Citizen Church Speaks to Fellow Citizens on Civil Disobedience

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Modern Republican Party not Descendant of Limited-Government Reagan/GoldwaterPhilosophy of the 1960s



MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA – Exclusive Transcript – One-day after establishment Republicans unveiled their new Pledge to America, ergo Contract with America 2.0, it  is obvious, the loyal opposition no longer cares to aspire to the brand of smaller government rhetoric promised during the 1990s and most certainly no longer resembles in any fashion, the ideals espoused by former President Ronald Reagan during the Goldwater era.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Obama VS Reagan: A Voice in True Liberty

In lieu thereof, the modern GOP merely designs to sell the electorate that big-government central planning can indeed work if only individuals with the letter R after their names can control the gears and levers of the morbidly bloated machine. Sadly however, it seems status-quo Republicans cannot even bother to opine an original justification for the nanny state as it has been now the standard mantra of all Democrats should you question the record of failed government programs, that the answer merely lie in finding newer and better bureaucrats to manage the centrally planned programs of the federal government.

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailMike:  Now look at the descendants of Ronald Reagan.  Look at Eric Cantor.  Look at John Boehner.  Look at this Pledge to Nowhere,this Pledge to America.  This is a document, right here as I hold it in my hand.  I printed it out so I could read this cover to cover, and I did.  21pages of central economic planning.  This is exactly what Reagan was screaming and hollering about doesn’t work.  Oh, but Republicans are centrally planning the economy.  Why, we’ve got tax cut ideas.  Why, we have new ideas to restore the economy.  Why, we can centrally plan the healthcare system because were Republicans and were not nasty Democrats.  This is what I reject and is what you ought to reject.

Now, I want you to think about this. I am deadly serious.  This is not the entertainer/talk show host talking to you. This is your fellow citizen with an appeal.  If in 1964 two years after God graced humanity with my birth.  1964 I was but a two year old.  If government had been trying for 30 years to eradicate poverty and make everyone equal, happy, create Utopian Earth; and in 1964, if it had been declared a failure by then-citizen Ronald Wilson Reagan; and here we fast-forward 46 years, and those programs, the piddling amounts that he was describing, $46 million, have ballooned to over a trillion and a half dollars a year; and the conditions we are told are the exact same, they’re getting worse.  You listen to any Democrat out there, listen to any Republican DeceptiCon, fake phony fraud conservative, they’re getting worse, with more people in poverty.  There are more people that are poor.  There is more wealth transfer than there has ever been.  There is more public assistance.  There is more ways to milk the system than ever before.  And yet the problem persists.  Can we not, my fellow citizen, conclude that this method does not work?

And it is an insult to the intelligence of the hardworking, honest people of this republic that they should continue to pay their taxes so that this can continue to be funded.  I think it’s time, ladies and gentlemen, for civil disobedience.  I really do. If that doesn’t come in the form of our states seceding, well, then, you’re sovereign individuals.  Perhaps we should individually secede and refuse to pay any more to support this.  Oh, but yes, we must pay.  We must pay, well be told.  We must. We must be legal.  We must not bring the IRS and its agents and jackbooted thugs down upon our heads.  We must not spend our lives in political prisons.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, aren’t you in a prison now?

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoaskLike it or not, fact of the matter is, end of the day, you and me are slaves.  We are slaves to a central authority that knows no limits on its power and will not stop until it has confiscated and then eaten through all of the wealth of this republic.  So both political parties have proven that they have no solution and don’t really care to solve the problem.  Mr. Ryan and other well-intentioned Republicans and maybe a few Democrats notwithstanding, the parties are in control.  Their friends in the central bank are in control.  They control our money.  They control who we kill in wars overseas that were told to fight.

Is this really the freedom and liberty that we were supposed to secure for ourselves and our posterity, as the Preamble to our Constitution says?  Do you really believe that this is what men picked muskets up with, and British officers fusils, at Bunker Hill in 1775?  And fought the Battle of Monmouth in 1777?  That fought at Long Island in 1776?  That crossed the Delaware River with George Washington on that longboat in 1776 on Christmas Eve?  That surrounded General Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781?  Do you really believe that this is what they had in mind?  That this is what they would wish on their posterity?  Folks, at the end of this discussion here, you have to ask yourself a question.  Is this the way, is this what you want to pass on to your posterity?  And if you answer no, well, then I think your path is clear.  And that path must be that you must declare your sovereignty as an individual, and you must decide whether or not you’re going to fund this monster any longer.

I would like to share with you one more memory before I go to the telephones, and that is the memory of this. You people think I hate Glenn Beck. I do not hate Mr. Beck.  I respect Mr. Beck.  He is an accomplished broadcaster.  You cannot deny his success.  I may disagree with him politically, and some of you may question his motives.  But I would like to recall with you a moment from when he first went on Fox News that happened to catch my attention, and I still think about it often.  He had an actor on.  His name was Craig T.Nelson.  And Mr. Beck asked Craig T.Nelson if it was true that Craig T. Nelson was no longer going to pay his taxes.  And in front of a national television audience, Craig T. Nelson said, Yes, I will not materially support this government and its theft and its criminal activity any longer.  And then Craig T. Nelson said something that was even more profound, and perhaps AG can find this digital media file.  And what Craig T. Nelson said was, and if 10 million people joined me, they can’t build a big enough prison.

Ladies and gentlemen, relying on your politicians to fix this problem is a futile pursuit that will lead to your misery and disappointment.  The only solution to this is individual sacting together in some instances, but individuals expressing what our founders said were our natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and acquiring property.  This government has taken this from you, and they intend to keep it from you.  And more importantly, and this is why this matters, they intend to keep it from your children and from your grandchildren.  Now, if that is what you wish for your posterity, then I suggest that we need to all break off into our own little republics and go our separate ways because I do not care to share common cause with you.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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Written by: TheKingDude

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I cant listen anymore, there is entirely to much babbling over stuff that happened hundreds of years ago . It has no relevance to today because none of these politicians care about it or abide by the laws.
That being said , why dont you get on air and let me know if I am going to have to feed and shelter the some 15,000 russian troops that will be marching into america in cases of civil disobedience . This is as per an agreement signed between our countries. They will be marching right into FEMA district 3 which is West VA, VA,PA,MD and the district of Columbia. Foriegn troops on US soil to police US citizens. Where are you talking about any of this instead of blathering on about Jefferson, Washington and others.

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