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Ferrara – Obama Is Clueless, Crusades Were JUST Wars, No Comparison To ISIS

The heroic adventures of El Cid is a great read for men, age 12 - up
The heroic adventures of El Cid is a great read for men, age 12 – up. REAL-life stories of a Crusader and Roman Catholic Saint

What does ISIS have in common with 11 century Christian Crusaders? Absolutely nothing.

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript Mike: Obama said something that has started a bit of a controversy… He basically said that atrocities have been committed in the name of Christ, just like the Islamists have perverted their religion in the name of their God.  He gave as two examples, the Crusades and the Inquisition. Ferrara: The Crusades were a war waged defensively by a vast volunteer army of crusaders, from the word “the cross,” to recapture the Holy Land from, ironically enough, the same sort of Muslim fanatic who this very day is decapitating, burning alive, hanging, raping, pillaging in the Middle East and in Africa.  Check out today’s transcript AND Clip of The Day for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  On Thursday they had the annual prayer breakfast, not at the White House but somewhere around the White House.  The president attended.  President Obama attended.  Darrell Waltrip gave the keynote speech.  Get on your knees and beg for God to forgive you or die, basically was the takeaway line.  Obama said something that has started a bit of a controversy.  I talked about it a bit on Friday.  He basically compared that atrocities have committed in the name of Christ, just like the Islamists have perverted their religion in the name of their God as well.  He gave his two examples, the Crusades and the Inquisition.

As I relayed partially to the audience on Friday, the Crusades, as they were undertaken, were asked to liberate Christians who had been captured by the Mohammedans in the Holy Land.  You’d have to have somewhat of a working history, some sort of

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knowledge of this.  I was reading some papers that were written by Professor Thomas F. Madden of St. Louis University on this.  He did describe some of the atrocities that had happened, but they had happened by, basically, mercenaries that were no longer part of the Crusade.  They had been crusaders but they were no longer on the Crusade.  What can you tell the audience about the Crusades?

Christopher Ferrara:  Well, the Crusades, we’re talking about something that happened almost a thousand years ago, around 1096 to 1099.  Essentially what you say, they were defensive war.  They were a war waged defensively by a vast volunteer army of crusaders, from the word “the cross,” to recapture the Holy Land from, ironically enough, the same sort of Muslim fanatic who this very day is decapitating, burning alive, hanging, raping, pillaging in the Middle East and in Africa.  The Church recognized the threat of Islam and Pope Urban II called a Crusade.  He called upon Christian soldiers from all over Christendom to gather in one massive force and launch the First Crusade, which was gloriously successful.  The city of Jerusalem was recaptured.

Were there abuses?  Of course there were abuses.  Were there atrocities?  Yes, it was a war.  You had, even in the context of Christendom, something like a My Lai massacre when people rage out of control and commit atrocities.  War is hell, no matter what kind of hell it is.  But there are just wars and there are unjust wars.  The Crusades was a just war waged successfully.  Despite the abuses, the goal was just, the outcome was just, and the idea was to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim fanatics.  I think we need another Crusade.  Don’t you?

Mike:  We might need one here domestically.  Who is going to respond to the call?  Let’s just say Pope Francis called for a crusade against ISIS, of an army of holy men.  Where are you going to find them at?

Ferrara:  That’s the problem.  Of course, today we’re so busy disarming ourselves for the sake of the notion of pluralism.  We continue blindly to insist that Islam is a religion of peace, even as we see evidence everywhere, throughout the Islamic world, that Islam is not a religion of peace.  Islam is intrinsically tied to violence because it began with the maxim of conquering by the sword.  Now the resurgence of Islam is proceeding precisely in that manner, conquering by the sword.

Let’s put aside the so-called isolated fanatics who are given the blame for Islam’s depredations.  Let’s talk about normalized Islam in countries where you have established juridical structures.  For example, it wasn’t just a few fanatics who are not true Muslims, but the government of Pakistan that sentenced Asia Bibi to death because she insulted the prophet.  It wasn’t a few fanatics.  It was Pakistan’s supreme court that upheld her death sentence.  Even the Russian Orthodox patriarch called for her release, but the Vatican is strangely silent about this.  Part of the crisis of the Church today is that the Vatican is succumbing, even the Vatican, to political correctness and refuses to call Islam what it is, a force for evil in the world.

Take another example, it wasn’t a few fanatics but the government of Sudan that sentenced Meriam Ibrahim to death.  Remember her?  She converted to Christianity and they jailed her, while she was pregnant, to wait for her execution.  She was going to give birth in jail, then they would take the baby and hang her for the crime of converting to Catholicism.  She was sentenced to death for that so-called crime in a so-called normal, mainstream Muslim country with whom the United States has relations.

And it wasn’t a few fanatics, by the way, but, wouldn’t you know it, the government of Saudi Arabia that sentenced this poor fellow, Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes to be administered 50 at a time over 20 weeks, plus ten years in prison.  What was his crime?  He was running a blog site critical of Islam.  They were going to submit him to this barbaric punishment.  I read a few days ago that after the first installment of lashes, they had to postpone the second installment because his back was ripped to pieces and hadn’t healed sufficiently to continue the 1,000 lashes of punishment, followed by the ten years in prison.  One other example, Mike.  How about Kuwait where blasphemy against the Sunni religion is punishable by death?

You see, with Islam we’re not talking about a religion of peace; we’re talking about a corruption of religion, which is a combination of things that its founder took from the Old Testament and the New Testament, devised his own religion, and nowhere has Islam advanced expect by the sword.  Today, however, Islam is advancing through simple reproduction in pluralist countries whose leaders, blind to the end, continue to insist that Islam is not the problem.

Mike:  Because it’s peaceful and because we have —

Ferrara:  It’s a religion of peace.

Mike:  We have to learn how to get along.  I was talking to someone the other day.  As a matter of fact, I did an interview and I was asked about ISIS.  I said: The first thing that’s got to happen if you’re really concerned about this is, number one, we have to return to our moral order, which we’re only going to get through the grace of God and appealing to him for that grace.

God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
Chris Ferrara’s book has become the subject of many conversations on the Mike Church Show of late


Number two, the French and Spanish fought a 1000-year-long war, 700-year-long war against the Mohammedans.  They recognized that they could not have, that it was an impossibility to have these pluralistic societies.  This is essential to any victory over Islam.  If you’re not going to be able to process that and to acknowledge that, then you’re not going to be able to deal with the problem.  As you point out, Islam in and of itself has all these things we just talked about.  This is part of the religion.  This isn’t just the extreme edge; this is the religion.

Ferrara:  Again, it’s a corruption of certain truths which were combined by its founder to create a new religion.  Any kind of manmade religion is going to be subject to deviations and corruptions and will be, in the end, nothing but the product of evil because it’s manufactured by man, not by God.  There’s a legitimate use of State power to preserve religious integrity when you’re talking about truth.  When you’re talking about a religion that subjects women to abuse as if they were animals and whose moral code is severely defective in terms of even things like contraception, abortion, and marriage — all of which are more or less permitted under certain circumstances in Islamic society — then you’re not talking about a religion that the State has a right to protect and defend, because what is being protected and defended is error and superstitions essentially.  People fail to realize that when the State allies itself with error, whether it’s religious error or so-called secular error, it becomes an instrument for repression.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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