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Chris Ferrara – Culture Of Death Promotes Lawlessness By Definition

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “To talk about the failure of government to put down a riot is to complain about an acute symptom that wasn’t properly suppressed.  What about the underlying disease that government has promoted?  There is in fact a culture of death in this country.  Life is cheap under this regime.  Women can destroy their children with government subsidies.  When you authorize the mass destruction of life in the womb, you’re basically saying that life is cheap. If life is cheap in the womb, then life is cheap out of the womb.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

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Mike:  Congress can do this by simple act.  This is the other thing that I just marvel at.  Congress can meet tonight and say: We’ve got the votes in the Senate now.  We’re just going to tell federal judges that they can’t hear any more cases arising about marriages.  It’s not constitutional.  Congress controls the judiciary ultimately.  No judiciary district has to exist save for the Supreme Court and one inferior tribunal with a chief justice.  That’s the only one that has to exist.  It says Congress can make courts.  It’s not as though the federal judges can’t be reined in because they can.  So few people even talk about that or even know or realize it.  Congress does have a say-so in this.  They act as though they don’t, but they most certainly do, don’t they?

Christopher Ferrara:  This is why when you say there ought to be some sort of reunification of the spiritual and temporal power, you’re not talking about a monarchy.  I happen to be partial to the idea of a monarch.  I think the president is nothing but a disguised monarch.  Putting that aside, the framework of democracy can be used to enshrine these principles in law.  In other words, the wiring is in place, you just need the right current to go through the wiring.  That current has to be a spiritual current.  If people recover their spiritual bearings, and if they access spiritual motives, within the framework of democracy they can pass appropriate legislation to reunite the spiritual and temporal power without creating a theocracy, without burning anybody at the stake, or all the other nonsensical caricatures we hear.

When anybody talks about restoring the moral order through this reunification of the two powers, the spiritual and temporal, use democracy to do that.  Pass legislation, as you say, that restricts the jurisdiction of Article III courts in areas of social and morality that involve things like abortion and so-called gay marriage.  It can be done within this existing framework, we just need politicians and judges with the guts to stand up for the God to whom they took an oath when they assumed their offices.  That’s what’s so ridiculous about this situation.  They’ve taken an oath to God and then they proceed to ignore it.

Mike:  I’ll tell you something else that I think will come to bear when we see any of these things that Chris Ferrara and I are talking about, when we see them actually come to fruition.  When the federal center is stripped of the illegitimate authority it has claimed and co-opted, and when things begin to be put back into their proper order, like a priest that I’m very fond of listening to often says: God’s in charge, he knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t lose.  He’s not going to lose this one.  It may not happen in the timeframe that we want it to but it will happen.  You will see that when the power does not come from what I call Mordor on the Potomac, the states and the people of the states will not need this fake sense of patriotism and devotion to these federal and national acts and these federal and national institutions any longer.  The union will then basically be one of convenience, as it should be.

People will be free to think: You guys in the northeast kind of have your own gig going there.  You guys should just govern yourselves.  We don’t have anything in common with you anymore legislatively or religiously speaking.  I think that’s the ultimate payoff to this politically speaking, in a governmental sense.  You know what else?  I think that since Beelzebub is really running the show, and he’s having his way as Pope Leo XIII saw he would, when he is made to be humbled again — and he will be — that’s one of the payoffs to this.  People will lose because they’ll begin to put things back into the proper order.

There’s a wonderful priest who I am very fond of, Father Michael Mary.  There was a wonderful talk that he gave a couple years back about the problems with the modern world.  He cites abortion and pedophilia and homosexuality, etc., etc.  Modern man post-Reformation and post-Enlightenment has lost the ability to focus on eternity.  He’s not told that his focus should be solely on eternity.  Eternity is not a hobby.  It’s not something that you might do.  Eternity is our life’s work, as Father Michael Mary put it.  That just stuck with me, that our gaze is not on eternity.  If we focused on eternity — you and I started this conversation with the talk of returning to the big things, of getting the Commandments right.  If we get the Commandments right and are obedient to the Commandments, then the little laws will fall into place.  Why don’t you comment on what I just droned on endlessly about?

