Caller Steve Says Resistance Is Futile And We Will All Be Assimilated By Leviathan

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – What’s a solution, Steve?  What’s a solution?  Why don’t you give me one?  I have a very long, nice, written record that you can go to at this place called and you can see all the proposed solutions you would like to see.  They were all aired on this radio channel.  Why don’t you tell me what your solution is then?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Steve in Maryland is next on the Mike Church Show.  Hello, Steve.

Caller Steve:  Good morning, Mike.  Thanks for having me on.

Mike:  Yes, sir.

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Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILCaller Steve:  I’m a little surprise that you had — you talked this morning about how futile it is to try to change things in government.  Hear me out, but I think you’ve watered down the show the last couple days since the whole stand-down of the debt ceiling.  Then you brought up the fact we should vote in the local community because it’s makes more — you’ve been making that point.  The economics of the day say that the vote will not be much different than it is now.  You could try democracy here and there, but economics says a lot of people . . . you can make me buy Obamacare.  Most people don’t know economics.  They don’t understand that there are more people in the car than people pulling it.  It’s just getting worse.  You have to have a system in place.  I don’t like it, but that’s just the way it is.  I don’t like the controls within it.  The thing I’m trying to say the most is that people don’t understand that nothing we do changes anything.  What are they willing to do to change something?

Mike:  I don’t know.  What are they willing to do?

Caller Steve:  I don’t know, Mike.  What do you do when you find out your vote doesn’t count anymore?  What do you do?

Mike:  Did you not hear the conversation with the last caller?

Caller Steve:  I did, and I heard what you said about how your vote would mean more in the local community, but it turns out our votes are not counted.  There’s not enough of us to change what you’re talking about, there just is not.  Economics has changed people’s minds.  If you lose your job and you’re getting benefits and you lose them — I’m from Maryland.  This is a government state.  As soon as the sequestration thing happens again or when they finally do a government downgrade in the next debt ceiling, we’re going to see a bunch of conservatives, so-called, turn into liberals because they want their checks back.  I’m saying that your vote — we found out everything in government lately has been a lie, every single thing the last two years.  We can’t find one thing —

AG:  Steve, this is the most depressing call ever.

Mike:  He calls to accuse me of watering the show down and throwing my hands up in the air, and then you proceed to then tell a story that has about 15 people on a bridge over the Mississippi River about to jump into the water 260 feet below.

Caller Steve:  Mike, both of you commented on Mike Lee and Cruz, about you didn’t like his delivery.

Mike Church Show Transcript – The Federal Leviathan Needs To Be Downsized Before This Last Train To Brokesville Derails

Mike:  That is not —

Caller Steve:  People are upset —

Mike:  All right —

Caller Steve:  Hold on —

Mike:  No, because you just accused me, said something about what we said.  Again, I want to clarify for the record.  What Andrew said and then what I commented on when we talked about it did not have anything to do with most of what the senator has voted on.  What we commented on was the way he conducted himself and the things he said and the two hearings where we played you clips from.  I played the audio.  I even said —

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Caller Steve:  I heard it.

Mike:  Okay, then what did I preface it with or what did I close it with?  You heard the clip.  You think what you want.  I’m not trying to tell you what to think.  I’m not trying to tell you how to process it.  I’m telling you how I think about it.  You can choose to tell me to go screw myself, which I have been told.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailCaller Steve:  I’m fine with that.

Mike:  Fine.

Caller Steve:  That’s what everybody is commenting on, your process.  You’re not getting upset.  You just think it’s another parliamentary move.

Mike:  It’s not a parliamentary move.

Caller Steve:  You’re not upset at all.

Mike:  I’m not upset over what, Steve?

Caller Steve:  Because this was the Super Bowl of politics when it came to the debt ceiling and Obamacare.

Mike:  Oh, dear God in Heaven.  Sir, really, are you really talking — am I Mike?  What’s my last name, Steve?

Caller Steve:  Mike Church.

Mike:  And you never heard me during this entire debacle called the government shutdown, day after day after day, encouraged holding the line?  You never heard me say that?  I never said that one time, did I?

Caller Steve:  I heard you.

Mike:  Then what in the hell are you talking about then?  What are you talking about?

