How Did Obama Gain The Authority To Name Mount Denali?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I did mention earlier, and perhaps you heard it, General Motors already had the Yukon.  That’s an Alaskan territory or part of the Alaskan territory.  They already have the Denali vehicle.  Now they’re going to take the name Mount McKinley away and give it back to the Indians or the natives who had named it Denali.  The first thing I thought of was: You’re going to name it after a car?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s talk to Chris in North Carolina, first up here today on the Mike Church Show.  Hello, Chris. How are you doing?

Caller Chris:  I’m great.  It’s great to speak to you.  I just have a short little notation on your story about the president going to Alaska to change the name of the mountain, Mount McKinley to Denali.  Let’s tie it into GM.  General Motors was well documented they’ve been saved by Obama and his resurrection program for them.  As I guess an honor to the GM Yukon and GM Denali contribution to global warming and climate change, it is only fitting that he will name the mountain after that vehicle.

Mike:  I think he’s actually returning the name, according to him anyways, to the Indian or the Inuit —

Caller Chris:  He’s got to pay them back. [/private]

Mike:  The Inuit tribe Denali.  I don’t know anything about it.  When I heard it I was surprised.  I did mention earlier, and perhaps you heard it, General Motors already had the Yukon.  That’s an Alaskan territory or part of the Alaskan territory.  They already have the Denali vehicle.  Now they’re going to take the name Mount McKinley away and give it back to the Indians or the natives who had named it Denali.  The first thing I thought of was: You’re going to name it after a car?  You’re saying it’s payback so that people will be saying: Mount Denali, hey, maybe I’ll go buy a Denali.

Caller Chris:  Just giving them a little bit more advertising and spreading their product line around some more, giving the opportunity for that product to go deeper into Alaska as a vehicle that’s well made for that.

Mike:  Maybe he can do something even more helpful to General Motors.  Maybe he can go to Los Angeles, and since we can’t call it the City of Angels anymore, and since Junipero Serra and the other missionaries that actually founded most of California have been kicked out and told to go pound sand, maybe he can rename Los Angeles Malibu.  Wait a minute, there’s already in Malibu.  Maybe he can rename it — let’s see here, what is another General Motors product?

Caller Chris:  Tahoe.

Mike:  There already is a Tahoe.  We’ve got Lake Tahoe.

Caller Chris:  We’ll call it the Chevy Cruze, I don’t know.

Mike:  It’s been so long since I shopped for a car and my exposure to television advertisements that I’m drawing a blank here.  I can tell you what lines they used to have.  Of course, they don’t make Camaros anymore.  Well, they do make Camaro.  They still make the Camaro.  Perhaps there are some others cities that we can change the names to to boost General Motors’ bottom line.

Caller Chris:  They’re probably listening right now and taking the ideas from us.

Mike:  I have an even better idea.  We’ll change the name of a General Motors product, or change the name of a town to a General Motors product if General Motors will agree to actually build a car in the United States.  How about that?

Caller Chris:  There you go.  Thanks for taking my call.

Mike:  Anytime, Chris.  Thank you.  Wouldn’t that be a marked change and improvement?  We’re announcing today we’re actually going to build an American-made car in the United States.  Of course, none of our family members are going to buy one or drive it, but we’re going to build it.  [mocking] “You just wait and see, Mitter Church, you wait and see.  Trump is going to make all the manufacturing back and repatriate all the money.”  Sure he is.  What’s the Suburban named after?  Think about the name Suburban, sub urban.  Class, what is Latin — sub is Latin for what?  Under, below, less than.  Suburban, named after your neighborhood.  Obama might wish to change the name of that.  [mocking Obama] “You don’t live in suburbia anymore because I don’t like suburbs.  Suburbs, black lives don’t matter.  Most of them don’t.  Not the ones I care about.”  This all started with the president going to Alaska to go hang out with Bear Grylls for a day.

I have some other headlines I wish to get into here today as well.  For example, here is the constitutional outrage of the millennium.  I would like to know, since when does a locally-, municipally-employed court clerk or county clerk, since when does that county clerk report to Justice Anthony Kennedy?  I am speaking, of course, of this case where this Kentucky county clerk is refusing to issue pieces of paper that say that homosexual, sodomy marriages — as they should be properly termed — are legal.  Now she has been ordered by the Supreme Court to issue the license.  I told you people this.  You’ll do gay and you’ll like it.  We’ll all do it or suffer white martyrdom.  It’s here.  It’s not coming.  It’s here.  Details on that in just a moment.  Mark in Missouri is next up here on the Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  Hello, Mark.  How you doing?

Caller Mark:  I’m doing good, Mike.  Glad to speak with you.  I enjoy your show.

Mike:  I’m glad somebody does.  I haven’t heard that in the last couple weeks here as we continue to fall and fall off the radar screen.  I speak and correspond with fewer and fewer of you.  It’s delightful to hear that, Mark.  Thank you.

Caller Mark:  You really helped open my eyes.  When I get a chance, when I’m not driving a truck, I always try to do a little research.  Anyone can dig up an Alaskan state map and see that Mount McKinley is in Denali National Park.  I think this is a very hollow gesture that Obama has done because there’s already a national park named Denali.  What is the cost to the State of Alaska to go around and change all the names of the signs?  Let’s get realistic here.  It’s going to cost a lot of money.  Now they got to go change all these road signs and maps and everything else.

Mike:  That’s right.  The map printers are going to love that.  [mocking] “You don’t have an accurate map anymore, pal.  If you act now at this special radio offer, you’ll get a map that says Mount Denali on it.”

Caller Mark:  Maybe I’m just being too realistic and conservative about it. [/private]

What would Patrick Henry do about the Feds tyrannical land ownership policy? Read “American Statesman” and learn that answer and many more.

Mike:  I would say this.  This is not just true of Alaska.  Mark, thank you very much for the call.  Good to hear from you.  It’s not true of Alaska.  Is true of every state in the alleged Union.  Of course, there isn’t a union any longer.  It’s compulsory.  Your attendance is mandatory.  You don’t have a choice.  But it’s wonderful to be free.  Yes, we have the greatest country in the history of the Earth, although membership in its union is not voluntary.  I’d love to hear the logical syllogism you decepticons and fraud conservatives have justifying that.  I say that rhetorically because I already have heard it.  I already know what the fatuous argument is, and it’s just that, fatuous.

The gentleman just called and said there’s already a Denali National Park in Alaska.  One word in that sentence stands out to me. Can you guess which one it is?  There’s one word in that sentence that stands out to me as perverted.  “Mike, there’s already a Denali National Park.”  Now they have to change all the maps to have Mount Denali instead of Mount McKinley.”  You have 30 seconds, contestants, good luck.  [Jeopardy music playing]  Stop writing.  Put the Pens down.  Get off of Google.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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