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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Number one, I have known Debbie since 2005, the first time she was a guest on my show.  About two years later, she began doing movie reviews for the Mike Church Show.  Debbie was a frequent guest on the Mike Church Show on Sirius XM Right Channel, which then became the Patriot Channel.  Before you get out there and start making your little comments about who I am and who I am not, and whether or not I knew Debbie, just know that I’ve known her professionally since 2005.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  People have been saying lots of things about you.  How do you get to this book signing?  Were you invited?  Were you a correspondent at that time?  Had you ever been on the show?  Tell the audience what was going on.

Debbie Schlussel:  I had been on Sean Hannity’s show, his TV and his radio show a few times at that point.  He contacted me and told me he wanted me to be on his show when he was going to be here in Detroit.  He was doing his TV show from Dearborn, Michigan.  When he got here, that day he said he was having a book signing at Barnes & Noble.  It may have been Borders.  It was one of those two bookstores in Novi.  He said he wanted me to come to his book signing, which I thought was very odd and weird, but I wanted to be on his show and so on.  I complied.  I thought maybe he was going to tell me what the topics of the show are going to be.  I think some of his producers were going to be at the bookstore and turned out to be at the bookstore, whatever.  I got there and he asked me to stand at this podium with him where he was signing books.  It was very weird.  I felt totally odd because people came there to have him sign his book.  They didn’t want to meet – they weren’t there to meet me or have me stand at a podium.  It was just very strange.

After the book signing was over, I wanted to go home so I could get ready for the show that night.  He asked me if I would come back with him to his hotel.  I said: No, I have to get ready.  Then when I got to the show later that evening, in Dearborn, he also tried to invite me back to his hotel and I turned him down.  That night, when I was on his show, I was treated horribly and so on.  He came up to me and said – they never told me what the topic of the show was going to be other than Islam and the Middle East and terrorism.  That’s not really specific enough of a topic.

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You know usually when they do these shows, they overproduce you because they tell you what all the topics are going to be that might be on the show.  They give you lots of articles.  They ask you what your answers are going to be.  They know what you’re going to say on the air.  I was given no preparation, nothing.

When we got on the stage for my two segments that I was on, with this Palestinian named Fahdi [unintelligible], Sean comes up to me and whispers to me that: You and I, we’re going to double team this Palestinian guy.  That was an odd phrase to use, but that’s what he used.  Then when the show came back on the air, that did not happen.  I barely got to talk.  The Palestinian basically almost got to do a monologue.  Sean did not help me in the least.  Alan Colmes was on the show, because then it was Hannity & Colmes.  Every time I tried to open my mouth, I couldn’t even say a word.  I watch these shows afterwards, or I used to, like a football player watches game tape.  I watched it and barely had gotten to say anything.  They yelled at me.  They were not nice to me.  I believe Sean Hannity’s treatment of me was as a result of me turning him down, at least it seemed that way to me.

I want to flashback before this where Sean Hannity called me and told me one day not long before this that I was going to be a frequent guest on his TV show.  He would have me on twice a month, every couple weeks.  I was going to be worked into what he called the regular rotation of guests, the rotation of regular guests.  After that, he called me that following Monday and yelled at me on the phone.  I think it was that Monday.  It might have been sometime later that week.  It might have been earlier the next week, but it was not long after the interview.  Remember, this is a long time ago.  He said to me – he started yelling at me and he said: I don’t know if I could ever have you back on my show.  Then I was on his show one more time, which I think the one more time was meant to cover up everything.  That was it.  Then I wasn’t on again.  I was on Fox News twice more after that, between now and then.  I was on once in 2007 or 2008 to talk about a congressman I worked for who was indicted.  They couldn’t find anybody else to come on Fox News.  That was on Fox & Friends.  Then I also was on Red Eye once before then.

Mike:  With Greg Gutfeld.

Schlussel:  Yeah, before that.  That was it.  After that, I’ve been booked a few times to be on Fox News.  It was always cancelled at the last minute.  I realized that probably Bill Shine, who then was the executive producer, was on the set with me and part of that whole thing, and also known as the harem whisperer for Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and so on, according to all these lawsuits, many of which have been settled with huge payouts.  There women made tapes of these people.  Bill Shine, he was part of all this, but he later became the vice president of Fox News.  He and Sean Hannity are very close friends.  He saw I was going to be on some of the shows that I got blackballed.  That’s what happened.

Mike:  This is the Mike Church Show here on the Crusade Channel.  I’m here live with Debbie Schlussel of  Throughout all this, Debbie, what I hear is a series of events that could be subjectively explained away in several different ways.  It could be that we reviewed the tape and we don’t think she had the talent.  It could be we don’t think she fit our profile anymore.  There’s an infinite number of ways that you could go with this.

