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Pile Of Prep

Congressman: Drone Strikes Carry Out Righteousness & Goodness Even With Collateral Damage

VIDEO: What do Libertarians think about Rand Paul's embrace/endorsement of Romney? Watch... Obama campaign's data mining machine is both a marvel and a danger Politico: What Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney means?It means what I told you it meant, Rand is not a libertarian crank anymore Mark Steyn: Obama the celebrity President charges more for an audience with his subjects than the Queen does Dumbocrats in Wi still think their […]

todayJune 11, 2012

Pile Of Prep

Gingrich Gives Back of Hand: Romney Isn’t As Good As Me But Still Better Than Obama

In what must be the most overachieving moment in recent politics history, Newt bows out without bowing out without endorsing Romney and without backing off his publicly financed Moon Base Is anyone at the Romney campaign listening? Obama has upper hand on foreign policy and none of Romney's attacks make a dent (which is why Mitt should be listening to Ron Paul) Freedom has another strand of the rope it […]

todayMay 3, 2012