Caller Steve:  You don’t offer solutions.

Mike:  Oh, my God.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Caller David Says The End Is Near And The Bottom Will Fall Out Of America

Caller Steve:  You’re saying do this and hold the line —

Mike:  Oh, dear Lord in Heaven.  You know, Steve, you made me lose my cool because you’re just lying.  You’re just sitting there —

Caller Steve:  No, I’m not.

Mike:  — and you’re lying to my face.

Caller Steve:  I’m just being —

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Mike:  What’s a solution, Steve?  What’s a solution?  Why don’t you give me one?  I have a very long, nice, written record that you can go to at this place called and you can see all the proposed solutions you would like to see.  They were all aired on this radio channel.  Why don’t you tell me what your solution is then?

Caller Steve:  I will say this, Mike.  I’m a member.  I listen to your show.  I like you.  When Cruz was upset, you didn’t like his delivery.  I heard all the clips and things you didn’t like and all this.  People are upset and they don’t know what to do now.  You’re still offering parliamentary solutions like it’s day-to-day business.

Mike:  What parliamentary solution did I offer?  You want to start killing people, Steve?  You want me to tell people to go pick a musket up and find some liberal to shoot?  Is that a solution?

Caller Steve:  No, I’m not saying that.  That’s illegal.

Mike:  You just said parliamentary solutions are not applicable anymore. People don’t want to hear that.  What do they want to hear then?  Should we do drill on the air?  Is that what you want?

Caller Steve:  Mike, I’m just saying that everything you say to do can’t be done, is not being done, and isn’t going to be done.

Mike:  Give me an example.  I want an example.

Caller SteveAn example?

Mike:  Yes.

Caller Steve:  Go to your local government and petition — everything you talked about this morning kind of goes against what you read off that piece about how the Tea Party is getting too extreme, not working with other people.

Mike:  When I asked the gentleman whether or not he thought he’d have a better chance of adjudicating those specific issues amongst his peers where he lived, I was lying?

Mike Church Show Transcript – True Conservatives Aren’t Hurting The GOP Because The GOP Doesn’t Represent Them

Caller Steve:  No, you weren’t lying, it’s futile, too.

Mike:  Oh, that was futile?  Okay, I get it, that was futile.

Caller Steve:  Tell me, Mike, how it isn’t futile.

Mike:  Because I don’t believe it —

Caller Steve:  . . . economic bull —

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Mike:  I don’t believe that it’s futile, Steve.  What is futile about it?  Futile means that it has no possibility.  What’s futile about that?

Caller Steve:  Because, Mike, we come from the same economic pool as they do from the rest of the country, your local community.  You’re not going to get people to go against what they’re getting from the car —

Mike:  So they’re going to vote to kill babies en masse in Winston-Salem, North Carolina if they have a vote on it?  That’s one of the questions I asked him.

Caller Steve:  I haven’t seen abortion really get stopped anywhere.

Mike:  So you’re not familiar then with what is known as prayer Mondays outside the capital in Raleigh, North Carolina where a bunch of people describing themselves as progressives and liberals gather to pray that the North Carolina legislature be shut down so we can stop making it more difficult for women to get abortion?  You’re not familiar with this?  That’s futile?  They shouldn’t do that?

Caller Steve:  I am familiar with it.  I am telling you again it is futile because it does nothing.  How do you like that?

Mike:  It has done something actually.

Caller Steve:  How many have closed up?  How many abortion clinics have closed up —

Mike:  I can tell you that here in Louisiana, there is but one abortion clinic that I know of that is still proudly operating.  The effort of the people doing rosaries and what have you outside of abortion clinics has had an actual effect, sir.

Caller Steve:  Mike, I guess you haven’t brought up the fact that most abortions are done in hospitals.  You don’t need a clinic.

Mike:  I was not aware of that.

Caller Steve:  You want to call me a liar on that?  Why don’t you check it out?  My wife works in that community.  She opts out of helping out in the thing.  They don’t need a clinic anymore, Mike.  What I’m saying is, people better find another solution in changing government drastically because what we’re doing is failing.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Leviathan Has Spent Your Money, Your Kids’ Money, Now Onto Spending Your Grandkids’ Money

Mike:  Shooting people?

