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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I guess the point I’m trying to make by relaying to you what Fineman is writing here is that we are all but numbers in the grand elite game of chess that’s being played, with the grand prize being $3.8 trillion of other people’s money that these clowns in Washington, DC get to spend every year.  It’s all neatly broken down for us now.  We can subdivide results and then subdivide results, instead of just relying on the aged and the old and the institutional and the traditional of we know this is good and that is bad.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Howard Fineman writes this:


No, Obamacare didn’t almost cost Terry McAuliffe his narrow gubernatorial vote in Virginia. But dodging that bullet shouldn’t be too much comfort to other Democrats.

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For one, it’s not clear that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act . . .

america-secede-or-die-t-shirt[end reading]

Mike:  By the bye, when I was browsing around for news on Colorado secession last night, you know what I saw, Andrew?  250,000 Coloradans, many of them dunderheads that had a chance to form their own independent government on Tuesday but instead decided they liked to be slaves or indentured servants to Mordor on the Potomac River and Mount Doom of Denver, Colorado.  250,000 Coloradans are going to be kicked off their current health insurance plans.  The Times-Picayune had a story on Monday, 81,000 Louisianans are going to be booted.

Remember yesterday I asked Louie Gohmert, Congressman Gohmert what’s going to happen there.  He said, [mocking] “Well, Mike, hopefully some of these people that get kicked off sue and they wind up in federal court.  John Roberts is going to have to get another copy of the Constitution.  I don’t know which copy of it he was reading from when he found Obamacare was part of it, but maybe we can get him another copy and he can find the mandate wasn’t part of it because it was outlawed by 26 states.”  Keep that in mind, just between Louisiana and Colorado, from two items I have from Tuesday and yesterday, 331,000 people are losing their health insurance policies.  I thought Obamacare was supposed to eradicate people not having health insurance.  Maybe I misread the advertisement.  Back to Howard Fineman:


So the lesson of Virginia is obvious: What the Democrats really need is another Ted Cruz-led crisis. [Mike: Howard, I am so glad you said that, buddy, and not I.]

First-wave analysis of the closer-than-expected Virginia result accepted the explanation — rising distaste for Obamacare — put forward by the losing Republican, Ken Cuccinelli. And it is true that candidate McAuliffe took no chances when it came to the controversial, complex program. He mentioned it only obliquely, focusing just on the expansion of Medicaid the law makes possible. Neither President Barack Obama nor Vice President Joe Biden mentioned it at all when they campaigned in Virginia in the final hours.

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But a close look at Tuesday’s exit polls in Virginia, as well as those in New Jersey, show that the health care issue was essentially a wash. [Mike: Keep thinking that, Howie, keep thinking that, buddy. That’s what we want you to think.]

Voters in both states were significantly split on the question of whether they supported or opposed the law. In Virginia, it was 46 percent for to 53 percent against; in New Jersey it was 48 percent for to 50 percent against.

Virginia voters who named health care as their number one concern leaned somewhat for the Republican candidate — 49 percent voted for Cuccinelli and 45 percent voted for McAuliffe. But 11 percent of those who said they oppose the law still voted for the Democrat.

[end reading]

Mike:  Ladies and gentlemen, are you getting the impression here that Howard Fineman and many others like him are now breaking down — this has been going on for quite a while now — the exit poll results of every election known to man to ferret through what the arcane, dark art of, I would call it voodoo, this science known as political science can teach us about how to win elections in the future.  That’s what this is all about.  Isn’t it always interesting — maybe it’s interesting to someone other than me.  I call on my army of 18 of the republican militia to answer the query: Shouldn’t it always be informative and comforting to us to know that we have properly ferreted out and have properly identified the true virus of our day?

The true virus of our day is that there is not enough, and there probably never will be in our day, reliance upon, not enough sober meditation on, not enough of the discussion of, or might I say the resulting silence because you’re busy meditating in the spiritual nature of man.  The spiritual nature of man can only do things if you believe.  If you have faith and you believe and you pray and you meditate and you try and live virtuously and humbly, you don’t have much room for science now, do you?  There’s not much room for science to interject here and tell you: Wait a minute, science tells us that the odds of X happening are Y, and that is precisely why you need to learn more and you should be paying more and you should get on Facebook and Twitter and you should be.

I guess the point I’m trying to make by relaying to you what Fineman is writing here is that we are all but numbers in the grand elite game of chess that’s being played, with the grand prize being $3.8 trillion of other people’s money that these clowns in Washington, DC get to spend every year.  It’s all neatly broken down for us now.  We can subdivide results and then subdivide results, instead of just relying on the aged and the old and the institutional and the traditional of we know this is good and that is bad.  No, that won’t work anymore.  We know that you always ought to take seriously and defend an oath if you have taken it.  No, no, that won’t work anymore either.  We know that you always, always protect the innocent and seek retribution for the guilty.  No, no, that won’t work either.  Let’s throw all that old stuff out there.  We have science now.

The prospect of science does what, ladies and gentlemen?  It holds out the possibility that there is a heaven on earth, that there is a utopia.  If we just turn the right knobs, if we as men just elect the right amount of kids because they believe in this particular percentage of this particular law or this particular court ruling, then heaven on earth is within our grasp, isn’t it?  This is the point that Fineman makes.  This is the point that any political scientist is going to make today, meaning that we are all now part of a grand scientific experiment.

