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The Demons Have Learned Sex Trafficking of Kids & They’re Good At It!

The Demons Have Come For The Children & They're Winning Using Sex Trafficking John Whitehead has a must read essay at The Rutherford Institute, The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America. I spent over 90 minutes on this topic on yesterday's Mike Church Show (listen to this episode now, its FREE!) because it may be the most important issue facing American families...ever. For 3 […]

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Episode 352 – Pervasive Pornography

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Here’s a headline from Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic, Porn Star James Deen’s Crisis of Confidence.  This guy is loved by – you people that are parents, you need to listen to this.  This James Deen character is loved by teenage girls.  It’s teenage girls who have an infatuation with James Deen.  They even set up what are called Tumblr accounts to share James […]

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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Your Prayers Are Helping In The Fight Against Porn – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 547. HEADLINE: "Kansas City Royals Training Players About the Dangers of Pornography" by Warner Todd Hutson • This takes courage. • Women you should be out there praying for these men and doing everything you can to help these men. • Porn is a terrible thing and it is so hard to come back from. • A disease of the […]

todayMarch 15, 2018

Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Is Marriage Just About Sex? Yes, Says Porn – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 532. HEADLINE: Fighting Porn: The Reviving Cause Social Conservatism Needs by Michael Warren Davis • Porn eliminates the need for marriage, after all marriage is all about sex anyway right?! • It objectifies our daughters, mothers, sisters and our neighbors. • How can someone that is a rabid consumer of porn look at a beautiful woman and NOT think of […]

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Pile Of Prep

Friday Prep-“Conservatives”Join The KingDude In CRUSADE To Ban Porn

Mandeville, LA - Today's Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel. 2017 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don't cost nuthin'). Sapientia et Veritas - There is, however, a further question that arises from Zeus’ defence of himself. If he is so powerful, why does […]

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The Cult Transgender

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "We've never approached the subject from this point of view.  We have approached the lack of virtue in Western civilization today, and that most men, and certainly almost all young men, sans the ones you and I know, they do look at girls the way they are sensitized through soft-core porn which is 24/7 on the internet, soft-core porn which is 24/7 on television […]

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Mike Church Preview: The Gay Marriage Mafia Must Be Stopped By Us, Gentlemen

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "I took it upon myself to go look up what these studies [on homosexuality] he was talking about.  It’s a Yale University study.  I read through the whole thing.  I sat there thinking: Anyone with an eighth grade biology class could know how foolish this is."  Check out today’s transcript and FREE, CRUSADE Channel-Veritas Radio Network Audio preview for the rest…. Begin Mike Church […]

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Playboy Bails On The Porn They Began

Score = Sodom & Gomorrah 2137974, Modesty 0 Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Here’s the headline, “Playboy to Drop Nudity as Internet Fills Demand.”  Playboy Magazine is no longer going to feature photographs of naked women inside.  That is huge.  Ask me, Martin: Mike, why is that huge?"  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  This is actually published late Monday evening.  Here’s […]

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Humiliation Is Beyond Americans

Christ Was Humiliated FOR Americans Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Isn’t it amazing that with all the flaunting and near display of private parts, near display of the bosom, the décolletage of women these days, with all this display of the sexual parts of the body that we are inundated with as a civilization these days, you’d think the birthrate would be through the roof.  You’d think that people would […]

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