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Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day-Archive I Jan 1-Nov 5, 2014

Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day-2014 archive

Times_That_Try_Mens_Souls_3_quarter_viewMandeville, LA  – Mike Church ‘s Collection of his “[r]epublican Thoughts of The Day”. Culled from his continuing study of the Founding Fathers. Please comment here, share this page with friends & family and refresh the page daily for the latest. Why the term [r]epublican? Well, Thomas Jefferson explained this in a letter to John Taylor of Caroline County in 1816. “Were I to assign to this term a precise and definite idea, I would say, purely and simply, it means a government by its citizens in mass, acting directly and personally, according to rules established by the majority; and that every other government is more or less republican, in proportion as it has in its composition more or less of this ingredient of the direct action of the citizens. Such a government is evidently restrained to very narrow limits of space and population. I doubt if it would be practicable beyond the extent of a New England township.” – Thomas Jefferson

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05 November, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day –  All hail gal-queda and artificial equality. Twenty years ago, when Newt Gingrich and his GOP “Contractors” stormed into control of the Congress the  media reacted with horror at what they called “Angry White Men”. Today, the same event has occurred but with nearly all women social-engineered out of the home and into the rat race our media overlords tell us a “wave of anger” was to blame. You see a wave is androgynous and offends everyone equally. It’s a convenient gimmick to cast attention away from what “the wave’s” progeny cannot and will not attempt a repair of: A moral culture & citizenry worthy of another attempt at Christian [r]epublicanism.

29 September, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Note to Libertarians: STOP righteously quoting the U.S. Constitution to Local & State cops, you’re making the liberty issue worse. Fast forward to around 03:30 of this video to witness a bad attitude cop at a random road side checkpoint, demand a driver’s license and proof of insurance from the Libertarian driver of the car. What follows is tragic because the young man makes good points but he uses the wrong, not applicable document, the U.S. Constitution when he should be using the Illinois Constitution. Folks, we will NEVER regain any control over liberty laws by playing incorporation Doctrine follies with local cops. (Need to learn more about Incorporation? Read Mike’s “Incorporation for Dummies”). As the cop is yelling about “safe driving” and the “state law” conditions for driving a car in IL the young man is demanding to know if he “is being detained”.  A better defense, citing the IL Constitution would have been: SECTION 6. SEARCHES, SEIZURES, PRIVACY AND INTERCEPTIONS, “No warrant shall issue without probable cause, supported by affidavit particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.” Forcing IL cops to obey the IL Constitution (regardless of outcome) is the correct, smart, Liberty enhancing play here.

24 September, 2014

belushi-electoral-collegeMy [r]epublican Thought of The Dayfrater, fratris – noun. declension: 3rd declension. gender: masculine. Definitions: brother, cousin. Age: In use throughout the ages/unknown. Wesleyan college in CT has just ordered all on-campus FRATERNITIES to admit women as members so that “equity” and “fairness” can rule their campus. Never mind that the term “fraternity” is derived from a conjugation of the Latin word frater meaning “brother”. Why not just order the young men in the fraternities to undergo sex changes and become young women so there won’t be ANY men around to impede the members of gal-quedas quest to end…men? Stories like this make me of the opinion that the only way to avoid future corruptions of language, tradition and Greek orthodoxy is to admonish ALL our kids, mine included, to forego universities of all kind, robbing the student loan lusters moonlighting as social engineers of the funding they don’t earn (save for Kevin Gutzman of course) and fresh corpses for their grand, brain programming experiments. Also, can we now dispense with the obfuscations and just admit that the only young men wanted on most college campae, produce sports revenue, the rest are rarely more than mean, John Blutarski mutations, wasting theirs, ours and their parents resources. Bring back apprenticeships, trade schools and Doctoral pursuits per solo.

typewriter_girl NSA17 September, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The day – Today’s Constitution Day observance is best summed up by remembering that the late Senator Robert Byrd created an unconstitutional. national recognition of the day, prompting today’s guest Professor Kevin Gutzman to remark. “We’re the only country on earth with a Constitution that has an unconstitutional, Constitution Day.” I would add we have the world’s most ballyhooed “Constitution system” with the world’s most menacing “unconstitutional” military and spy apparatus.

Drudge_secular_sacrilege08 September, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Consider: the reverence toward the sanctity of life and the supernatural acts of Our Lord, the “conservative” Drudge Report, slays this forgotten virtue, reverence, twice in one paragraph. I don’t bring this up to attack Matt Drudge, I bring it up because no one else even notices this gutter level moral attitude and most probably forwarded the links to “Christian” friends. If Drudge wants to promote a miracle there is a recent one here and there is a list of Saints here with the miracles each performed which is a requirement of canonization of the Catholic Church. Folks we cannot regain the moral upper hand in the culture war without restoring reverence to Our Lord in all instances, leave the irreverence to the heretic libs (yes, that includes “conservatives” and Republicans) who supply never ending and worsening streams of this bilge. You can say the same thing about reverence to Life and while I get the Drudge attempt at humor, callously calling the gift from God of a second (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc) child “a spare” as in tire.

Jessica-Szohr-FB-05 September, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The Internet Is Evil & It Must Be Punished: I don’t know Green-Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers but I and every other male with a web browser now knows nearly all of his “rumored” girlfriend Jessica Szohr. The Social MediEunuchs will howl and whine that “the prudes” just need to “not look” if they don’t want to see e.g. Ms Szohr nearly naked but that misses the point: A humble, modest civilization respects its fellow citizens pursuit of sanctity. A culture on a mission to deliver its citizenry to their sideline seats at Hades Park, doesn’t.


