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Lies Like Us – The NSA Isn’t A Work of Fiction It’s A Work of Deception

todayDecember 18, 2013

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RARE: The Spirit of '76 Xth Printing Limited Edition of 76 copies
RARE: The Spirit of ’76 Xth Printing Limited Edition of 76 copies. Less than 6 copies remain for Christmas sales!

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of NSA lies and why they might matter this time and the latest [r]epublican response to being asked to leave party politics. Read along with my historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.“This is stand-pattism… It makes Progress the goal of all rational persons.  It imposes a liberal vision of social dynamism (or “creative destruction”) on all political actors, thereby eviscerating the very vocabulary of tradition in favor of a set of mental habits assuming maximization of liberal goods as the only sane, or at least decent, choice for all persons. – Bruce Frohnen, Reagan’s “Conservatism” wasn’t enough

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Oh rara avis de lex! Federal Judge actually rules on a Federal Case and a Bill of Rights case, properly applied, to a Federal Agency over challenges to the NSA’s mass data collection scheme.

Amy Davidson makes a lot of sense dissecting Judge Leon’s decision against the NSA and why this time it might go differently for the government, read against the Feds

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Washington Irving was a writer without equal, who felt compelled to biography his namesake. This “Student Edition” of his 5 volume bio of Washington is just thrilling to read.

Paoul Anderson’s tale of time travel is an insightful reminder that our ancestors were as smart if not smarter than we are and in complete control of their technology

There’s no better long form reading project than getting familiar with John Taylor of Caroline’s “Tyranny Unmasked” quite possibly the best tract ever written on the subject of what he called “protection” but what we call “corporatism”

What did the English think of the North’s ridiculous claims that the Confederate States 1. Could not secede 2.Were never sovereign & Independent and 3. Were justified in their defense of themselves? Read all about it, start on p. 650

H.L. Mencken is worth reading on many topics but especially on Gettsyburg, you will find his entire critique of Lincoln’s “Gospel” beginning on page 173

The biography of Albert Gallatin is worth knowing and this “American Statesman” book on him is a good start

John Taylor of Caroline was the most influential [r]epublican voice of his day and his work remains as  necessary reading. This essay by the great Joseph Stromberg, first published in 1982, explains Taylor’s [r]epublicanism and libertarian thought, unlike any other American of his time

S.J. Quinn’s The History of Fredericksburg, VA is a most thrilling historical walk through 18th & 19th century American history &b includes episodes from 1776, 1798 and 1861

One of the most accomplished yet little know Founder AND Christian Gentlemen was John Randolph of Roanoke, I am researching him for reference and for a good volume on his life to republish, this one is rare and good


Brave, New, Manly world. Members of Gal-Queda had better learn to start appreciating men because real-men actually build the buildings and roads that Gal Queda use to claim their superiority and when this civilization fails (and it will) angry, ugly women will be in search of men to provide and protect again. Can I get a grunt for.. “The earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal. After the next inevitable apocalypse, men will be desperately needed again!”

“Team Edward”? Tom Coburn lists the endowment from your pocket to promote the enactors website that “explores the origins of love”. Ummm, that would mean you have founded a seminary for Catholic priests, Edward?

Page 42 from the autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band "Anthology"

Recall that I have been warning you of the impending purge of all things “conservative” from the GOP in favor of the micro-managed, big military, big spy and big corporatist State? Look who is forming a PAC to promote those candidates while accusing Senator Rand Paul of  “I want to create a presence for those like myself who feel Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are out of touch with the American people”

Patrick J Buchanan: Is Vladimir Putin a PaleoCon? Buchanan says Vlad is more right about defending traditional values than the West AND he wonders, after Vlad quotes one of Russell Kirk’s acceptable communists, just WHO is writing Putin’s speeches?

Glenn Greenwald sounds positively [r]epublican and maybe even a bit KingDude’y (or maybe I have that backwards) when asked why it is not ok for the government to spy on you but it can be ok for google to do it

In search of reactionary radicals. Bill Kaufmann’s 2006 book offers us a way forward that ha soothing to do with repairing Mordor as it is irreparable“Russell Kirk liked to quote Eric Voegelin’s remark that the “great line of demarcation in modern politics…is not a division between liberals on one side and totalitarians on the other.”

