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DeceptiCONNED: Does Anyone Recall The US Arming Moderate Nazis?

todayFebruary 24, 2015 2

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    DeceptiCONNED: Does Anyone Recall The US Arming Moderate Nazis? AbbyMcGinnis

Does Anyone Recall The US Arming Moderate Nazis Or Moderate Imperial Japanese?

Mike Church's own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.
Mike Church’s own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.

LA – Exclusive Transcript “Do you think back in the late 1930s and through the 1940s, until the Nuremburg trials, do you think there was anything that was called a moderate Nazi?  Just think about that for a moment.  Do you ever recall seeing or reading about or hearing about a moderate Nazi?”  Check out today’s transcript AND Clip of The Day for the rest….

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    DeceptiCONNED: Does Anyone Recall The US Arming Moderate Nazis? AbbyMcGinnis

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    DeceptiCONNED: Does Anyone Recall The US Arming Moderate Nazis? AbbyMcGinnis


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Do you think back in the late 1930s and through the 1940s, until the Nuremburg trials, do you think there was anything that was called a moderate Nazi?  Just think about that for a moment.  Do you ever recall seeing or reading about or hearing about a moderate Nazi?  Hold on.  Let’s take it a step further.  Were the Germanic lunatics that followed their leader Hitler, many of them to the grave, and obeyed his and Goebbel’s and the rest of their directives to carry out the atrocities that they carried out against the Jewish people, who had not provoked them, and against the other civilian populations of Europe, did those people pervert Nazism?  In other words, was Nazism okay until Nazis started acting like Nazis?  Were there moderate Nazis is the question.  If there were, were there attempts to reach out to moderate Nazis?  Let’s attack this war with Germany problem from within.  Let’s arm the moderate Nazis.

When put into that perspective, it does not stand up to historical scrutiny that that would be a prudent policy to pursue.  Fast forward 70 years.  Why would it be a prudent policy to pursue it when we’re talking about moderate jihadis?  That’s the case that’s being made now.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder with our moderate friends, our moderate allies, the moderate Islamics that are fighting ISIS.  Again, use the moderate Nazi analogy and see how that works out for you. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Here’s another one.  We could just say: Were there any moderate communists?  Of course we’re speaking about those of the Russian variety back in the day.  Were there moderate communists that we hoped would break away and would steal away the 30,000 nuclear-tipped warheads sitting atop intercontinental ballistic missiles that were aimed at us and every other city or strategic area in the Western world?  Were there moderate red communists?  I think you can run the exercise out.  For you libs out there listening to this show, are there any moderate racists with which you would like to break bread with?  [mocking] “Well, he’s a racist.  Yeah, but he’s a moderate racist.”  Really?

Now you see the ridiculous or improper use of the term moderate, and also of the term perverted, with Obama stating yesterday, [mocking] “These people aren’t bad people.  They’ve taken a great religion of peace and perverted it.”  So we have that story going on today.  I have digital media files on that and lots of opinions on that.  Basically the subject there is war and the American sheeple’s lust for war and more war.  As a matter of fact, I was reading this at Jordan Bloom’s Mitrailleuse web blog yesterday.  I didn’t get a chance to share it with you or get into it, but I thought some of the arguments in this piece were compelling.  “We’re Going Back To Iraq And Boy Is It Depressing” is the title.  As I’m reading this and scrolling through the writer’s take on our current situation with ISIS and with Iraq and Syria and Ukraine and every other hell forsaken place, the following passages struck me.  This is what he wrote:


The AUMF is reportedly limited to three years and requires congressional approval to continue operations. But Democrat senators are still hesitant about its unclear language. Most Republicans couldn’t care less – this is a chance for America’s glorious war machine to spill blood.

Even with waffling Democrats, let there be no question about it: the AUMF will pass Congress with majority support. Most of America supports going after ISIS. There will be no voter retribution for supporting the use of force.

Repeal_AUMFAnd that’s really the saddest part. The War on Terror makes ever-present military campaigns an acceptable reality. Few voices in the authoritative media question the utility or morality of the ongoing fight against Islamic terrorism. Instead, they quibble about election outcomes. Sending men and women off to fight and die in a foreign land might as well be a movie they review from afar.

