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Feminists Who Want To Replace Men Need To Learn To Act Like GENTLEmen

 Women Who Act Like Men Are Seldom GentleMEN

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “The LPGA, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, praised the PGA’s dismissal of Bishop.”  In other words, they’re vicious and vindictive.  The man said Ian Poulter was acting like a little girl and the Ladies Professional Golf Association believes that that is a firing offense.  Does that mean that the Ladies Professional Golf Association head — whose name I do not know — that if she said and intimated that Paula Creamer was throwing a fit and acting like a little boy, that men everywhere could react angrily and demand her ouster?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  “The LPGA, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, praised the PGA’s dismissal of Bishop.”  In other words, they’re vicious and vindictive.  The man said Ian Poulter was acting like a little girl and the Ladies Professional Golf Association believes that that is a firing offense.  Does that mean that the Ladies Professional Golf Association head — whose name I do not know — that if she said and intimated that Paula Creamer was throwing a fit and acting like a little boy, that men everywhere could react angrily and demand her ouster because [mocking] “You slander little boys”?  Does the head of the Ladies Professional Golf Association ever make statements that say that she has worked her entire life for respect and for the growth of golf as it applies to men?  Why is there a distinction between men and women to start with?  Why isn’t it just the Professional Golf Association?

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Remember back during 2003 and 2004, Annika Sörenstam tried to join the PGA tour.  I don’t know how many of you remember this.  She tried to get into the Masters.  Hootie and the Blowfish — that’s my nickname for him — Hootie Johnson, the president of Augusta National, what did he do?  He said, [mocking] “Well, I tell you what, madam, you wanna play in Augusta, we got rules around here.  You ain’t getting a locker, number one.  Number Hootie_Johnson_PGAtwo, if you want to play, you can come on down and play, but you’re playing from the black tees like the boys do.  You don’t get to use them ladies tees.  You only get to use the same tees that Tiger and the rest of ‘em are using, okay?  You come on down, missy, and see if you can make it.”  She didn’t make the cut.  At a qualifying tournament, he made her do exactly what a man would had to have done, which is perfectly acceptable to me, and Annika Sörenstam, possibly the greatest female golfer ever, could not qualify to play in the Masters.  Did she spend the rest of her career promoting male golf?  Why don’t women have to promote things that men do?


The LPGA said in a statement, “The PGA of America’s quick and decisive action sent a strong message – reinforcing a consistent belief that with so many positive gains being made among golf’s leading organization, there is simply no room, nor willingness, to take a step backwards.”

[end reading]

Mike:  I quit.  So taking a societal step backwards is the head of the PGA insulting one of the European golfers as acting like a little girl.  My friends, our arrogance and hubris knows no bounds, none.  It knows no bounds, zero.  Yet, this gentleman has lost his employment.  All the rest of us are now under threat just like with Brendan Eich.  You are not allowed to send money to pro-marriage groups if you have any vested interest in electronics or digital social media communications.  We’ve ruled that out because the radical gays and lesbians and transgenders went after Brendan Eich and successfully ousted him, caused his ouster from Mozilla.  Now the head of the PGA, for a simple, not-very-gentlemanly insult that he apologized for, now the radical Gal-Qaeda feminists at the Ladies Professional Golf Association are cheering the demise of one of their peers.  That’s not very gentle ladylike behavior, madam.

The man apologized for his remarks.  He called Ian Poulter and said: Look, dude, Ian, I’m sorry.  I had a momentary lapse.  I deleted it.  I take it back.  I didn’t mean it.  I apologize.  This is what gentlemen do.  You shake hands.  You may have to go to confession afterwards Saint_Augustine_by_Philippe_de_Champaigneand say “I shouldn’t have committed this sin.  Absolve me.”  Can he make reparations to Ian Poulter?  He certainly can.  He can publicly say that he didn’t mean it.  He can publicly say that Ian Poulter is a class act and a gentleman.  He can just walk away from it.  You’ve made a reparation.  You’ve attempted to repair the divide that was caused.  That’s the end of it.  Between the gentlemen they settled it.  But he said “little girl.”  You’re not allowed to say “little girl” any longer, ladies and gentlemen, especially gentlemen.