For those of you that are conspiracy theorists, have you thought about that as maybe one of your go-to conspiracies, that it’s not just the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers and the Knights Templar and the Illuminati and all those other people and the people that fly the UN helicopters with the blue helmets, it’s not just them that are out to get you?  Maybe this is an intergalactic cabal here.  Maybe the Howard Finemans of the world have been sent here from the planet Og.  Those Ogians, man, they’re having a great time with the chess game they’re playing here.  Have you thought about that?  Have you thought about that conspiracy, have you?  It sounds very real when I talk about it, doesn’t it?  Back to the story.  He talks about how the TV ads did this and the TV ads did that.


But the biggest factor in Virginia was the government shutdown in October, engineered by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. [Mike: By the bye, the new leader of the band cranking out hit records, Teddy and the Cruzers.] All of Virginia — not just the D.C. suburbs — is heavily dependent on federal spending, both in terms of direct employment and government contractors for everything from the military to medical research.

One-third of voters in Virginia said that someone in their household had been “affected” by the shutdown. And those voters — more than 700,000 of them — went for McAuliffe over Cuccinelli by a margin of 56 to 37 percent.

[end reading]

Mike:  In this instance, the political scientist has betrayed himself and he has betrayed his cause, hasn’t he?  He has indicated to us that people voted for their pocketbooks all right, but it wasn’t for the kind of job that most of us have, which is where we trade our labor and service for a fair wage, not usury but productivity, and honestly gain profits, right?  No, what Fineman is talking about is grift, the spending of other people’s money.  The theory presented by yours truly and others, that having now that upper part of Virginia occupied by federal employees who probably aren’t even native Virginians, or never even wanted to be Virginians, has now inexorably and will continue to poison your politics until you do something about it.

To break it down, in other words, the federal leviathan has bought votes.  It has bought its own survival, folks.  It is exactly as I have described it to you over the course of those eleven years here on Sirius XM, and more forcibly in the last five or six years, that government, especially this leviathan monster that sits on the banks of the Potomac River, is a living, breathing organism like any other and it is going to fight for survival.  It is going to fight for its own health.  As a matter of fact, it’s going to try to gorge itself, which most creatures do.  That’s exactly what it’s doing.  It is acting like a bacterium.  It’s acting like a virus, or more like a parasite.  It is consuming the host.  It is going to resist the host’s effort to try to expel it from its body because it has voting power.  How does it have voting power?  Because it steals from the majority of the citizenry to shower the results of that theft or that grift down upon the minority that’s in its employ.

Here’s the real bitch about this, ladies and gentlemen.  Do you think those people that work for the federal government, probably driving to their jobs right now and listening to this show, screaming at their radio, either that or feeling a well-deserved guilt trip, do you think that they vote?  Let me ask the question a different way.  Do you think that they vote in higher percentages than your average Joe who is bought the conspiratorial, depressing line [mocking] “Not much I can do about it anyway, Mike.  They gonna do what they gonna do anyway.  Don’t make any difference.  Not much we can do about it.  They run the show.  They got all the numbers there in their favor.”  I bet those people turn out in upwards of 60, 70 percent.  What are they voting for?  Are they voting for efficiency in government?  Not just no, but you-know-what no.  They’re voting for their own jobs.

You want to talk about a lack of civic spirit and a lack of virtue.  [mocking] “Yeah, but Mike, I do a job for the federal government that needs to be done.”  So says you.  You’re not paying for it; the rest of us are.  Do you think we can survive without you pushing that bean across the table in Mordor on the Potomac River?  [mocking] “Yeah, but we shouldn’t demonize those people.  They’re just like us.  They need jobs.”  That’s the point.  Just as Bastiat predicted in The Law, once plunder begins, you can’t stop it.  There are three stages of man, and Bastiat accurately predicted them.  There’s no plunder, which is where we came from before John Taylor of Caroline wrote Tyranny Unmasked in 1814.  There’s partial plunder, which happened in 1816 and continued all the way up to the New Deal.  Out of the New Deal and everything that’s come after it has been executed for the purpose of total plunder, and there is now total plunder.

[mocking] “Mike, they don’t control all of it.”  Oh, yeah, they do.  Have you ever heard of the Federal Reserve system?  They devalue and depreciate 100 percent of every nickel that you and me earn, all of it, 100 percent.  They claim deed and title to 100 percent of everything that you and me own, that’s right, all of it.  The conspiracy, if you want to call it that, has been executed flawlessly.  You have two major political parties that are equally corrupt and equally playing inside the arena that is Mordor.  Of course, Mordor now has tentacles all across the amber waves of fuel, as we see in Colorado, and as we see in the other states.  The living, breathing organism that is the leviathan State has reached a stage and a status in its existence where it cannot be cut out of the body.  It’s attached, wrapped around the organs.  Yesterday’s election in Virginia shows that.

Is there a solution?  Yes, there is, but, save for this radio show, the people that work with or for outfits like the Tenth Amendment Center and other republicans and originalists out there that know and understand that republicanism and true federalism, that’s the cure.  Then it will necessitate a return to a less governmental, less scientific, more community-based, more spiritual existence for the rest of us.  We know there is a way out.  I don’t think we’re going to get a majority to do it anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t or could not work.  All is not lost, and that’s what we hope for.  That’s what I hope for.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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