War is now such a part of American society that the long-term consequences are hardly considered. Part of this is due to the media not covering the return of fallen soldiers, at the government’s request. More is the fault of general apathy toward personal lives and family ravaged by war. The enemy is over there, not here. Deficits pick up the tab, not tax hikes. Life continues normally while bullets pierce skin and tear apart sons, fathers, brothers, and husbands. There can’t be anything more privileged than to witness the horrors of war from the sidelines.

Nietzsche suggested humans need lies in order to live. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the ongoing War on Terror. Americans fool themselves into denying the ugly consequences wrought by their passivity towards non-stop combat. In her review of the hit biopic “American Sniper,” former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan brought attention to the incredible strain we now put on soldiers who fight in the Middle East. “We ask a lot of our troops emotionally in terms of how we schedule their tours,” she wrote. During World War II, soldiers had months to recuperate before coming back to American shores. Widespread air travel changed all that. Sending me over to fight for their lives for a few months, then to reacclimate to normal life immediately after is, Noonan asserted, “asking rather a lot for U.S. troops to emotionally sustain and absorb.” This is why PTSD is becoming an epidemic among veterans.

Those are just the burdens shouldered by our boys at home. With increased aggression against ISIS on the horizon, I can’t help but look back at the eerie Vice News documentary on the Islamic State and see the faces of the people about to be pulverized.

ISIS is full of barbaric individuals; people who will kill for their god without a second thought. [Mike: She – the writer is a she – makes a grammatical stroke of brilliance here by not capitalizing the Islamic god, lowercase G. Bravo.] But it’s also home to children who repeat the violent rhetoric against infidels and apostates.

Many swear allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi, the head of ISIS. It’s clear the radicalized children lack the reasoning capacity to understand the full implication of their words. And, with the blessing of Barack Obama, they will soon lose their lives to American weaponry. Their crime: not knowing any better. It’s heart-wrenching to consider. [/private]

[end reading]

Mike:  It’s not heart-wrenching to consider it if no one considers it.  That’s precisely why we’ve been talking about this for seven months now, eight months now, and we’ll keep talking about it.  I’ll link to that in today’s Pile of Prep.  Then we have this.  This one is even more to the point.  New York Review of Books, Charles Simic, under the style of “Our Wars, Our Victims.”  Since no one else in broadcast media seems to want to touch this subject, other than, as Jordan Bloom pointed out on his Facebook page yesterday — yes, the Jordan Bloom that filled in for me on Tuesday.  He’s receiving a bunch of columns to print at the Mitrailleuse and at The Daily Defenders of Christendom landscape pic 1300w x 975hCaller and another online journal that he edits.  They all have one thing in common, and that is to try to paint the state of what’s going on in the Mideast with ISIS as the existential Nazi crisis of our time, with much hyperbole and overstatement.  Bloom said he rejected seven columns yesterday, would not print any of them because they were all doing the same thing.  You can’t find anyone that’s writing about this with any sense or dose of humility.

Mike has been talking about many different ways to deal with the American Union & it’s attack dog, the “Federal” government – There’s Article V & Nullification too.

And you’re certainly not going to find anyone writing about this from a Christian point of view with the full view of how the jihads against Europe finally came to an end.  They didn’t come to an end because the American military ended it.  They came to an end because armies, in certain instances, with very heroic, brave, Christian men, had to be organized and they fought under the Cross.  They actually fought as Christians defending themselves, maybe even existentially, from the Mohammedan hordes.  We’re not going to do that.  We’re not even talking about doing that.  And yet the carnage continues.  If that’s not enough, make sure you keep Ukraine on the backburner.  We have to have some war we can turn to in case this one doesn’t pan out.  I can hear Obama now, [mocking] “Now listen, we only have two wars on the burners here.  I want all my people in the cabinet to know, look at that stove.  See that war stove there?  There’s four burners on it.  Why don’t I have pots on the other two burners?  Gotta have war simmering in the background all the time.  It’s who we are.  We’re a warlike people.”

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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