I would like to read to you something from St. Augustine on this matter that applies.  Yes, he was a saint.  Yes, he was a theologian.  He was also a philosopher.  He was also one of the greatest thinkers that ever walked the planet, my patron saint.  Here’s what St. Augustine said about arguments in one of his confessions.  I believe it’s Book XII, Chapter 25:


. . . not knowing Moses’ opinion, but loving their own, not because it is truth, but because it is theirs. Otherwise they would equally love another true opinion, as I love what they say, when they say true: not because it is theirs, but because it is true; and on that very ground not theirs because it is true. But if they therefore love it, because it is true, then is it both theirs, and mine; as being in common to all lovers of truth.

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, when you hear truth, you will love it and acknowledge it.  You will promulgate it and promote it and defend it.  Men being men, the corrupt, fallen, sloven, glutinous, deceitful characters that we are — men, by the way, are capable of all sin.  We’re not made for it, but since the fall we are capable of it and we all commit it.  Men being men, they will err to the side of: I don’t really care about the truth.  I just want to be right.  I just want to win the Facebook argument.  I just want to win the Twitter argument.  I just want to win the talk radio with the caller argument.  No, the man of virtue seeks what?  He seeks virtue, which is difficult.  He seeks truth, which is difficult.  Fiction is easy.  Lying is easy.  Cheating is easy.  Selfishness is easy.  Virtue is difficult, very difficult.  Selflessness is difficult.  Caring about someone else more than yourself is extraordinarily difficult.  Not committing scandal in your daily life is impossible.  Well, no, God wouldn’t have given us the task to work at unless he had made us capable of executing it.  We can do these things.  We choose not to but we can.

To wrap the conversation up, the gentlemen’s game of golf expanded to include women’s golf.  That wasn’t good enough.  The gentlemen’s game of golf expanded to include a professional league of women golfers.  Not good enough.  The gentlemen’s game of golf expanded so that girls like my daughter are able to play it and compete for some of the same scholarship money that the boys are privileged to compete for.  Not good enough.  The gentlemen’s game of golf now, there are only a few elite, exquisite clubs that do not admit female members.  Most of them have and do and welcome female members.  They even cater their golf courses to them by setting up ladies’ tee boxes, different strategies and scoring methods for ladies.  Not good enough.  Do you know why?  Because it was never about golf.  It was always about anger.  It was always about a vicious sense of retribution.  It was always about committing scandal and slander against the other sex.  Why?  Because they’re the other sex.  They’re men.  Rest assured now as you view — when it ever comes up again, and I’m sure it will — the actions of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, ladies professional golfers are supposed to follow the same gentlemanly code of conduct that the men are supposed to follow.

Have you ever wondered, my friends, why there are no short pants in professional golf, why LPGA_logothe PGA doesn’t allow it?  Code of gentlemanly conduct.  You will dress appropriately at all times.  You will not wear short pants.  Caddies can.  I think that’s a silly part of the rule but that’s just me.  The men professionals can’t wear anything other than slacks.  They also can’t ride in golf carts.  There’s a code here.  It’s an honorable code.  It’s a good code.  I play golf.  I try to honor the code.  Most of it is unwritten and unspoken but we honor it.

It’s what we call golf etiquette.  You don’t talk when someone else is playing.  In other words, you commit acts of humility when playing the game of golf.  It’s why it’s a great way to teach your sons gentlemanly-like behavior.  They may like playing football.  They can play golf in the summer.  Learn the etiquette.  You’re quiet when someone else is playing.  You mark your ball to get out of the way of the other person.  You humiliate yourself constantly in the gentleman code, but it’s not good enough because there’s Twitter and there’s Facebook now.  Someone said something about a little girl.  Really, LPGA, really?  I will leave it to your fertile imaginations to conclude as to whether or not someone else ought to be on the apologizing end of this story today.  I think you can guess as to where I am going with that.  It is a sign of our times.


There’s something else about the gentlemanly code of conduct in golf, especially you gentlemen out there that play it.  You may not know this.  You may not recognize it.  When you obey and abide that code, just like the baseball players that obey and abide the code, even though it’s unwritten and unspoken, what are you doing?  You’re honoring the past.  You’re honoring the knights of chivalry.

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You’re honoring the fact, the idea, and the concept of men as leaders, of men as gentlemen, of men as pursuing virtue all the time, all the time, including your sporting endeavors.  You that are golfers, if you find yourself out there with your friends poorly dressed on a Saturday, cursing at the top of your lungs over a shot, think about that.  What are you doing to uphold the code?  What example are we setting when we do these things?  Believe me, I used to do it.  I would rather now suffer all kinds of mortifications rather than do that.  What kind of example do we set for our playing partners?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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