Schlussel:  Anything can be explained away, but, in fact, before then I had been on his show a lot.  All of a sudden I didn’t have the talent to be on his TV show or radio show.  Why would they have offered me and told me that they’re going to make me – why would he have told me he wanted to make me a regular guest if he was going to do that?  It’s because I already showed that I did deserve to be on.  There are a couple other things I need to tell you flashback before this event.

Before this event, I’d been to New York quite a few times that year and the year before and so on.  Every time I would go there, I’d do the Howard Stern show from the studio and Sean’s show from the studio.  I came there one time and wanted to see what I’d look like as a redhead.  I’m a fake blonde.  I walked into the studio as a redhead and he got really upset over this, in a weird, very weird way.  It’s none of his business what my hair color was.  He got very upset with it, almost like he was my father, my spouse, or my boyfriend.  Nobody would have that kind of reaction.  It was very strange.  Then he was arguing with me what my pants size was.  He asked me what size pants.  That day I was wearing a size two and he argued with me: No, you’re a size four.  It just was really creepy.  He did a lot of creepy things.  He would call my apartment many times at all different hours and so on.  There’s just a very weird vibe coming from him.  He’s a very creepy, strange guy.  Anything can be explained away.  That’s what he’s trying to bank on.

By the way, I want to point this out.  Fox News and a whole bunch of websites, many of them liberals, are spinning this that I retracted my story yesterday or that I walked it back.  That never happened.  I have never changed what I said.  What did happen is, I kind of got screwed over a little bit by the story I did the interview with.  I did the interview on Friday asking about this.  This was not planned out.  I talk about the stories in the news.  The host on that show, the Pat Campbell show, asked me about Bill O’Reilly and getting fired.  He asked me if anybody at Fox News ever made unwanted sexual advances towards me or made me feel uncomfortable.  I said that Bill O’Reilly did not but Sean Hannity did.  Then I went to proceed to what was said.  I never used the term “sexual harassment.”

Mike:  Thank you.

Schlussel:  I’m a lawyer.  I have practiced employment law.  By the way, it’s not a legal distinction that I worry that I will get sued or somebody could do something to me.  I’ve read all these comments from morons saying that I talked to a lawyer and the lawyers told me to backtrack.  I talked to no lawyers because I am a lawyer.  I’m not worried.  Sean is never going to sue me.  That’s a threat that he’s put out there to make it look like he’s actually doing something in that this isn’t true because he knows it is true.  He can’t do anything about it because he’ll lose.  He’s trying to shut me up and trying to otherize me and kind of dismiss me as a liar and so on without actually taking the step you have to do to actually do that.

This host put the interview on his website.  That’s fine.  Then, with the interview, he put a headline that I said I was sexually harassed.  I never said any such thing.  That was incorrect.  Then he put an article up saying that I said certain things in the interview with him, which if he had listened to the interview conducted on his show more than once or maybe carefully, he would know that some of the things he said were not what I said.  He said that I said Sean Hannity invited me to his hotel room.  The word room wasn’t used.  It was very clear, he wanted me to come to his hotel.  He asked me at least twice.  It might have even been more.  I think it might have been three times.  Sean Hannity is not stupid.  He’s not as brazen and open as Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were.  He does think that people can leave things open to interpretation.  Obviously I didn’t want to put myself in any such situation, as any smart woman would not do that.

Then the other thing that was put in this article was that I was a Fox News contributor, which I’ve never said any such thing.  At that time I was a frequent guest on Fox News, as well as other cable channels, including CNN, MSNBC, and so on.  I was doing a lot of cable news shows.  I never said I was a Fox News contributor.  So all of these things which were not exactly correct were put in the article.  I all of a sudden saw on Sunday night that all these websites and news outlets used what was in that article as fact because these liberal reporters are so lazy that not only did the article written by the host Pat Campbell have wrong information that did not reflect what was in the interview, but they repeated it.

Mike:  They sure did.

Schlussel:  And they repeated what he wrote, which was not my words.  All they had to do was listen to the interview, it’s only eight minutes, but they’re so lazy.  And they just repeated it.  So, when I was interviewed by most of these outlets, I made sure to note that certain things in the article were not true.  I told them what was true, and that they have to listen to this interview, and that I stand by everything that’s in the interview because it’s all true.

