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If We Want To Control The Guns Killing People, We Start With The People


Spirit_of_76_COMPLEAT_FEATUREMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The point I make in my post about this at the Daily Caller is that the old-school mass murderer nutjob at least had a work ethic.  He didn’t job the killing out to Smith & Wesson.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  . . . under the subheading “Americans may be more violent precisely because we have guns.”  This is the point of my piece posted at the Daily Caller, about the Virginia shooting and St. Alexius.  [mocking] “Mike, how do you tie the two?”  Go read it and you’ll find out.  I’ll publish the full-length.  Jordan Bloom cuts about half of what I usually write out because he picks and chooses the parts that makes sense to every rational reading audience out there.  I’ll usually publish all that I wrote and sometimes it gets a bit rambling.  The point that I was making is kind of the point that Brendan Dougherty is making here.

I want you to think about this for just a moment.  I just request that you do; you don’t have to, obviously.  You’re all familiar with famous serial killers.  If I say

[private |FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76|Founding Brother|Founding Father|FP-Lifetime]

Boston Strangler, his nom de plume kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?  Obviously he was in Boston and he strangled.  Even if you don’t know the story — I believe Tony Curtis, and they did a movie about it.  I believe it was Tony Curtis.  Jamie Lee Curtis’s father played the Boston Strangler, I want to say.  I’ll find out in about two minutes whether or not I just got that wrong.  If I say Zodiac killer, people living out in California or living in the ‘70s will remember that.  Jack the Ripper you’ll know.  Ed Gein is the madman who the Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris’s novel is loosely based upon.  You know all about John Wayne Gacy.  You know about Jeffrey Dahmer.  By the bye, Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t use guns.  The Boston Strangler didn’t.  There were others that didn’t.

The point I make in my post about this at the Daily Caller is that the old-school mass murderer nutjob at least had a work ethic.  He didn’t job the killing out to Smith & Wesson.  Then I give the farcical account of men sitting around a barbershop learning of the latest theater murderer spree or now television murder spree and talking amongst themselves, something to the effect of [mocking] “Back in our day, if you wanted to go out and kill someone, you had to walk eight miles uphill in the snow, barefoot.”  That may sound farcical and laughable, but the old guy has a point.  Killing has now become easy, like most things in ‘Murica.  It doesn’t require any skill.  It doesn’t require any training.  Now it doesn’t even require very much physical effort.  The most physical effort is convincing yourself that you’re going to have to do it, loading the weapon, and stopping your hands from shaking while you’re trying to perpetrate the crime against the unarmed victims.

I’m not excusing — some people will say, [mocking] “Why are you excusing?”  No, I’m not excusing or saying that we ought to beatify the Boston Strangler or anything of the sort.  My point is that all things become — the things that we produce as a society and as a civilization come from how we think.  There’s nothing that man does that does not require — let me say it in a different way.  Everything man does requires thinking, all of it.  Everything man does requires thinking.  Even those functions of your body that are taking place right now that you think you have no control over, your heartbeat, your blood pressure, the way your digestive system is told we need more bilirubin over here.  Or your pancreas going: Dude, really, more insulin?  Put the donut down!  That’s still thinking.  The brain is still thinking.

Everything that man does requires thought.  Certainly everything that man does that requires thought and then utilizes our freewill ought to then require some form of thought discipline.  The less disciplined and the more erroneous our thought process is, the more errors in thinking we’re going to produce.  Why is no one talking about this?  You can ban every weapon that you wish to ban.  There are too many of them out there to confiscate.  Bad guys are going to have them, as we know.  There has to be another way to think about this and deal with it.  That’s pretty much the point I’m trying to make, that it is the thinking, or the lack of thinking, or the poor thinking that has landed us in the dangerous, violent pickle that we find ourselves in today.

Those that say that can’t fix the problem, why can’t it?  Go back into the historical record and see if you can find incidents with the regularity and frequency of which we see them where ease of killing was practiced.  In movies, you’ll say, “Well, they went and did it in the movies.”  Yeah, but is there a real-life counterpart?  Most of the time no.  Think about it.  The lunatic that went into the church and murdered those nine people studying the Bible, he had to look at all of them.  That’s another one of the points I try to make.  What did he see?  He probably saw what he was trained to see by this sick, septic tank that we live in that we call culture.  He saw black people.  He didn’t see humans.  He didn’t see human souls.  He didn’t see beauty.  He saw black people.  The guy that went into the television station, by his own admission in his manifesto under the headline of “Why I did it,” it was a revenge killing of sorts.  He went out and found some white people.  Folks, even if you determine that they’re mentally ill — and we’ll never know because they’re both — well, the kid in South Carolina is not dead but the one in Virginia is.  There’s some serious erroneous thinking going on there.  Back to Brendan Doherty:


We’re often told that Americans are just more violent than other people, and that’s why we have so many guns. And I agree, to a point. But the truth might be the other way around, and conservatives should make generous allowances for the pre-rational or the anti-rational in our politics. Our tools and our physical surroundings shape our self-conception and our intentions. A beautiful church sanctuary reminds us of the transcendent and sends a hush over us. A well-appointed room may cause us to stand straighter. And training with a hand gun, an object designed to kill other human beings, causes us to imagine situations in which we might kill another human being.

Doing this constantly makes us more likely to “see” a situation in which we could take lethal action. It may cause us to perceive more danger in the world than actually exists. Mentally unsound people are obviously much more likely to lose themselves in this kind of self-induced paranoia, but a stable person should be aware of that pull on their subconscious intentions as well.

It is this intuition about human nature that makes me recoil instinctively from certain guns, often marketed as “tactical,” which are designed to look sinister and appeal to young men who spent a lot of time in their adolescence playing Counter-Strike. [/private]

[end reading]

Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMike:  If you go to and later on today at, you’ll see the piece that I wrote about this.  I also brought up in our violence and gun and murder and culture of death, we have entertainment devices like video games.  Now, I’m not going to pick on video games.  Video games can be good.  They can be fun.  They can be productive.  There’s a lot of good, a lot of beauty in video games.  This is not an assault on video games.  However, as I point out in the piece, there are video games where the purpose or one of the tactics you’ll employ in the video game is having to go out in virtual reality of sorts — they’re very realistic booking these days — and you’ll have to kill people.  Now, certainly this takes some of the edge off of the idea of killing people.  There’s something else that’s at work here.  Let’s go back to my earlier statement about the ease of killing.  The Boston Strangler actually had to walk to where he was going to kill someone.  He actually had to pick his victim out.  Then after doing all that, he’d have to get the victim in a place where he could actually then physically, with a great amount of physical effort and force, he’d have to physically perpetrate the crime.  Some of the other notorious mass murdering serial killers had to do the same thing.  Yeah, some of them used firearms, that’s true, but not all of them.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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