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Flashback: 2009 Tea Party Rallies Were Angry at MORDOR Not Just Obama

Mandeville, LA - Listening to the Tea Party orgasms over Republicans winning the Senate made me remember the 2009 tea party rallies. You remember those don't you? The ones where reporters insisted white America was rebelling against the first black President and Democrats. Remember how we insisted that "noooo, we're angry at ALL of Mordor" not just Obama. Square that with the embarrassing endorsements and outright love oozing from national […]

todayNovember 6, 2014

Pile Of Prep

“California Pipe Dreamin”, Governor Moonbeam Leads Golden State To “Operation Insolvency’s” Door

American Minds just keep a closing: blogger is fired for questioning the continued promotion of "black studies" VIDEO: Who owns "federal lands" and how in the WWW sports did they get a hold of it? find out here Mitch McConnell-Republican King of our Federal overlord minions-is targeted by some Tea Party groups in Fall Senate races, this process has NOT worked in the House but hope springs eternal Carney: Obama […]

todayMay 14, 2012 1