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Lives Of The Saints

The Kingship of Saint King Louis IX Lives in Louisiana

by Mike Church The saint was born at Poïssy, in the diocese of Chartres, on the 25th of April 1215. His mother was named Blanche, she was a pious and holy woman who famously wrote to Saint King Louis IX “I love you my dear son, with all the tenderness a mother is capable of; but I would infinitely rather see you fall down dead at my feet, than that […]

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The Most Beloved Catholic Priest, Ever, Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney

By - Mike Church Feature image from Pierre Poschadel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons “We declare Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney to be a Saint and inscribe him in the catalogue of the Saints.” - His holiness of blessed memory Pope Pius XI, May 31st, 1925, Pentacost Sunday - The Beatification of St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger begins his  biography of Saint Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney. […]

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Our Lady’s Miracle of Snow In August & The Story of St. Mary Major

Mandeville, LA - My grandmother was named Essie Pearl MARIE Gomez and later took her husband's name to become Essie Pearl Peel. Grandma Pearl was the holiest person I ever knew who wasn't a priest and she never stopped her devotions to the Blessed Mother until she was unable to because of her age and failing memory. After her death on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, I inherited dozens of her relics […]

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The CRUSADER Knights Confraternity Is Officially Launched!

Mandeville,  LA - The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary, a group of men committed to reviving public acts of chivalry and Christian piety is now officially seeking recruits for their lay order and asking those who previously expressed an interest to make their effort official by pledging to wear the groups new signature pin whenever possible in public. The new information, background story, knight oath and daily prayer […]

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The History of Lent-Dom Prosper Guerange

TAKEN FROM VOLUME V-LENT, OF "THE LITURGICAL YEAR" BY DOM PROSPER GUERANGER The Forty Days’ Fast, which we call Lent [In most languages the name given to this Fast expresses the number of the day, Forty. But our word Lent signifies the Spring-Fast; for Lenten-Tide, in the ancient English-Saxon language, was the season of Spring. Translator.], is the Church’s preparation for Easter, and was instituted at the very commencement of […]

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Lent Is A Great Time To Start Some Good Habits – Brother André Marie

Ad Rem Guest post by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. The best penances are those that God sends us. These penances are immediately consequent upon His “will signified,” that is, the natural moral law and any positive law to which we are bound in conscience, e.g., the Church’s laws on fast and abstinence, or the rule of a religious congregation. They are also consequent upon God’s “will of good pleasure,” which […]

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A Call To Arms: Join Us In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary   The CRUSADER Knight Congress Has Concluded! The 1st CRUSADER Knight Congress met as scheduled and all delegates reported the event exceeded their expectations. In fact, we UNANIMOUSLY Resolved to meet for the 2nd CK Congress on the "1st Friday of November, next" and meantime to work on fortifying our kingdoms while expanding relations with each other. MISSED THE […]

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Saint Vincent de Paul, Slave & Holy Founder of The Lazarites

There is hardly any saint in the history of France, that endured more challenge and torment in his life than Saint Vincent of Paul. The Rev. Alban Butler begins his magnificent hagiography of this great saint we can model our own suffering and militant lives upon thus. EVEN in the most degenerate ages, when the true maxims of the gospel seem almost obliterated among the generality of those who profess […]

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Historic Cathedral of Nantes Attacked With Fire!

Historic Cathedral of Nantes Attacked With Fire! Mandeville, LA - Via Reuters The fire began in the early morning, engulfing the inside in massive flames, and dozens of firemen brought it under control after several hours. Smoke was still coming out of the Gothic structure later on Saturday morning. The blaze comes just over a year after a massive fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, which destroyed its roof […]

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