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Church Doctrine: Holy Names Are No Longer Holy According to Kanye West

Holy Names Are No Longer Holy According to Kanye West

©2014 Mike Church

The Holy Name Society exists to try and protect reverence for the name of Our Lord Jesus and God The Father. Members of the society take a pledge to revere the Holy names and to defend those names from abuse. Part of their membership pledge says. “…avoid disrespect to the name of God, of Jesus, and of what is sacred and … abstain from blasphemy, perjury profanity, cursing, obscene speech and indecency, and as far as prudence permits, induce others to refrain from such insults…” It is a safe bet there were no Holy Name defenders at a Kanye West concert in Sydney Australia last week.

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It’s not bad enough that West has toured the western world mocking Our Lord using the name “Yeezus” for his last album. Kanye West ordered all the “fans” in attendance to stand so he could perform his song “Good Life”. When 1 man refused the sacrilege-pauper’s command, West became irate yelling at those standing “OK, you got to wait, then. You got to wait for the dude right there.” The crowd is now screaming obscenities at the man and West exhorts them on. “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do this song. It’s unbelievable.” Still the man refused, causing a chorus of boos, after all, imagine the heresy of not doing what “Yeezus” has commanded you to. When it is finally learned that the “fan” in question cannot stand up because he is wheelchair bound, his unholiness, Kanye, relents and pardon’s the man’s sins. “He in a wheelchair right there? You say it’s cool, it’s a wheelchair?” When an apology was asked for from disability groups, West told fans the next night he didn’t need to because [he’s a] “…married, Christian man with a family.

The fact that our collective reverence toward God is so anemic that men like Kanye West can not only commit sacrilege for profit but can publicly humiliate those the real Jesus would have mercy on and heal is infuriating. That he has refused to apologize and has taken Our Lords name in his defense is pathetic. The man needs a priest, a confession and a public that will deny him praise reserved for the Real Jesus.


Mike Church is a New Orleans native and a radio host appearing daily on the SiriusXM Patriot Channel. He is an author and editor of “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” and is the writer and director of 7 Docudramas on American history including “The Spirit of ‘76” and the recently released “Times That try Men’s Souls-Washington’s Crossing”.

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