Ferrara:  That’s absolutely true.  We need to regain our appreciation of, we need to put back in view the first principles of morality, the first things that govern our actions, and then what Catholics call the last things.  There are four of them: death, judgment, Heaven, or Hell.  That’s what it’s all about.  With the first principles in view, we orient everything to the four last things.  The beginning and the end of human existence is the eternal destiny of each individual.  Basically the question you ask is, of what use is this for eternity?  Laws would be governed by these principles.  People want to get to Heaven; they don’t want to go to Hell.  Institutions would likewise be governed by this principle.  We’re destined for eternity.  We’re destined to die and be judged and sent to one of two places.  Either we believe this as a people, or our faith is nothing more than bellyaching about the lack of a nativity scene on the town square.  Which one is it going to be?

Mike:  Because we have government officials who are not “enforcing the laws,” then that is what inspires the murderer to go and assassinate the two cops.  You and I are just a bunch of third-ranked, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals for not being able to see what everyone else can so vividly see.

Ferrara:  There’s confusion between governmental response to localized riots.  The act of this individual was not a rioter.  He was a coldblooded, calculated murderer who planned this trip, made the trip, went up to that police car, and executed two police officers.  That had nothing to do with maintaining civil order in the sense of preventing riots.  Furthermore, why are we talking about government policy as opposed to, if you’re going to talk about an external cause here, the role of the media in inciting the activities we see in the streets, the riots, the demonstrations that get out of control?  It’s the media that has presented these incidents as basically racist police actions against innocent black people.

In the Wilson case we heard the media portray this kid, who was basically a thug, as “the gentle giant.”  Really?  The gentle giant who just robbed the convenience store to get some cigars had a history of criminal behavior and was 6’4” and grappling with the officer to try and get his gun, beat up the officer.  Even a grand jury under that low bar of proof could find no evidence to indict Wilson.  It was the media that portrayed him as the innocent victim of excessive force.  If we’re going to talk about a role external to the actors, let’s talk about the media as well, the so-called Fourth Estate.

Obviously government and media both have a role in creating social conditions that generally support lawless behavior, but let’s talk about it at a deeper level.  Let’s talk about a government that authorizes abortion on demand, the murder of children in the womb.  If you’re going to authorize murder of innocent children in their mothers’ wombs, can we really stand around and complain when a riot isn’t put down effectively?

Mike:  That’s a great point.  I had just jotted down here when one of the other callers was complaining about the same thing the last caller complained about.  If you want to talk about causality here, and if you want to try to blame Obama or Holder or any of these other clowns, then I would start with the president, the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States.  No other person that’s ever held that office could be said to have been more of a eugenicist and more of an aborter than Obama. [/private]

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Mike: Obama is the only vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois.  People forget this.  Obama’s history, at every chance when he has had a chance to vote for the taking of innocent human life, the murdering of innocent human life in their mothers’ wombs, President Obama has voted for it.  He’s done everything he can.  Does the culture of death, as I like to call it and as many other people call it, does the culture of death bear some culpability in some of the lawless and riotous or ruinous, murderous actions of some of the things we see?

Ferrara:  Absolutely.  To talk about the failure of government to put down a riot is to complain about an acute symptom that wasn’t properly suppressed.  What about the underlying disease that government has promoted?  There is in fact a culture of death in this country.  Life is cheap under this regime.  Women can destroy their children with government subsidies.  When you authorize the mass destruction of life in the womb, you’re basically saying that life is cheap.  If life is cheap in the womb, then life is cheap out of the womb.  You see women discarding their babies in dumpsters.  Life is cheap in the consumer economy as well.  There are video games where kids are sitting in their basements executing police officers and executing other people for fun.  Life in effect becomes a kind of video game.  This guy said: I’m going to execute myself a couple officers to make a point.  For him, life was cheap.  If you’re talking about underlying causation on the part of government in terms of policies, let’s get to the root of the problem.  The policy is that the government has turned its back on God, has enacted an immoral regime, and it is in fact a culture of death.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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