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The Porn Industry Got Kneecapped By Net Neutrality – Donald Trump Is “No Tricky Dick” – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA –  The Porn Industry Got Kneecapped By Net Neutrality – If the makers of videotapes could have gotten their tapes for FREE, why, we’d still be enjoying betamax movies! Porn pimps cry foul that their “free” internet is going the way of female modesty before yoga pants. Strange thing though, I never heard home theater merchants whine about having to buy the VHS tapes and boxes their products went […]

todayDecember 15, 2017


You’ve a Proper Name for a Church? – Why yes I Do – The Mike Church Show

In Defense Of Churches Named For Night Clubs (You read that right) – It must be a sign of the times when writers can find honest work publishing stories that defend the naming of “churches” by “marketing consultants” even if the name suggested sounds like a “night club”. Folkds, you just can’t make this stuff up. The author ends his “critique” of the First Relevant Church of Spa by slandering […]

todayDecember 14, 2017


#MAGA Doesn’t Need A Wall – It Needs More Venerating Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Mike Church Show

How Pridebook Makes Incest Porn Possible – A video of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, fornicating with her step-brother is being downloaded and viewed hundreds of thousands of times only it is NOT Gadot and is NOT her step-brother. It is a sick, incest porn video that has been doctored with new facial recognition software (WARNING-this link is NSFW!!) to project Gadot and her brother’s face onto the mortally sinful porn […]

todayDecember 12, 2017


The Gaystapo Claims A “Homophobe” Trophy, A Woman’s Life – Pat-a-Cake, TransBaker’s Man, I mean It! – The Mike Church Show

he Judegement Pornosphere™ Actually Claims A Porno “Star” – August Ames is dead. Hopegully, like me, you don’t know who August Ames is but that doesn’t mean her story and now her suicide aren’t worth learning a bit about. When Ames refused to do a porn shoot with a man who had recently performed sodomy, on-camera, she was shamed by the GayStappo lynch mob as a “homophobe”. But the shaming then turned […]

todayDecember 11, 2017


Hail Full of Grace! Feast of The Immaculate Conception – Brother Andre Marie & Mike Church – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA – “Joachim and Anne were the parents of Mary. Joachim kept as strict a watch over his thoughts as a shepherd over his flock, having them entirely under his control. For the Lord God led him as a sheep, and he wanted for none of the best things. When I say best, let no one think I mean what is commonly acceptable to the multitude, that upon which […]

todayDecember 8, 2017 1


Time Makes Alphanumeric Combo #MeToo “Person Of The Year”, The Asteroid Cometh – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA – Time Proclaims The #MeToo As “Person of The Year” Giving The Revolt Against Nature An Award – I have been asking the question lately: of all the women claiming abuse and using the #MeToo what were they doing when they were being #MeToo’d? Now Time Magazine comes along and proclaims the nebulous group and their alphanumeric symbol as “Person of The Year”; the transgenderMammy™ homage to a world gone stark raving […]

todayDecember 7, 2017


Will We Have A Supreme God Or Supreme Sodomy? – This Is ‘Muricah, You Will Go Sodomite – The Mike Church Show: Podcast

Mandeville, LA – This Is ‘Muricah, You Will Go Sodomite, Bake Our Cake And like It – “The un-baked wedding cake heard round the world” is one ‘Murican revolutionary way to describe the fiasco that just made it to the SCOTUS. Arguments were made yesterday in the case of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Bake Shop vs Charlie Craig and David Mullins. Craig and Mullins had enlisted Craig’s mother to accompany them […]

todayDecember 6, 2017 1


Contraception Kills – Science backs up God’s justified anger – The Mike Church Show

The “Contraception Kills Diaries”, Episode 7,726 –  The evidence continues to mount that contraception is the handmaiden to abortion and is as deadly as abortion too. In contracepting human life, we make the conscious decision to defy God’s will and His plan for us, an act against nature. Just like any other act against nature e.g. sodomy, the consequences are grave. Put another way, if you tell God to go pound […]

todayDecember 5, 2017


The CRUSADE To Keep The CRUSADE Channel Going Just Got Real: iHeart Radio Is About To Fold – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE To Keep The CRUSADE Channel Going Just Got Real: iHeart Radio Is About To Fold – I have been telling people this for a few years now that the destruction of the radio industry began in earnest in 1994 when the TeleComm Act signed by Bill Clinton made radio nothing more than a commodity for money lusting manipulators to exploit for billions then discard its corpse. That […]

todayDecember 1, 2017