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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – To the Dude Maker Hotline, my friend and soon to be yours, Dr. Greg Brannon.  I want to tell you a little about Dr. Brannon.  He is running for what is basically an open United States Senate seat in the great State of North Carolina.  He is a practicing doctor, an obstetrician.  He has a houseful of children.  He keeps himself very busy.  I saw him speak at LPAC, Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Virginia.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  To the Dude Maker Hotline, my friend and soon to be yours, Dr. Greg Brannon.  I want to tell you a little about Dr. Brannon.  He is running for what is basically an open United States Senate seat in the great State of North Carolina.  He is a practicing doctor, an obstetrician.  He has a houseful of children.  He keeps himself very busy.  I saw him speak at LPAC, Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Virginia.  I got to meet Dr. Brannon on Friday last.  He is a [r]epublican.  He’s one of us, folks.  He’s running for the senate seat.  Not only that, I witnessed Dr. Brannon actually emerging, just like my friend Rob Maness, into a pretty good candidate.  I saw you shaking hands, kissing babies, doing all the things you have to do as a politician.  Folks, welcome to the program for the first time Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for United States Senate.  How are you, Dr. Brannon?

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Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILGreg Brannon:  Very good, Mike.  Thanks, my friend.  I like Greg better than Dr. Brannon, but thank you very much, my friend.

Mike:  I even told your campaign manager before I left the Ron Paul reception at LPAC, as I watched you work the room, I said, “You’ve got quite a candidate there.”  It’s great to be a republican, and there are a lot of them out there that have run for office, but it’s even better when you can actually do the things necessary to get elected.  Kudos on that.  Why don’t you tell the audience a little about yourself.  This race in North Carolina is just starting to get into gear.  The polls reflect that.  No one is really emerging yet as the “frontrunner,” yet you are among the ones that will emerge.  Why did you get into this particular race for the United States Senate?

Brannon:  Very clearly, Mike, it’s a time in our history right now that we know if we don’t get involved and really fight for the Constitution and fight for the rule of law, there’ll be nothing for our kids.  I have seven kids.  I’ve been honored to deliver around 9,000 babies.  We know the future of our country stands upon the principles we have.  As Washington said, we the people are the true keepers of the Constitution.  We see people every two, four, six years when they run for office, they start saying “Declaration” and “Constitution,” but then they don’t lead that way.  The idea of leadership is to be a servant citizen.  I’ve been serving as an OB for 25 years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world doing medical missions and Christian missions.  Our country is special not because of you and me, but because our founders understood it was and how to put it down on a piece of paper.  We have to make it alive by literally following it.  That’s why I’m involved.  We had great conversations Friday.  The two questions I’d ask are: Who is sovereign?  What is the legitimate role of government?  The second paragraph of the Declaration answers both those questions.  Our Creator made us in his image.  We have inalienable rights and the legitimate government protects those.  The moment it steps on those, it’s illegitimate.  We’re fighting for those.  That’s the bottom line, Mike.

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Mike:  I like it.  It’s a great way to look at it and I think historically accurate.  Just to run through the résumé of Dr. Greg Brannon, were you to be elected United States Senator, that would be your first elected office, correct?

Brannon:  Yeah, first time I’ve ever ran for anything.  As you said, first time elected if we do this, yes, sir.

Mike:  You declared your candidacy in what month of this year?

Brannon:  February 27th.

article-v-pamphlet-adMike:  In the State of North Carolina, just walk the folks through.  We have a lot of listeners in North Carolina.  By the bye, Dr. Brannon will be at the Nullify Now conference in Raleigh that I will be the MC of, and will have the great distinction of introducing, I’m sure, as a speaker Dr. Brannon and my good friend the great Thomas Woods for the Saturday evening speech on nullification.  Look for Dr. Brannon and myself to be appearing in Raleigh together, I believe, in October.  Walk the folks through how the political process in North Carolina is going to work.  When do we have a primary?  Do you have to have a majority to get through it?  Is there a runoff?  Just a brief primer if you would.

Brannon:  It’s May 6th of next year.  I need 40 percent plus one to be a runoff.  I’m running against, the speaker of the house is running.  We’re going to make this into a very clear distinction between a Senator Lee, a Senator Cruz, Senator Paul versus a true establishment type.  We will make that case very clearly.  This is what happens right now.  If we do this correctly, we’re tying together the Paul liberty people, the Tea Party people, the Reagan conservatives, the Evangelicals, the Catholics.  We’re looking for people where we’re going to build a coalition.  We’re not going to be running against anything, per se.  It will be by showing who we are.  We’re going to prove that we’re an oath keeper.  That’s the key to this whole thing.  These men and women run for office, they swear to uphold the Constitution, and they’ve never read the six pages, let alone all the documents that support it.  That is very scary.  It’s like a pilot who wants to fly but has never flown a plane.  What’s worse than being ignorant of the literature is the arrogance, thinking they know more than Madison and Jefferson.  We’re going to show that we can actually articulate Madison and Jefferson much more superior to say Boehner and Cantor.  We’re going to show that pretty clearly.

