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Humility Of Heart – When Will ‘Murica’s Leaders Stop Creating War Refugees?


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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I’m told that later on this morning Trumpzilla is going to come out and tell us how to solve the Syrian refugee crisis as all the media continues to tell us that there is and that we must solve.  I have to ask the question: I wonder what Trump actually knows — and we’ll have an expert on next hour who does know something about this — what does he actually know about what’s going on in Hungary today?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I’m told that later on this morning Trumpzilla is going to come out and tell us how to solve the Syrian refugee crisis as all the media continues to tell us that there is and that we must solve.  I have to ask the question: I wonder what Trump actually knows — and we’ll have an expert on next hour who does know something about this — what does he actually know about what’s going on in Hungary today?  This is quite fascinating, isn’t it?  How many of you know or how many of you may be apprised of, either three or four years ago, the fact that the Hungarians jettisoned their democracy, totally, kicked it to the curb, ended it?  They said: We gave this old constitution system a try; it’s poop.  It smells.  It stinks.  It’s produced rotten results.  We have a rotten culture.  We live in a septic tank of a culture.  We have high divorce rates.  We have babies being murdered in their mothers’ wombs.  We have homosexuals running around rampant, etc., etc.  The Hungarians decided: That’s it.  We’re going back to the days of St. Stephen, our king, and we’re going to try to reestablish order by establishing an authority, a chain of command that begins celestially.  [mocking] “No, not that!”  Yes, that. [/private]

So about four years ago, the Protestants in Hungary and the Catholics in Hungary buried their respective hatchets, got together in conference, and drafted a very admirable new constitution that has republicanism in it.  It preserves some of the features of democracy, not all of them but some of them.  It has republicanism in it.  It recognizes the need for a form of federalism inside that country.  It also primarily, from the get-go, a priori says that there is one font from which all the authority we’re about to enumerate comes from.  You can figure out where that is.  Go read it for yourself.  Thus, Hungary remade itself into its former glorious self that it was under the reign of Christian kings like St. Stephen, and turned itself back into a member of Christendom.

Now, in doing so, Hungary also tacitly expressed to the surrounding world what that it is thus and therefore comprised of and its government acknowledges that it is comprised of Christian people.  Pray tell, all the sob story cases that are arriving at the borders of Hungary are what?  Religiously speaking, what are they?  They’re Muslims.  Which is not to say that I’m going to vilify and demonize all Muslims or even these particular Muslims.  But mingling, comingling, this silly idea of pluralism when it comes to religiosity is not being considered by the Hungarians.  Bravo to them.  They’re correct in doing this.  This is exactly what they should do.  They should tell the Muslims: Look, go to Turkey, dude.  Go become part of the Ottoman Empire.  Go help them out.  You’re not welcome here.  You’re not going to fit in.  We are not going to accommodate you.  We have a law.  We know who the ultimate ruler is.  You guys don’t.  No, you can’t come in.  This is our country, not yours.  Get out.  Stay out.

I might also note that the Hungarians have also been able to do what?  Basically build a border fence, a wall — as some of you wish to build, on the southern border and then on the northern border — they’ve been able to do it in the span of a couple months.  Turn on the Clinton News Network any morning and you’ll find this female reporter running around with a bunch of Syrian refugees trying to sneak into Hungary.  They try going through corn fields.  They try crawling under barbed wire.  The Hungarians basically have a wall.  This is a serious, serious problem.  It’s serious because it was created by ‘Murican foreign policy.  [mocking] “You’re just always into blame America.”  In this instance, our war hawk, military-industrial complex, bloodthirsty war hawk caucuses are responsible for this.  If they had their way, it would be even worse.  Philip Giraldi commenting on this this morning, “A Refugee Crisis Made in America”:


On April 29th, 2008 I had a Saul on the Road to Damascus moment. I had flipped open the Washington Post and there, on the front page, was a color photo of a two year old Iraqi boy named Ali Hussein being pulled from the rubble of a house that had been destroyed by American missiles. The little boy was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had on his feet flip-flops. His head was hanging back at an angle that told the viewer immediately that he was dead.

Four days later on May 3rd a letter by a Dunn Loring Virginia woman named Valerie Murphy was printed by the Post. Murphy complained that the Iraqi child victim photo should not have been run in the paper because it would “stir up opposition to the war and feed anti-US sentiment.” [Mike: You bet it would. Maybe that’s the point. Oh, but I’m sure she’s pro-life, right.] I suppose the newspaper thought it was being impartial in printing the woman’s letter, though I couldn’t help but remember that the neocon-dominated Post had generally been unwilling to cover anything antiwar, even ignoring a gathering of 300,000 protesters in Washington in 2005. Rereading the woman’s complaint and also a comment on a website suggesting that the photo of the dead little boy had been staged, I thought to myself, “What kind of monsters have we become.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Well, Philip, we’re the kind of monsters that think that Planned Parenthood is cool until we see pictures of what it is that they actually do.  That’s the kind of monsters we are.  In other words, as well as we have some plausible deniability, [mocking] “Well, I knew that Planned Parenthood was doing that, but I didn’t know they were doing it like that.  But I’m still pro-choice.”  No, you’re pro-murder.  You don’t get to define what it is when you’re killing people.  You’re pro-murder.  Sorry.  If that bothers you, maybe it’s supposed to.


And in truth we had become monsters. Bipartisan monsters wrapped in the American flag. Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once said that killing 500,000 Iraqi children through sanctions was “worth it.” [Mike: I’m sure Madeleine Albright is pro-life, too.] She is now a respected elder statesman close to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

I had another epiphany last week when I saw the photo of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach like a bit of flotsam. [Mike: How many of you saw that photograph? You might have seen the video of the father going to retrieve the body of his dead boy. That’s what I saw. I didn’t see the picture. I saw the actual video.] He was wearing a red t-shirt and black sneakers. I thought to myself that many Americans will shake their heads when looking at the photo before moving on, more concerned about Stephen Colbert’s debut on the Late Show and the start of the NFL season. [Mike: No, Philip, they actually had their minds on the start of the college football season, you see. Get your non-priorities in priority order, pal.]

The little boy is one of hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to get to Europe. The world media is following the crisis by focusing primarily on the inability of unprepared local governments to deal with the numbers of migrants, asking why someone somewhere can’t just “do something.” This means that somehow, as a result, the vast human tragedy has been reduced to a statistic and, inevitably, a political football.

Overwhelmed by thousands of would-be travelers, Hungary suspended train service heading towards Western Europe while countries like Serbia and Macedonia deployed their military and police along their borders in a failed attempt to completely block refugees. Italy and Greece have been overwhelmed by migrants arriving by sea. Germany, to its credit, is intending to process up to 800,000 refugee and asylum applications, mostly from Syria . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Let me tell you something, folks.  If you’re looking for a sign that the old German bear is about to rear its ugly head again, you’ve got it right here.  If you think you can immigrate or assimilate 800,000 Muslims into your quasi-formerly-Christian society of Germans, how’s that going to work out for you?  It’s not going to work out. [/private]


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Demands for a European unified strategy to deal with the problem are growing, to include sealing borders and declaring the seas off of preferred departure points in North Africa and Asia to be military zones where undocumented ships and travelers will be intercepted and turned back.

[end reading]

Mike:  They’re going to take to the high seas now.  If you’re on a 2×12 and you’re trying to float your way through the Mediterranean from Syria or Libya or wherever you’ve been run out thanks to ISIS and ISIL and Al-Qaeda and all the other marauding, jihadi nutjobs that now run roughshod over countries that were formerly run by men like Muammar Gaddafi — yeah, I know, not a prince.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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