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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript –  As a matter of fact, what I’m about to say is going to be rejected by most of you.  I’m going to get more hate mail on this, or more questions about [mocking] “You can’t possibly mean that!  That’s not true!”  Yes, it is, it most certainly is.  How many of you know what dual sovereignty is?  Raise your hand out there if you know what dual sovereignty is. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Tom Woods also brought up the point and I brought this point up before that this is a part of our history that is no longer taught.  As a matter of fact, what I’m about to say is going to be rejected by most of you.  I’m going to get more hate mail on this, or more questions about [mocking] “You can’t possibly mean that!  That’s not true!”  Yes, it is, it most certainly is.  How many of you know what dual sovereignty is?  Raise your hand out there if you know what dual sovereignty is.  Dwayne Stovall has his hand up.  Mark Kreslins has his hand up.  There are a few others of you that I know personally out there with your hands up.  Nine of you, that’s great.  A question to you nine: Is there such a thing as dual sovereignty?  All nine heads go down.  Heads are shaking: How about no?


What is dual sovereignty?  Dual sovereignty is the concept that the State of Louisiana is sovereign and America, the blob — by the way, Picard, if you’re listening, I would like a great meme that features the Blob today.  He’s really good at these memes.  I want a meme featuring the Blob.  The blob, is it sovereign?  The answer to the question, and this is going to shock you people, is no.  The blob can’t be.  Only the people are sovereign.  You can delegate some authority.  Sovereign people can delegate authority.  That does not make the entity that executes the delegated powers sovereign.  It is acting on behalf of the sovereign people.  I’m going to take this one step further and try and explain it just a little bit more.

In other words, the State of Louisiana or Virginia or Maryland, Colorado, whatever the case may be, is sovereign because the people that live in it are sovereign.  The sovereign people have chosen to confederate.  They have drawn boundary lines.  They have written a constitution that they have agreed to and ratified inside that state.  It dictates and spells out how the government for the sovereign people of that state is going to operate and under what conditions.  To that government, they are then going to delegate powers.  They’re going to say: We’re sovereign.  We reserve the right to start a war with Cuba or start a war with Venezuela, but we’re going to delegate that power to you, state legislature for the State of Louisiana.  We also reserve the right to conduct trade and commerce with the Cubans, but we’re going to delegate that power to you.  In my delegating of the power, I am not surrendering my sovereignty.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you learn nothing else today or if you remember nothing else today, remember this: Because I am allowing an entity to act as my agent does not mean the agent then becomes the sovereign.  It is only the agent.  People are sovereign.  People choose to delegate authority, in the first instance to their state legislature, and then the state legislature goes: [mocking] “We want to join this thing called the United States of America.  Yeah, buddy, it’s gonna be great!  Look, it’s a great deal.  I’m tellin’ ya, it’s a great deal!  We’re gonna get a lot of great free stuff there from all them Southerners there.” — “What do we have to give up to get it?” — “We’re gonna delegate these powers here, 18 of them in Article I, Section 8.  That’s it.  There’s one more, a treaty-making power in Article II, Section 2.  That’s it.  That’s all.” — “Okay.  We’re still sovereign, right?” — “Yes siree, Bob, you are still sovereign.”

All we have now done is delegate authority on our behalf.  That’s what we are doing when we form governments.  We are telling the government that on behalf of the sovereign people, me, you, your children, us, you can exercise the following powers as my agent.  I am not surrendering them forever.  I don’t care what Lincoln said.  I don’t care what Justice Story said.  I don’t care what battle was won.  I don’t care what was signed in a courthouse in Appomattox, and I don’t care what happened in Texas v. WhiteI am not now nor will ever surrender my sovereignty to you.  I will delegate a power or two and that’s the extent of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, once you understand this vital, uniquely North American concept — it is pretty unique to us recently.  It wasn’t unique to the Romans and the Greeks.  They knew it.  To us, this is unique in today’s world.  Once you understand this concept, your life is ruined.  Go ahead, you people on the Twitter feed, I want to find tweets #liferuined.  Once you understand this, you have to question and wonder: How in the hell did all of this — we’re being told we have to pay for it and if we don’t they’ll lock us up in jail or come take our property from us.  How did all this happen?  You don’t think this is by design?  You don’t think that we’re not taught the simple basics of sovereignty and of the American system?  What I just described to you is the United States circa 1776, circa 1789, circa 1841, circa 1861.  Somewhere after 1865, this all began to unravel and became something we should never teach anyone because they might get the idea that they’re free.  They might get the idea that they can make their own decisions.  We don’t want that now, do we?

Once you understand the idea and concept of sovereignty and how it works in our system, the rest is easy-peasy.  You people that are sniping at my heels on the Twitter feed [mocking] “Yeah, that’s a great idea, genius.  How’s it gonna work?”  I don’t know.  I have no idea how it’s going to work out.  I’m simply telling you what ought to be self-evident.  Jefferson said “We hold these truths to be self-evident.”  I just gave you a truth, an eternal one.  It ought to be self-evident but it’s not.  I guarantee you there are more people scratching heads right now in denial, beating heads against their dashboard, screaming at me, sending me hate mail right now, demanding that I either shut up or prove what I just said.

The proof is in the Declaration of Independence.  The proof is in the ratifying conventions.  The proof is in the way people lived under the Constitution all the way up until Appomattox.  There’s your proof.  Did the 14th Amendment alter that sovereign agreement?  No, it did not.  Have federal courts in the 20th century altered it?  They’ve attempted to, but that doesn’t mean that they have the God-given right to undermine and usurp your sovereignty.  They don’t and they didn’t.  Once this is understood, again, it’s easy to figure out a way forward.  As I said, it ought to be exciting.  We should be excited about it.  We shouldn’t look at this with dread.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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