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Mike:  Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for United States Senate in the great State of North Carolina is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  If you’re a North Carolinian or just interested in Dr. Brannon’s candidacy, go to  He’s also on Facebook.  Let’s talk about something that’s near and dear to our hearts, which is the Constitution.  I was impressed to learn from you, effusively, and you were very excited to tell me, that you had actually read the debates over the struggle for ratification in the State of North Carolina.  I like to cite Virginia often.  Some constitutional fireworks and also some of the promises that were made by those that wanted ratification were made in North Carolina.  I’ll just let you run with that question because you know a lot more about North Carolina than I do.  Tell the folks a little bit about your thoughts on that ratification process and then on North Carolina as a whole and where you are right now in accordance with or in violation of the Constitution, and the way it was sold to North Carolina to be ratified.

Brannon:  First off, it’s all your fault, Mike, because you, Thomas Woods, Professor Gutzman, Brion McClanahan, when you start reading these people, you have to go: Either they’re correct or everything I’ve been propagandized is true.  When you look at the truth, it sets you free, Mike.  When I prepared to be a surgeon, I studied for 14 years after high school.  I went back and read the convention notes of Philadelphia.  I read all the 13, but the key ones were Virginia and North Carolina, which had two conventions.  The Hillsborough convention was my favorite because that’s where you had James Iredell, who eventually became one of the first Supreme Court justices, and you had Samuel Johnston, our governor at the time, who wanted the Constitution, and they had to answer clause by clause, by men like Mr. Persons and Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Bloodworth, every clause and they went through it.  Today’s Supremacy Clause, today’s General Welfare Clause is nothing like what all our states said it was going to be.  In fact, North Carolina voted no the first time and a year and a half later said yes based upon two things.  Washington was president.  A man who had turned down king was the president.  And Madison got the Bill of Rights.  That allowed us to join.

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1You’ve got to know what the contract means.  More importantly, as you know, it’s the intent of the maker.  What did they mean?  What did they think they were signing?  That’s what Madison talked about. There’s no way in the world our sovereign state, as you taught me meaning a country in the 18th century, our country was given away, our sovereignty delegated by the individual, to another government to enslave us.  It’s only allowed 18 functions in Article I, Section 8.  That’s why it’s so frustrating — when I read Obamacare the first time, HR 3200, and I went through, I went: Where is that in Article I, Section 8?  These guys just try to use their semantics to get these laws passed and then they enslave themselves.  We talked about, clearly the Ninth Amendment protects the individual and the Tenth protects the state.  Mike, it’s just freeing knowing the rule of law and knowing that’s not what we signed up for.  Now we need men and women to stand up and say: No more.

Mike:  There will be a primary on May the 6th, so you North Carolinians will have plenty of time to hear Dr. Brannon speak.  One more question and then we’ll wrap this up.  What do you say to the people of North Carolina that the candidacy or the advent of Senator Brannon, what do you say to someone who says [mocking] “Why should I take you over the establishment guy?  That guy’s gonna know Boehner.  He’s gonna go along to get along and bring a lot of bacon back home to my state.  You’re talking about obeying this archaic document.”  What do you say to the people that will question you on you devotion to ratified intent?  How do you win them over to your point of view?

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Brannon:  A lot of them are going to start to open their eyes.  My job as an ambassador from our sovereign state to the federal government will be to make sure the federal government does their function, no more, no less.  Turning back as a sovereign state, now it’s your opportunity to get rid of Common Core, your opportunity to get rid of Obamacare.  You have the power to say no to these things.  If you want to hire me to be an ambassador to bring home the bacon, do not elect me.  My job is to keep the whole pig.  We’re going to make sure we articulate that message over and over again.  It is the battle of the individual over the collective.  We’re the first and only republic based upon the individual over the collective.  It may not be that way at this point because men and women have walked away from it, but we know what the original intent was.  I believe that flame of liberty is going to get brighter and brighter and the darker that progressive state is getting.  There’s an Orwell quote I like to talk about.  He talks about in the ultimate days of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  I’m asking people to join us and be revolutionaries like our founders.  Liberty is key and it is an inalienable right and we have to fight for it.

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Mike:  Very well said, my friend.  Dr. Greg Brannon at, State of North Carolina candidate for the United States Senate, I think you’re going to be a wonderful candidate.  I can’t wait to hear a debate.  I can’t wait to hear you debate.  I’m serious about that.  Andrew, maybe we should go make a special event in North Carolina and moderate a debate.  There are at least three others that I saw that are seeking the same nomination.  From what I just heard from you, Dr. Brannon, it sounds to me like it could be one heck of a debate session.  I look forward to it and I know you do, too.  We’ll stay in touch.  See you in October and Godspeed, my friend.

Brannon:  Thank you very much.  Mike, I’m glad you’re my friend now.  Thank you so much.  It’s an honor.

Mike:  We’ll talk to you soon.  That’s Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for U.S. Senate.

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