coward.  What does Jindal have to lose?  He can’t run for reelection as governor.  I doubt very seriously he really wants to be president.  I think he’s just ginning for a cabinet position with Jeb Bush.  What does Jindal have to lose by telling the Supreme Court what he ought to tell them, “No, I’ve ordered all our agencies to stand down”?  I think the legislature is either at the end of its session or it just ended.  He has the power as the governor to call a special session.  Did you hear him talking past tenses?  Who is this man?   He talks past tense.  He said: In Louisiana we had an amendment recognizing marriage between one man and one woman.  No, Governor, we have an amendment.  We didn’t had; we have one.

Where’s the fortitude of the governor.  You’re right about these cowards.  Pope Leo XI – it matters not whether you’re Catholic or not because this will apply.  Pope Pius XI said that the defense of Christianity – he meant the Church but I’ll just use Christianity – is not going to be performed or executed by the clergy.


It is going to be the laity.  It’s going to come down to the laity to do it.  I take that to mean it’s not going to be done by people in positions of authority, Jindal being one of them.  I think that David Simpson was correct in firing a letter off to Warren Montgomery, the district attorney of the Parish of St. Tammany.  I’ve encouraged – you, too, Chris.  If you live in New Orleans, then you live under the district attorney of Orleans Parish.  Do you live in Orleans?

Caller Chris:  Actually, Mike, I live in Mandeville.  I’m not far from you.

Mike:  I hope you’ll join David and I, because I’m going to send Warren the letter as well.  I’ll doctor it up a little bit.  Join David and I and send Warren Montgomery a letter.  Demand an answer.  I want to know.  When the first Catholic or Orthodox Christian is keelhauled in front of some judge, or is told he’s going to have to be keelhauled in front of some judge in St. Tammany Parish, what are you going to do, Warren?  Are you going to prosecute or are you going to practice civil disobedience and tell whoever the offending party is that I don’t recognize that ruling?  We also have this, Chris.  We have this jury nullification, which I’m going to explore.  I don’t know enough about it yet, but there are ways around it.  In other words, the battle has just begun, my friend.  They fired first.  They shot first.  Okay, fine.  Time to armor up.

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Caller Chris:  Yes, sir.  Jindal could say we have a ruling but we don’t have a law and I won’t sign any laws, will veto any laws sanctioning same-sex marriage.  He could have rode off into the sunset.  I think you’re right.  He doesn’t want to be president.  He wants to be Jeb Bush’s whatever.  Standing up for traditional marriage would not comport with that.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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