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Episode 319 – Dreher, Benedict Option

  Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The whole act of claiming to be a Christian is that.  It is the humble sacrifice of admitting, created by God, we are nothing other than what is made of us, using our freewill and His grace.  That’s it.  If you can’t have a devotion to what that order was, what it entails, then you can’t have a Christian society.  You’re a liar.  […]

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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Sodomites Are Hungry For Christian Bakers – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 529. HEADLINE: A California Judge Protects the Wedding Baker by Jeffrey M. Trissell • California has a clause for “freedom of speech” in their Constitution • Most that live in CA probably don’t know how to even obtain their constitution • Civil Law must be in compliance with the ‘higher’ law or it is an “unjust” law • The US […]

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Legitimate Divine Authority – Bobby Jindal Discussion

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "I respectfully dissent and point to the actions of the State of Virginia in 1798 on nullification and interposition, and if not just outright civil disobedience.  Just say no.  Someone in authority in a state has to say no.  Greg Abbott has already caved.  Jindal has caved.  The governor of Mississippi has caved.  The governor of Alabama is probably going to cave today.  Will […]

todayOctober 22, 2015


The Libs Were Practically Canonized When They Refused To Enforce Marriage Laws

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – February 24th, 2011, I’ll read you the headline, “Obama administration will no longer defend DOMA.”  Wait a minute.  He's the chief county clerk of the whole world, Obama, isn't he?  Eric Holder is the chief county clerk of all the attorneys general and district attorneys of Earth, ain't he?  Why weren't they publicly pilloried?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. FOLKS, a message […]

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Delegate Bob Marshall – Defund Planned Parenthood

  Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Delegate Bob Marshall is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  As always, you dazzle me with your common sense.  This is the way the law ought to work, Bob.  We ought to be able to sit around a coffee shop and go well, the Assembly ought to do this.  Congress ought to do this.  It shouldn't fall into the hands of allegedly […]

todayAugust 9, 2015


Changing The Meaning Of The Institution

Interview with Dr. Kevin Gutzman Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "It sounds so simple, and it is simple in theory.  There are very few instances where it gets complicated to the point where you have to bring judges in to argue these things.  What I think on this is that the people that bring these cases ultimately, they know that they’re bringing their argument in front of a body that […]

todayMay 12, 2015



Evangelicals Shouldn’t Follow “Conservative” Heretics On Same Sex Marriage

Mandeville, LA -  The perversions visited upon our beloved "nomocratic" Constitution pale in comparisons to the perversions visited upon our Beloved, Benedicted Lord's teaching on marriage & morality. Now, according to Protestant blogger Benjamin Corey, "conservative...Christians" hold "personal theological position[s]" on such things as "support for civil marriage equality." This equality is preferred, Corey boastfully proclaims, because "The United States is not a theocracy where the church rules over society". This […]

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Judge Finds Actual Constitution, Rules Same Sex Marriage Is NOT A Right

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "If you don’t know, Louisiana is the most pro-life of all the 50 states.  I’m proud of that.  We have very strict laws, very limited access, and where there is access, you will find Protestants and Catholics gathered together outside praying for those women that go in those clinics, begging them to not do it, offering their homes, offering their hearts, offering their wallets to […]

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Church Doctrine

Same Sex Marriage: Why Drew Brees Can’t Marry Sir Saint

Why Drew Brees Can’t Marry Sir Saint ©2014 Mike Church Mandeville, LA - (With my apologies to Drew Brees, i do not mean any insinuation by the provacative title of this piece,  sorry, Drew.) Just when you thought the government was going to issue an edict to destroy all wedding cake decorations that did not feature Peter marrying Paul and Catherine marrying Margaret, federal judge Martin Feldman goes and makes […]

todaySeptember 4, 2014