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Exhibit A of What is Wrong With Intellectual Life in the U.S.: O’Reilley vs Stewart

todayOctober 9, 2012 1

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Bill Kaufmann has some historical insight and sage advice for those suffering from their friends’ “VoteromneyorDropDeaditis”

Romney soars past Obama in latest Battleground Poll and leads among Independents by 18 points (is THIS poll rigged now, too?)

Wlhelm Roepke chose propertied markets over proletarianized where one has a moral component and the other does not

Actress: Mila Kunis wonders why the poor in GA are “Republicans” which is a pretty healthy question if you have sons old enough to fight wars and daughters old enough to pay SS taxes (of course the OTHER party is even worse…)

Pew Research Center Poll samples Republicans 36% to Dems 31% and returns Romney victory, 49-46 (is THIS poll rigged now, too?)

Atlas Shrugged-The Movie Pt II website and über cool fan page is here

Mike Church vs Blake Shelton? “What lincoln Killed-EPISODE I” vaults into top 1,000 in ALL music selections at amazon.com, PLEASE purchase your copy now or review it to boost this epic telling of the early republic into the Top 100!

AmConMag Editor Dan McCarthy echoes my sentiments (albeit with more eloquent prose) over Romney’s VMI speech which one DeceptiCON warned should not be to “answer all mail [from Iran & Syria] with an F-16”

Larison: Romney is the candidate of  “omni-directional belligerence.”

No more do dour Yankees toil to build themselves a barn;
Nor Southerners a cotton mill to spin their local yarn;
Nor tanned Mid-Western farmers volunteer to dig a drain;
Nor ranchers, strong and silent men, protect the hill and plain;
Nor neighbours build a library, a town hall or a kirk;
Let someone do that for us; it is frankly too much work! – Stephen Masty

There are some DeceptiCONS who grudgingly admit that the adventures in nation building are no longer popular and even demonstrate some remorse with sly contritions such as “regardless of what you think about…Ghadaffi…noone thinks America acted for malevolent purposes”

Study: One in Five Americans have NO religious affiliation (but they profess spirituality)

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone like John Stewart had to field debate interrogatory from Y/T of perhaps Kevin Gutzman? But alas a Stewart vs O’Reilley, Exhibit A of what is wrong with intellectual life in the United States, will have to do

Ask Flo at Progressive: Washington State ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for “recreation” nets $4 million in support with $1.6 million from Progressive Insurance founder Peter Lewis

What might a 2012 version of the 1980 (actually 1968) “October Surprise” look like? Weill, something like THIS

What do the foreign policy experts with team Obama and Romney have to say about the simmering feud between China and the Japanese?

Just how inaccurate was the September  BLS report on jobs? Well according to some, inaccurate enough to mask the coming crash…BIG CRASH

Ameruka-what she can be-The Poem by Stephen Masty (You MUST read this and share it)

There have always been some warhawks in Congress and their legacy is always deadly, complicated and not preserving of American liberty

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