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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

From Kennedy To Covid, It’s Not A Conspiracy It’s Our Government At Work!

SPECIAL GUEST Donald Jeffries - John F. Kennedy Assassination (see related) Paul Landis - Secret Service Agent - they did nothing for 5 or 6 seconds and watched him get his head blown off. They were ALL out drinking until 5am the previous morning. Instead of taking this bullet which is prime evidence, walks in the hospital and just sticks it on the stretcher next to the President? There is […]

todaySeptember 21, 2023 11

Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

The Incredible Catholic Church Bell

Mike Church's talk at the 2023 Midwest Catholic Land Movement on the Incredible Catholic Church Bell, it's history and how it comes to bleed and hanged in the Bell Tower and telling of the story of The Poor Man And The Bell; an excerpt. There was once a poor workingman whose devotion to Mass was so great that he endeavored to hear it every day. One morning he had risen […]

todaySeptember 21, 2023 29

New Christendom Variety

HOW Do You Build New Christendom Here In ‘Muricah? Like This…

Rose from Glastonbury joins the King Dude for this episode of Free Farm Friday. They discuss homesteading, family and Rose's art.  SPECIAL GUEST - Rose Weisenburger - Crusade listener who is an artist, has a 2 month old baby and is doing art as her "side hustle". We don’t even own a TV it was part of what we wanted, not to add those distractions into our home. We wanted […]

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