Caller Steve:  We don’t have enough people to —

Mike:  Shooting people?

Caller Steve:  — make this happen.

Mike:  War, right?  War, right?  What’s the other solution?  What’s the other solution, Steve?  Why don’t you tell me?  You’re the smartest guy in the freaking room.  Why don’t you tell me?

Caller Steve:  No, I don’t think I’m the smartest guy in the room, Mike, but where does this go?  When you find out your vote doesn’t count, your local community is too deluded what the government is doing to you.  You’re in a bus.  The government is driving it.  You’ve got your own little seat.  That’s your community.  You’re saying you can do something within that to change where the bus is going?  No, you can’t.

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Mike:  That’s right.  You know what, Steve?  I got an idea.  Why don’t we all just form this thing called Stevetown.  We’ll model it after Reverend Jim Jones and we’ll all drink Steve’s Kool-Aid.  Guess what, Steve?  We’ll wake up and it won’t be futile anymore.  Some of us will go to Heaven; some of us will go to Hell.  It won’t be futile anymore.  It’ll all be over.  How about that?  How’s that for a solution?  What do you think?

Caller Steve:  If you can’t argue the topic, I guess you should attack me.

Mike:  You said that everything is futile.  It doesn’t matter what you do locally.  Your vote doesn’t count.  Life sucks.  This is bad.  Everything that I’ve ever said is irrelevant and of no consequence.  I am trying, while I have you on the phone, to arrive at a conclusion, at a solution.  Stevetown, yes or no?

Caller Steve:  No Stevetown.  There may be some Stevetowns you’d want to take sarcastically —

Mike:  I’m not taking it — I’m being very serious.

Caller Steve:  So am I.  This is the way it’ll probably go and it’s ugly.  People that want liberty will have to fight for liberty.

Mike:  What is liberty?

Caller Steve:  How you do that is your own business.

Mike:  What is liberty?  Define some liberty.

Caller Steve:  What is it anymore?

Mike:  Yeah, what is it?

Mike Church Show Transcript – Conservatism – The Most Misused Word In Politics

Caller Steve:  . . . your business, confiscating your pay, making you do things, making you do things in the hospital, interfering with your education, spying on you on the internet, changing your mind because of what they put on it.  They can just change a region of the country and have your searches come up.  You and your community have to find a way to fight for your own liberty where you’re at.

Mike:  Why?

Caller Steve:  It doesn’t come from a vote.

Mike:  Why?  That’s futile.  You told me fighting in your own community is futile.

Caller Steve:  I’m talking about doing differently than what you’re talking about.  You’re going to have to be face to face, out of government, out of the freaking courtrooms.

Mike:  Steve, have you ever listened — seriously, have you ever listened to this radio program?

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1Caller Steve:  I’m listening to it, Mike.

Mike:  Then you’ve never heard me say that politics is not the answer?  I feel like I just got Bizarro World in here and was beamed in from the Starship Enterprise.

Caller Steve:  But you will not say the next step, what happens when they do not let —

Mike:  I don’t know what the next — okay, I’m going to ask you for the third time.  I’m going to try one time because I’m going to get a boatload of hate mail.  What is the next step?  What is it?

Caller Steve:  I can’t say because, you know what?  I work for the government.  If I say it, they’re going to come shut me down.

Mike:  But you want me to say it.  I don’t even know what it is.  Give me a —

Caller Steve:  You’re supposed to be a leader on the radio to take this forward.

Mike:  Did I ever —

Caller Steve:  What would you say, Mike?

Mike:  Good Lord in Heaven.  You know, Steve, I just don’t know what to say to you.  I don’t know what it is that you’re trying to get me to say that you won’t say because they’ll “come and shut you down.”  If it’s that alarming and if it’s something that is going to make someone think that they need to arrive at your house and — I don’t know what “shut you down” means.  I assume that means you get carted off to one of these alleged FEMA camps that are being constructed out there to house all of us.  Because you won’t give me any more information, I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know how to end this and say: Steve, I’m going to try and go out there and do the next thing, whatever the next thing is, whatever the next step is.  I’ve asked you three times and you won’t answer the question.  I’m glad you called, I guess.  I apologize for raising my voice.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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