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In Libyan Response The Right Proves It Enjoys Bombing Brown People

todaySeptember 13, 2012 1

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Romney takes what could have been a Statesman’s calling and turned it into a shameful, P.T. Barnum episode in foreign policy. While the War Council at Fox News & Talk Radio Stations cheered, Independents watched in stunned, disbelief, wondering how John McCain’s “Lehman Bros moment” from 2012 could possibly happen again

Michael Brendan Dougherty explains why embassies in foreign lands are NOT Alamo’s

AmConMag’s Larison: Romney’s self inflicted Libya wound seals his fate

L.A. Slimes: Romney’s opportunism is shocking

While DeceptiCONS punish their war drums and claim the blessing Jefferson in their lustful mission to Libya, Tom Woods reminds us that Jefferson did nothing remotely like what Hannity, Bolton, Levin, O’Hanlon et cetera are clamoring for

The CNN rundown/timeline of the BenGhazi, Libya attacks

Professional terrorism hack Fran Townshend now lobbies for more “attention & support” to Libya and Egypt, read “more U.S. wealth transfers” to her bank account

Libs are now assured that Romney will never be President which may be the only ray of hope left to unseat Dear Leader: Liberal smugness

Glenn Greenwald agrees: Romney & GOP take a potential Obama weakness and turn it into their own liability with the Libyan debacle (weakness as in “why are aiding and have aided the ‘Arab Spring’ in Libya & Egypt to start with!?”)

This should not need top be said but in the land of the “Shill-In Talk Show Host” it must: There is NO SUCH THING as a worldwide grant to free speech

New Orleans clueless (and hairless) mayor joins Clueless Governor in accepting Federal bailout funds for Hurricane Isaac cleanup whose principal damage is caused by the Feds control of the Mississippi

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