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Pile Of Prep

Thursday Pile of Prep-What Happens When Cops Act Chivalrous

When Cops Act Chivalrous- Today's Pile of Prep Feature! Veritas et Sapientia - "We often forget the erotic weight of Dorothy Malone’s glasses in The Big Sleep (1946). When she finally removes them and looks into Bogart’s eyes, it’s as if she’s just slipped off an item of her clothing and invited him into her boudoir for a nightcap. We don’t even want to see her naked. We certainly don’t want Bogie […]

todayMay 23, 2019


The Mike Church Show

From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry

From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry- The Mike Church Show interview with Joseph Pearce Special Guest Joseph Pearce host of The Pearcing Truth - The Sad Decline of Chivalry Listen to More, Mike Church Interviews with Jospeh Pearce! Headmaster Pearce Mike Church and Jospeh Pearce discuss: HEADLINE: For want of a lot of good men by Anna Hitchings She thinks we have reached a crisis. Chivalrous […]

todayMay 14, 2019 2


Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia-Chivalrous Knights And Their Pilgrimages

Mandeville, LA - The greatest work ever written on the subject of chivalrous knights and their pilgrimages was written by Geoffroi de Charny, a French Knight. Charny's book is considered the hand guide to chivalry. We shall first consider those who aim to make their reputation by a great enterprise, undertaking distant journeys and pilgrimages in several far-away and foreign countries; they may thereby see many strange and unusual things […]

todayMay 13, 2019 3

Pile Of Prep

Monday Pile of Prep-Manliness Makes Is Making A Comeback!

Veritas et Sapientia - "A reference to the progress of the excise in England, will illustrate this insatiable construction. It commenced about a century past, and has since glided along until it has mingled its poison with almost every human enjoyment.Its ravages have already been extended to beer, ale, cyder, perry, metheglin, mead, strong water, aqua vitae, coffee, chocolate, tea, sherbet, bearibs [hearths], stoves, soldiers, sailors, annuities, pensions, stipends, serjeants […]

todayApril 8, 2019 1


Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia-Time For The New Knights To Arise And Save Their Country!

Mandeville, LA - "This is, I say, a new kind of knighthood and one unknown to the ages gone by. It ceaselessly wages a twofold war both against flesh and blood and against a spiritual army of evil in the heavens. When someone strongly resists a foe in the flesh, relying solely on the strength of the flesh, I would hardly remark it, since this is common enough. And when […]

todayApril 4, 2019 1


Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – All Good Society’s Have Chivalrous Men

Mandeville, LA - The accident of King Richard's military genius and prestige gave England something which it kept for four hundred years, and without which it is incomprehensible throughout that period—the reputation of being in the very vanguard of chivalry. The great romances of the Round Table, the attachment of knighthood to the name of a British king, belong to this period. Richard was not only a knight but a troubadour; […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – Why ‘Murican Boys Need CRUSADER Chivalry

Mandeville, LA - But Chivalry affected far more than the continuance of the august bodies named. The memories of the heroes — historical and legendary — earlier mentioned, together with such as Godefroi de Bouillon, William Marshal, Bayard, Bertrand du Guesclin, and many others contributed to the ideal of the knight — as did many of the military and royal saints. If battle on horseback in armour was no longer the […]

todayJanuary 8, 2019 1

Daily Clip

Mike Church Show FREE PREVIEW – D.C. McAllister on Drafting Women into the Military

Mandeville, LA - On February 10th's Mike Church Show, guest D.C. McAllister discussed her article "Threats Of Drafting Women Reveal The Lies Of Equality," chivalry, and modern feminism. Listen to the FULL hour and much more by signing up as a Founder's Pass Member. [private |Founding Brother|Founding Father|FP-Lifetime] [/private] THE AWESOME BENEFITS OF JOINING THE VERITAS RADIO NETWORK REVOLUTION AND LISTENING TO THE NEW, MIKE CHURCH SHOW ON THE CRUSADE CHANNEL! - On Demand Listening…Listen […]

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Daily Clip

Mike Church Show FREE PREVIEW – Pastor Wayne Braudrick on Real Manhood

Mandeville, LA - On January 14th's Mike Church Show, Pastor Wayne Braudrick, author of "Whatever Happened to Manhood?" joins us to discuss how important it is to hold young men to a gentlemanly standard, how denying the truth of morality has only weakened men, why more men don't go to church; and then what men can do about it. Listen to the FULL segment and much more by signing up as a Founder's Pass Member. […]

todayJanuary 14, 2016