Mike:  Debbie, let me break in here really quick.  There’s two points that I want the audience to know.  Number one, I have known Debbie since 2005, the first time she was a guest on my show.  About two years later, she began doing movie reviews for the Mike Church Show.  Debbie was a frequent guest on the Mike Church Show on Sirius XM Right Channel, which then became the Patriot Channel.  Before you get out there and start making your little comments about who I am and who I am not, and whether or not I knew Debbie, just know that I’ve known her professionally since 2005.

Number two, from the get-go, when we started doing movie reviews regular, and when the topic would come up – I even wrote this down on my website – Debbie always referred to him as “Pawn Vanity” and “creep.”  I only say that for those of you that say: She just made this up.  No, she didn’t.  She used to tell me whenever we would have a – I can’t remember the context because it’s going back a decade.  I do know it sticks out in my mind, Pawn Vanity and creep.  You always called him a creep to me.

Schlussel:  Right.

Mike:  If you go to Drudge Report right now, you want to talk about slandering someone, here, “Hannity Accuser Walks Back Harassment Claim After Lawsuit Threat.”  Matt Drudge, you creep.  That’s not what happened.  You just heard the truth from the source’s mouth.  This is how intellectually lazy – you just pointed this out, Debbie.  This is how lazy these people are.  They’d rather throw a click bait headline up there to get a bunch of people to go to it when there’s no there there.

Schlussel:  By the way, again, it started with the host, but that is not relevant because reporters are supposed to report.  They’re supposed to investigate.  They’re not supposed to just repeat what somebody else wrote.  They’re lazy.  They’re idiots.  They’re intellectually dishonest and bankrupt.  The thing is that Sean has always creeped me out.  I’ve told other people about this.  This is not a new story, actually.  I’ve written about this on my site before.  I’m not the only one.  There are all kinds of stories.

Sean Hannity’s ex-producer, Jill Vitale, a liberal woman who went by the name Flirty Flipper, as I said in the interview, left being his producer.  She told me and others that the reason was that Sean wanted something from her and she wasn’t going to give it to him.  She was quite clear about what that was.  She and I talked about that when she called me to book me for other shows.  She ended up working for other shows like Curtis and Kuby, and I believe [unintelligible].  I’m not positive on that because his sister, I think, also booked for him.  It was a long time ago.  Now, somebody tweeted at her about that and she’s circling the wagons because she needs Sean.  Of course, he’s pressured her.  She tweeted to somebody that she left to have kids.  I think she only has one kid, so it’s not kids.  Number two, she didn’t.  She was working on other radio shows after that.  She chose to leave for something that had nothing to do with her kids.  She confirmed that to me after somebody else that knows her told me about it.  She told this to other people.  It’s well known.


I’ve heard it throughout radio in New York and so on from people I know that knew the situation.  There are other accusations.  There’s a host, a drunken alcoholic, named Jaz McKay, whose show I used to be on.  I say he’s a drunken alcoholic because he has even acknowledged that to me.  I don’t know how reliable he is.  He used to talk about one of his colleagues and rivals who’s also in Bakersfield, California who was frequently a guest host on Sean Hannity and Mark Levin’s show.  He would tell me there was something going on with her and Sean and that Sean’s plane would land in California.

I once actually confronted her about it and told her that Jaz McKay was saying this.  She denied it.  Most people are not going to admit things.  They are going to deny it, especially if they didn’t exactly refuse things.  I don’t know if that story is true.  I do know that Jill Vitale, Flirty Flipper, did confirm to me and now she’s lying.  I’m not the only person to say these things.  Sean is a very creepy, weird guy.  He creeped me out.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I didn’t plan this out.  People say I want money.  If I wanted money, I would have sued –

Mike:  You’re a lawyer.   You would have sued him a long time ago.

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Schlussel:  Exactly.  There’s nothing to gain from it.  I was asked a question.  I gave an impromptu answer on Friday.  That’s it.  People say I’m a liberal far leftist or a feminist or a snowflake.

Mike:  You’re a Soros plant, too.  Don’t forget that one.

Schlussel:  Yeah, I was just going to say, and I’m getting paid by George Soros.  Before any of these moron, Hannitybots automatically would say all these baloney things and just believe whatever he says, those people didn’t even know who George Soros was.  I was one of the first who exposed him and write against him.  I was attacked by Media Matters for that.  I know what I’m talking about.  These people weren’t there.  They’re all saying: Sean is a very strong family man and good father and he would never do that.  How do they know?  How do they know what kind of father he is, what kind of husband, what kind of man he is?  Nobody knows.  Even oftentimes spouses don’t know what their spouse is like until they find out that certain things are going on.  Nobody knows anybody.  These people watch a TV show and listen to a radio show.  They don’t know anything.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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