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Congressman: Drone Strikes Carry Out Righteousness & Goodness Even With Collateral Damage

todayJune 11, 2012

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VIDEO: What do Libertarians think about Rand Paul’s embrace/endorsement of Romney? Watch…

Obama campaign’s data mining machine is both a marvel and a danger

Politico: What Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney means?It means what I told you it meant, Rand is not a libertarian crank anymore

Mark Steyn: Obama the celebrity President charges more for an audience with his subjects than the Queen does

Dumbocrats in Wi still think their public employee union is a winning issue

VIDEO: The grand poobah of the AFL-CIO does damage control for a lost cause

Many conservatives are not buying the whole “Romney convinced me he won’t be reckless” on foreign policy from Rand Paul (I don’t buy it either)

Romney’s foreign policy statements are still macho-deluded and gives no indication of modesty or restraint or constitutionalism at all

The Houla, Syria massacre that Romney & company are whining about as justification for U.S. action was actually perpetrated by REBEL forces

Gary North proposes that “Conservatives are the enemy” and gives a test to determine if you are a Hamiltonian. Conservatives are not the enemy, phony conservatives make misguided cases for big government

NV GOP warned LA GOP to double security for “Ron Paul’s army” that was duly elected to the LA state Republican convention

NUTS: “Conservatives” demand Marco Rubio and naive, lethal foreign policy as Romney’s VEEP selection, heaven help us (and the rest of the planet)

Judge Napolitano: Where is the drone war outrage?

Why should Congress subsidize the GOP & Democrat conventions?

FRAUD: The EPA does Congress’s dirty work (that is the Republican led Congress of ’05) and forces refiners to buy non-existent “credits” for bio-additives to gas & diesel

Sydney Australia must not have gotten the “man-made global warming” memo as it endures temps 20 degrees COLDER than 1923

Sweden is about to lose its deer population to extreme cold

Rep. Peter King says drone strikes carry out “righteousness and goodness” even when there if collateral damage of “civies”

Another unforeseen consequence of free broadband is online content delivery making it unprofitable to actually produce TV & radio

Comedy: Columnist thinks Obama AND Libs haven’t been assertive and activist enough!

CNN: The planet is setting itself on fire and we’re all gonna die! CNN’s Joe Bastardi: Ridiculous! The data actually suggests the OPPOSITE is true

Axelrod, from another planet, claims Romney is from the same extra-terrestrial world when it comes to the undeniable success of the Obama economy

 Spain has now officially ASKED for a bailout of $100 billion in fiat funds (paper money, printed at will) and the stock markets SOAR

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Written by: TheKingDude

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