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Is Ron Paul Wrong Occassionally? Yes



Obama VS Reagan: A Voice in True Liberty

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Clay in Michigan next, Mike Church Show, Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  Hello, Clay.

Clay:  I think that theres a lot of people that we should probably take out.  But even so, you know, on the same tone, its like, you know, behind or you take down one Satan, and theres seven Satans ready to stand up and take their place.  So its, you know, when does it end, you know what I mean?  But I do agree with him.  But, you know, some of his supporters are, I mean, you have to admit are a little Obama-esque in their, you know, blind faith support, in their…

Mike:  Theyre cultish.

Clay:  Exactly.  Exactly.  And…

Mike:  Now, you cant…

Clay:  And that kind of detracts me because I dont want to be, you know, when I say that I agree with Ron Paul on a lot of things, which I do, I also at the same time dont want to be…

Mike:   You dont want to be affiliated.

Clay:  …lumped in with exactly.  Exactly.

Mike:  You dont want to be affiliated.  Well, I understand.  I have the same trepidation from time to time.  But I try to frame the discussion of this and of the particular topic that you bring up, I prefer to frame it  and I get an awful lot of mail and comments about this.  So I prefer to frame it, even though some of you do not accept my explanation of this and think that Im only making it up so you can cover your butt and not have to atone for your jingoism, Mike.

I prefer to think of it as this:  When Congressman Paul says something that, I believe, that contravenes republicanism; contravenes good, sound government as the Founders would have practiced it; and contravenes his role as a President or a member of Congress under the U.S. Constitution, then I would jump on the bandwagon, and I would point it out and say, well, no, I think hes wrong on this, hes got it wrong.


Clay:  Sure, yeah.

Mike:  There have only been two instances where I actually thought that, well, I do not necessarily agree with that.  And in hindsight, and maybe he doesnt do a good enough job of explaining this, but in hindsight I think he could have explained.  But if he would have explained to Steve Hayes, look, I had a bill in November of 2001, I filed it again in 2005, and I filed it again in 2007 I believe, he filed it three times and it was the Marque and Reprisal Act against al Qaeda, which is a part of the Constitutions mechanism of getting rid of individual bad guys and punishing piracies and felonies on the high seas.  I think it applies here on land.  But how do you explain Letters of Marque and Reprisal to people that are used to just fielding armies of millions and sending them on flotillas or giant planes over to a strange land to go bomb people?  Who in the hell even knows what a Letter of Marque and Reprisal basically Congress ordering a hit is what it is.

Clay:  Right.

Mike:  To put it in Mafia terms.

Clay:  Sure.

Mike:  Even if he would have explained that, it would have flown right over the head of most people.  Well, Ive never heard thats silly, thats stupid, just go over there and take him out.  So I think that some of it is just, historically speaking, we are so unable to process some of this because we dont know our history, and we certainly dont know our Constitution, that it wouldnt matter if he explained it.  And the way I heard it explained is that, look, there was an authorization to do this in 2001, and that bin Laden was part of that authorization, and that Obama actually was executing a part of that 2001 authorization to use military force or to bring bin Laden in dead or alive.  I think Pauls…

Clay:  Sure.

Mike:  I think Ron Pauls, I think Rons insistence that we could have worked with the Pakistanis, if you would have done that, and I understand what hes saying, and if you would have called Pakistani intelligence, okay, look, guys, we know where he is.  We know youre holding him there.  Were watching you right now.  Either you go in there and help us take him alive, or were going to come in, and were going to do it ourselves.  You know, you may have opened yourself up to Obama blundering, like Bush did or whoever, at Tora Bora and bin Laden getting away.

So, you know, Kevin Gutzman was on this show, and he said, look, I think Pauls wrong.  I think Obama acted constitutionally.  And I think that the authority was there.  Whats the problem?  And I tend to agree with Professor Gutzman on this.  So I think Congressman Paul is actually wrong on that.  Now, I can respect his explanation.

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Clay:  Sure, yeah.

Mike:  And I dont think its a deal breaker.  Its not a deal breaker to me.

Clay:  No, no.

Mike:  And you dont know, sitting in that office when the call comes, Look, Mr. President, President Paul, we cant tell the Pakistanis.  If we do, then this is going to happen.  Well, then youre going to have a situation where many of these cultists, as you describe, that are Paul supporters are going to do to him what the lefties that supported Obama do to Obama.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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