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Mike Church Preview: The Gay Marriage Mafia Must Be Stopped By Us, Gentlemen

Antichrist-De-ControversiisMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I took it upon myself to go look up what these studies [on homosexuality] he was talking about.  It’s a Yale University study.  I read through the whole thing.  I sat there thinking: Anyone with an eighth grade biology class could know how foolish this is.”  Check out today’s transcript and FREE, CRUSADE Channel-Veritas Radio Network Audio preview for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is Jason in Texas, next up on the Mike Church Show on the Crusade Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network.  Hello, Jason, how you doing?

Caller Jason:  Good morning, Mike.  I just wanted to call in.  I meant to call a couple weeks ago and work got in the way.  On the topic of the pushing of homosexual marriage and all that, in the schools.  I recently had a conversation with a homosexual and told him my beliefs.  I believe it’s a sin to engage in what you’re doing.  That doesn’t affect that I love you or hate you, but I don’t approve of what you do.  They were adamant that there’s so much homosexual activity in the animal world.

Mike:  Baloney, baloney.  It’s not natural.

Caller Jason:  I agree.

Mike:  You have to reject the natural order and not everyone can program their brain or have their brain operate to reject the natural order.  If you can reject that natural order,

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I’m going to tell you what else you can do.  You can you know what out of your rear end and then stick your hand in it and do you know what with it.  That’s part of the natural order.  It’s natural to do that away from where you live.  Even dogs know this.  That’s baloney.  It’s not natural and it’s not rampant.  They’re liars.  You know what this – this is relativism.  [mocking] “Well, everyone else is doing it.”  Well, everyone was doing it in Sodom, too, and Gomorrah.  How’d that work out for them?

Caller Jason:  I took it upon myself to go look up what these studies he was talking about.  It’s a Yale University study.  I read through the whole thing.  I sat there thinking: Anyone with an eighth grade biology class could know how foolish this is.

Mike:  I guarantee you that the sample was cooked.  I guarantee you that whatever they studied, that they cooked the sample.  I’ll wager you that’s probably what you discovered when you read it.

Caller Jason:  What I discovered was all they were talking about was mating rituals where the male shows dominance to win the right to breed with a female.  That’s all they were showing.  They were calling it homosexuality.  It was just crazy.  It was absolutely crazy.

Mike:  I don’t know if you’re a Catholic or not, and it doesn’t matter, but I would encourage anyone that wants a treatise on the sinfulness of homosexuality, you can find this at  Search for St. Peter Damian Letter 31.  You will not be five pages into Letter 31 and you’re going to go print that thing out and find the homosexual, the gay person that you love, and you’re going to print it and bind it in leather and say: Read this.  They won’t be five pages in before they realize the horror of the sin that they are committing.  We need to be careful here, though, Jason.  This is where I differ from many people that talk about this and that demonize and vilify the homosexual.  As you said, yes, I still love you.  I have to.  I am duty bound to.  If we’re going to imitate Christ, then we must love our gay friends, yes, even while they are dealing with their homosexuality.  But in the same manner, in the exact same manner and using the exact same moral code, we also have to not accept and not give legitimacy to the slut.  Don’t give legitimacy to the not-married young couple that’s shacking up.

Caller Jason:  I agree.

Mike:  Don’t give legitimacy to anything that is premarital, whether it’s homo or hetero.  If you watch – I’m going to say this to the men out there, because I know most women don’t watch porn.  If you view pornography, you are participating – it is what is known as remote occasion of sin.  You are participating, you are granting it your imprimatur by helping to fund it.  I will confess, I was mildly addicted to that stuff once upon a time, which it will do to you.  The demon will take you over –

Caller Jason:  It will do that, Mike.  I grew up Catholic.  When I left school, I ran as far as I could from it.  I will say, thanks to you, I’ve been coming back around.

Mike:  Not thanks to me.  I didn’t have anything to do with it.  You can thank the Holy Ghost.  You have to – it is a certain grace that you have to pray for and you have to ask God to give you, because he won’t just give it to you, that will help you purge that completely.  There’s nothing in between.  There’s no: I kind of watch it still.  No, no, you’ve got to avoid it, avoid it, avoid it.  It’ll screw your mind up.  Men that are watching porn are not real men and it messes with your – gentlemen, I’m talking to you.  It messes with your mind.  It will so distort your view of the world.  It will so distort your view of your own kids.  If you’ve got daughters, how can you do that?  If you have daughters, think about what you’re doing.  That could be your daughter or your son that you’re watching.  It’s not funny.  It’s not cool.  There are reasons why there are laws against it.  Remember, the Supreme Court had to strike laws down, [mocking] “It’s free speech.”  No, it’s not.  That’s back in the 1960s.

Caller Jason:  I agree.

Mike:  You’ve got to steer clear of that.

Caller Jason:  [unintelligible] before me, I have taken your advice and walked away from working for the man and started my own business also.  I will become a Founders Member.  I’ve already boughten all your CDs and videos.[/private]

Life_of_Washington_on_black_for_emailMike:  What are you doing?

Caller Jason:  I started a home repair business.

Mike:  You see, that’s a skill.  You say home repair business, you’re like a jack of all trades?  You can do everything?

Caller Jason:  A little of everything, yes, sir.

Mike:  I have friends that that’s what they do.  I have a friend that’s been doing that with his dad since 1996.  That’s 20 years.  He only worked for the man for about a decade.  His dad was telling him: You need to come to the family business, son.  He finally did.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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