Kinks in Mordor’s armor: Senator Mark Udall exalts federal judge ruling against NSA and promotes bi-partisan reform plan that is also a bi-cameral effort. Are the spooks, spooked yet?

Incorporationistas celebrate! Federal judge rules that Utah’s Bigamy law violates the 1st Amendment because it infringes the bigamists’s religion. Now the Utah freedom of religion amendment may be at issuer here but not the 1st via the 14th

Still McCAin is still wrong on too many foreign policy debates after all these years, this time posing with Ukrainian terrorist Oleh Tyahnybok

FDA announces new Federal war against anti-bacterial soap makers, seizing the power to make sure we’re all protected from soap fraudsters. In the biggest blow to reasonFDA claims that these soaps must prove that they’re better than soap and water. OK, WHICH soap? Mixed with WHAT water? From Where? At what ratio of liquid to solid? Maybe the FDA should just forbid us to go outside until we can be escorted by a bureaucrat “guardian federale” Please also explain when Congress granted the agency to conceive of a product to harass then write it’s own regulations to harass it?

DeceptiCONNED: Paul D. Ryan, co-author of Ryan/Murray  which may as well be Martin/Lewis (as in Deano) claims that “We still have a Pentagon beget that is not where it needs to be.” So Ryan is of that number that believes the U.S.  spending 43% of the known universe’s military spending is inadequate to the task of “defense”

Mish: Meanwhile a “data artist” has compiled a visual image of what the Empire’s base footprint looks like from space. Again, folks, if the Krull were actually planning an invasion, their first mission would be to take out the United States and eliminate half the planet’s defenses. When will the public begin to demand they stop being taxed and indebted for what amounts to the biggest State sponsored display of hubris in the history of Earth?

DeceptiCONNED II: Mitch McConnell tells MIC member company that if they don’t pony up the $$$ to defend guys like him in re-election & some non-interventionist kook [emphasis mine] defeats him then Mordor will lose interest in spending trillions on “robust national security”

The early reviews on the Hobbit are: Why? Why stretch out one long, exciting epic (h/t Peter O’Toole & Lawrence of arabia) to make 3 movies to fill the pockets of greedy filmmakers who could give three Hail Marys about Tolkkein’s works

Nomocracy in Politics:

More complaining about Obama shaking communist Raoul Castro’s hand at the funeral for communist Nelson Mandela, attended by tens of thousands of communists aka the ANC & it’s party members

LATIN PHRASE OF THE DAY: De mortuis nihil nisi bonum – Of the dead nothing unless good

FINALLY someone has asked the most pertinent question of the millennia, one sure to heal our divides and chart a new course for millions toward erudition: Were Jesus & Santa white guys!? Why, “yes” chimes in Megyn Kelly

Brion McClanahan: Thomas Paine and his “Crisis” breathed life into Washington’s near dead campaign for the “Glorious Cause” in December, 17776

Order Mike's "Founding of America" Trilogy, 3 CD sets featuring over 9 hours of family friendly entertainment
Order Mike’s “Founding of America” Trilogy, 3 CD sets featuring over 9 hours of family friendly entertainment

Columnist: Sorry, Libertarians, inequality DOES matter. This guy should read Dr. Walter Block’s “The case For Discrimination” and begin a journey to understanding that inequality in the human world does not matter as long as we’re all equal before God. Our attempts to “fix” inequality attempt to elevate our “genius” to God’s level, an arrogant and sinful activity that produces the current “equality state” the same people rail against.

RELATED: Anthony Gregory-When Libertarians Rule The Earth

Mike Rowe, he of Dirty Jobs fame, warns yet again about asking young people to borrow money to get college degrees for jobs that will never exist

The Christmas edition of the American History Quiz from our friends at Franklin’s Opus

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School is no more as FL county boots the Confederate General and opponent of Union subjugation. The board claims that students led the movement including getting a petition going to demand the change and of course, we always let students control their environments formerly controlled by adults

One man who took Obama and the NSA to court and actually won proves it can be done, but what happens next?

TIC: Take this quiz to discover whether or not you are an imaginative conservative or not (warning, high brow, intellectual required)


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