God’s Law On Marriage Isn’t Up For Debate

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God’s Law Is NOT Up For Debate….EVER

Liberty the God that Failed smallMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “I think there is a lot of cowardice out there, which is why I told the story of the martyrs earlier.  People can choose to martyr themselves in any particular issue, or not call it martyrdom, but choose to sacrifice their lofty social status in exchange for adhering to, again, what it is that they believe to be true.  What he described as cowardice, folks, I can describe another way.  I can put it in political terms for you.  He just described teleocracy.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I think there is a lot of cowardice out there, which is why I told the story of the martyrs earlier.  People can choose to martyr themselves in any particular issue, or not call it martyrdom, but choose to sacrifice their lofty social status in exchange for adhering to, again, what it is that they believe to be true.  What he described as cowardice, folks, I can describe another way.  I can put it in political terms for you.  He just described teleocracy.  That’s what he described.  He described a scenario or a civilizational shift under which a creed, in this case the U.S. Constitution — which will pass as a creed.  You can call it a document.  I’m going to use it as a creed in this instance — is going to be used to justify a never-ending pursuit of one word, that one word being equality.  There is no way to satisfy that pursuit.  It will never be satisfied because equality is, in nature anyway, pretty much a fiction.  The only place where you’ll find all things being totally equal is when you’re actually talking about God himself, as the only perfect being that we know of in the universe.

The teleo-, meaning multiple, -ocracy, pursuit of or execution of laws, is never going to stop.  It just keeps expanding.  The field in which it can expand is unlimited.  There’s no limit to it, meaning it is a — you may have a small signaled victory every now and then but they would be pyrrhic, as the old saying goes, and they would be ephemeral, short-lived.  It would mean nothing.  The long arcs of battles that are being — think of it like this. Think of it from the lib point of view or from the progressive point of view.  When they win something, let’s see they win the battle over public schools, note that they don’t take that as a victory, ladies and gentlemen.  The war over whether or not you can be compelled through the use of the tax code and of the coercive power of the State and under truancy laws to put your children into schools and to be forced to do it has been lost.  We lost that battle.  You as a parent have surrendered that to the State.  In most states you have surrendered it to the public school cartel.  Very few people can afford private schools, and the reason is because they’re taxed so mightily to finance the damn public schools.  Note that the progressive has never stood on his or her laurels in the realm of public schools.  They’re still out there yapping about it.

What’s the latest now?  They’ve already got the public schools, right?  You would think victory declared, it’s done.  Now the latest is “You will accept Common Core.”  Like Hades I will.  I don’t know who you think you are, but no, I will not.  To the last gentleman’s point, yes, we are possessed of a bunch of cowards, like the cowards that are in, for example, my home State of Louisiana, that cannot find the courage to stand up to the teachers’ unions and to stand up to those that are building and to Bill and Melinda Gates’ money that are demanding the State of Louisiana and all its parents must embrace Common Core standards.  The governor has changed his mind.  Governor Jindal has changed his mind, has asked the legislature to repeal or write into law that Common Core will not be administered in this state.  I live in a parish; you call it a county.  I live in a parish that by a 14-0 vote at a school board meeting that was attended by over 2,000 parents — this board was going to just ram Common Core through so they could cater to their teacher union and Bill and Melinda Gates’ money.  Well, 2,000 parents had another idea, showed up and demanded that vote.  It went down 14-0 against Common Core standards.  The state is now telling us: Too bad.  We’re going to pass a law and we’re going to make you enforce it.

I just give you this as an example.  The progressives have never rested on the victory that was public schools.  On the other side of the coin, name the victory or the issue or item that the Christian faith or moral turpitude that the opposite to the progressive has never stopped defending.  Now we’re being told that it is politically in our interest, and productively in your interest as well, to surrender on the issue of same-sex marriage.  Of course, people are being extorted into this and saying: Dude, it’s just over.  I’ve read to you stories written by guys like Rod Dreher.  Okay, Rod, if you’re going to raise the white flag on the issue as Ross Douthat has, if you guys are going to raise the white flag and surrender on it, don’t be surprised when Brendan Eichs and Chauncy Childses occur, because there are going to be more of them.  These people, the progressives, they don’t stop.  They’re like the Terminator.

I used to play that sound bite from time to time.  Here it is.  Here’s what these people are like.  This is a very apt description. 

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    God’s Law On Marriage Isn’t Up For Debate AbbyMcGinnis

  That is exactly a progressive.  That is the evil that you and I are up against.

Eric:  Now they just go from offensive thing to offensive thing and determine whether or not it deserves effort to be banned or to chastise anybody who is in favor or uses the term.  Occasionally you’re going to have to fight back because this stuff does not stop.  Just hearing one thing and accepting: Well, this is bad.   Okay, we’ll give you that.  This is bad.   Well, we want more.  We want you to not be able to do anything that you like.

Mike:  We want you to not be employable if you oppose our vision of how marriage ought to be altered.  In other words, you are not allowed to live.  You are not allowed to feed your own family.  We are going to extort you and force you into our point of view.  They’re not winning the argument.  They’re not winning the argument on the merits of it.  They are simply winning the argument based upon the fact that they can bully you.  There are enough cowards out there, as the last caller pointed out — although I don’t know that I agree with his entire view of it — there are enough cowards out there that are going to raise the white flag and say: Okay, it’s over.  You don’t raise the white flag — let me give you a caveat here.  Let me guide you into what I think is the proper point of view.  If you are not a — I get this all the time, [mocking] “Mike, I would listen to you more but I’m not a religious person.”  Fine, nobody is forcing you to.  I’m not compelling you to.  I’m in_God_we_trusted_wallace_frontsorry to hear that.  I hope you’ll come around some day, Lord be with you.  You are a free person.  That’s your determination.  You are free to make that.  But for those of us, for those that will say, stand and admit that we are people of a Christian faith or the one true holy church, the Catholic Church and its antecedents, you don’t have a choice in the matter.  There’s no option here for you to pick and choose from a menu of what your friends at the country club or at the bar think is fashionable.  That’s the damn problem.  People want to pick and choose from the menu.

Again, these problems are not difficult.  They are not hard to solve.  They are not hard to figure out.  The positions are not hard to stake out.  But the courage to do so is lacking.  Again, now that we live in that teleocratic society, civilization, in that teleocracy, now that we’re in it instead of a nomocracy — which is why Nomocracy in Politics is one of my favorite websites.  That’s why Kevin Gutzman writes for Nomocracy.   I don’t know if he recommended me, but they asked me to be on their advisory board because nomocracy means that this kind — especially when it comes to the politics of the issue here.  These things will ultimately be, should be decided in a nomocratic society.  You would live under a written constitution.  It would be very rigid.  It would be very well recognized and obeyed and listened to.  That would be the end of it.  Any of these other things that you would want to alter or change, like marriage, for example, you would actually have to work inside your community.  I would suggest that if we put our priorities in order, the things that we do to please our Lord and Savior and our God, that these take precedent over some of those economic things that we were just talking about that are now being used to blackmail people.  This is extortion.  This is what a mob does.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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