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Media Claims Jan Brewers E.O is “Controversial” Giving a Pass to the E.O. From Dear Leader That Prompted It

todayAugust 16, 2012

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From today’s  show discussion that I call “Libertarians rule the Earth while Paleo/TradCONS rule prison camps”  (I was on the Paleo side) here is Russell Kirk’s essay “Chirping Sectaries” detailing why Conservatives will never be Libertarians – Libertarians_chirping_sectaries_Russell_Kirk

Was the world improved by free discussion of the Nazis’ thesis that Jews ought to be treated as less than human? – Russell Kirk

Judge Napolitano: What an unenviable position conservative & libertarian voters are in this November

Well so much for Wisconsin as the “conservative bellwether state” as Lobbyist and Gingrich clone Tommy Thompson wins GOP Senate primary

EPIC FAIL: The Air Force “scram jet” fails to ignite and plummets into the ocean as Leviathan “sinks” unknown hundreds of millions in military toys

Obama’s latest amendment to the US Constitution the MiniMe DREAM/Amnesty Act goes into effect and draws MILLIONS of illegals to signup stations to “get legal”

The final DeceptiCON Frontier: War for fun & profit on Network TV? You betcha and it stars Todd Palin

Veterans are not happy with our infatuation with war and the televising of it like its “Surviving Sgt Chef Ramsey”

Pat Buchanan: Romney defines the election with Ryan choice

Rap “mogul” Russell Simmons thinks what vice President Chain Gang said “was just fine by me” apparently missing the whole civil rights era and the Mt Everest of laws enacted to enforce it

People who DO NOT vote love Obama

CBS News claims: Governor Brewer stirs new controvery with Executive Order. Ummm, what about the controversy BEGUN by Dear Leader Obama’s Executive Order!?

Shouldda stuck with Ron Paul: “Young voters” are not “flocking to” Ryan Romney as DeceptiCONS claim – Rasmussen Reports confirms

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Written by: TheKingDude

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