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#MAGA Doesn’t Need A Wall – It Needs More Venerating Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Mike Church Show

How Pridebook Makes Incest Porn Possible – A video of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, fornicating with her step-brother is being downloaded and viewed hundreds of thousands of times only it is NOT Gadot and is NOT her step-brother. It is a sick, incest porn video that has been doctored with new facial recognition software (WARNING-this link is NSFW!!) to project Gadot and her brother’s face onto the mortally sinful porn actors. The implications of using this technology aren’t hard to figure out and as Rod Dreher points out, how hard would it be for the depraved our culture mints buy the millions to grab pics of your kids and project them onto child-porn? Technology’s ascendancy as the salvation of the human race just got well deserved egg on its face, I pray there’s much more to come.

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