The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

“California Pipe Dreamin”, Governor Moonbeam Leads Golden State To “Operation Insolvency’s” Door

American Minds just keep a closing: blogger is fired for questioning the continued promotion of “black studies”

VIDEO: Who owns “federal lands” and how in the WWW sports did they get a hold of it? find out here

Mitch McConnell-Republican King of our Federal overlord minions-is targeted by some Tea Party groups in Fall Senate races, this process has NOT worked in the House but hope springs eternal

Carney: Obama did it for the money (“came out of the closet” in his support for gay marriage)

An outbreak of whooping cough has NY Slimes blaming opposition to “universal care” and parents who have the audacity to forego the State’s mandated vaccinations

Sanders: When long term unemployed run out of “benefits” guess where a lot of them wind up? If you guessed “employed”, slap yourself for your faith in sheople then read THIS – These results are also confirmed by Mish Shedlock and Trim Tabs

Mish: The next time you hear some bubble headed bleach blonde (or ObamaBot campaign zombie) droning on about the iniquity of all that “corporate cash just sitting on the sidelines”, after reading this you will be correct to scream at your TV or radio. More: the Myth of “Cash on the sidelines”

60% of the sheople say that Obama’s Henry the VIIIth move on “gay marriage” will have NO EFFECT on their votes

The commencement address at Benedictine University is a defense of Catholicism from the attacks that are gaining in volume and frequency of late and a challenge to the graduates to join the fight to stop them

“This will be the work of a lifetime. But it must begin sooner rather than later, for the threats to religious freedom among us are great, and many of them are deeply embedded in postmodern American culture.”

Cherokee woman wannabe Elizabeth Warren has “stretched the truth” before in her stud (used by Obama to sell ObamaCare) of bankruptcies allegedly cause by lack of health insurance

Last surfer to Brokesville: CA is now $16 BILLION in the hole just as we predicted and Governor Moonbeam now pleads for more tax increases instead of telling Californians to grow up and care for themselves

VIDEO: Rand Paul: Obama “couldn’t be more gayer” and repeats his call to defend traditions and the family – DeceptiCON leader is not amused by Rand

Not a smart move: Ron Paul supporters bo Mitt Romney’s son off the stage at the AZ GOP convention

Survey says……: Senator Gillebrand thinks it would be cool for MOMS on Mother’s Day to donate to Emily’s List and make sure abortion candidates are well funded to help prevent future mothers from being created

VIDEO: Here’s what happens when you try and shine a light on the ridiculous that is posed as real, substantive news, Tim Carney is booted off OMSNBC (by Tamron Hall) for refusing to discuss Romeny’s bullygate non-story

Newsweek plasters Obama with rainbow halo on it’s front page editions declaring him the “First Gay President”

OK GOP convention goes sour when Ron Paul delegates show up to be heard

Gary North to the State: “Let my people go!”(and slash spending, debt and taxes)

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Anthony B. Sanders

California Screamin’: $16 Billion Budget Deficit, 4 Million on Food Stamps, $884 Billion Unfunded Pension Liabilities – Brown’s Solution? Raise Taxes on Rich by 30%

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