Inside page of MArilyn Monroe's infamous "centerfold" (she was nude in that pic, taken for a 1948 pinup calendar.
Inside page of MArilyn Monroe’s infamous “centerfold” (she was nude in that pic, taken for a 1948 pinup calendar.

04 September, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – I was told by a caller today “I think ‘Merica ought to be the world’s greatest SUPERPOWER because the world needs our values and economic system and stuff…” This prompted my quick response to this misguided American Exceptionalist, “[c]hris, this Godless country isn’t fit to lead anyone in a ‘values’ crusade. We murder 1.06 million babies per year, run jousting lances through Catholics who refuse to bow before homosexuals wishing to marry and for fun, delight in appearing in public, in stages of undress that would make the introduction of the debut edition of Playboy magazine’s “Sweetheart” (before they were “bunnies” (1953) look like a Betty Crocker ad in Today’s Good Housekeeping.

02 September, 2014

Bitches_love_bacon_husband_and_wifeMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Not satisfied with “Dating Naked” or the latest lust driven campaign for nude-celebrity “selfies”, We TV will debut a new “reality show” called “Sex Box”. Couples having “intimacy problems” will pursue healing by going on the show, sharing their problems with viewers who can only dream of exposing their flawed relationships with people they don’t know, then having sex in The Box, then subjecting themselves to “examination” by “intimacy experts” who will offer advice. What used to be the basis for utter humiliation is now the basis for the vain pursuit of faux amorous, one-upmanship.

“…the conjugal act preserves in its fullness the sense of true mutual love and its ordination towards man’s most high calling to parenthood. We believe that the men of our day are particularly capable of seeing the deeply reasonable and human character of this fundamental principle.” – Humane Vitae by Pope John Paul II, who was spared knowing the creators of “Sex Box” and stars of “Party Down South” would make a mockery of the Holy See’s faith in future husbands

The children of the depraved, Godless generations who cursed us with heir utopian “sexual revolutions” propose to deal with their demon-spawn by broadcasting its failure for their “experts” to sort out. The shocking lack of respect and rejection of modesty, any Gentleman must have for his wife (I am going out on a limb that any of these “contestants” are actually married) tells me this culture is doomed. And I thought the utterly embarrassing spectacle of the modern redneck seen in CMT’s “Party Down South” was bad. BTW, if you doubt the Hades this culture is already bathed in, read the downright demonic wishes directed at Alexandra Cavallo for even questioning “Sex Box” among “artists”.

27 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – “Is it not possible, that our great error has been an imitation of the [English] precedent, by counterpoising power against power, instead of securing to liberty an ascendant over power, whether simple or complex.
What are checks and ballances, but party and faction? If a good form of government too often fails, in making bad men good; a bad form of government will too often succeed in making good men bad. Activity can only be bestowed upon these checks and ballances by the exhibition of a prize. The prize can only consist of public property. This activity is then an Evidence, that a constitution has staked its existence, upon the existence of faction and party, and that it ensures their existence, by purchasing it with public rights and wealth.”

If John Taylor of Caroline County knew this about the Constitution system in 1798-why don’t WE know it now? Here’s an even better question, did Taylor have an answer for the tyranny? He did and his conclusion is not up-lifting. “For I must candidly declare, that I believe the chance is against a hope, that an individual will in a century, again unite the principles, powers, and confidence, adequate to such an undertaking.”

25 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The day – Imagine a nude John Adams taking a poop on his copy of George III’s Proclamation against the colonies while having artists on hand to paint and draw the event so it could be printed in Philadelphia newspapers. That kind of lewd vulgarity would have undermined the genteel and honorable causes Adams would make into his life’s work. What makes Egytptian feminists, channeling their inner “P*^sy Riot”, think their poop fest on an ISIS flag will rally any modern day John Adams’s to their alleged cause? Aliaa Magda Elmahdy’s vile “protest” is another in a long line of what should be described as Elmahdy’s fetish to be photographed naked, in public. Women have certainly made a lot of progress since Susan B Anthony but thanks to filmed abortions and now, public bowel moves, becoming classier and more elegant is not among them. (note: I will not link to Elmahdy’s photo but I’m sure you can find it if I spelled her name correctly).

21 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – “Real Men Fight Satan” is a t-shirt you’ll never see on MTV, ESPN, Bravo or The Food Network and that got me to thinking, seeing as how Americans can be motivated by any fad that promises a few laughs and some Facebook/Twitter action,  how many #icebucketchallenge revelers would “donate” to a Charity aimed at “finding a cure for EVIL”? (there actually IS one) Imagine receiving an invite from friends to “Take the Holy Water challenge” and consent to be filmed dumping a bucket of Holy Water on One’s head and pledging to do all the Manly things needed to “stamp out” evil. Or how about this for a REAL challenge (degree of difficulty 9.3), I challenge________________ to DUMP a set of Dress Clothes on every Sunday morning at 09:30 a.m. (you can figure out what to do next). It is nice to see the emergence of the much ballyhooed charitable spirit. Is there anything more charitable than helping ALL Americans achieve a peaceful immortality?

19 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Some listeners, site followers cannot believe that I am not “all in” against “the (Ferguson, MO) mob” (one emailer informed me the protestors in Ferguson are “lower than animals”). I am also, certainly, not “all-in” against the police (police officers CERTAINLY have legitimate, dangerous roles to play in our society) and have never taken a position on the National Guard’s presence because that is a political question for another topic. Let me try and further explain my thoughts on a few items that many have voiced their displeasure over.

I have answered to “conservatives”for most of my career assuming they were “always right because they weren’t evil, Libs”, the same due-diligent study that separated me from those beliefs is now creating another separation though I pray it doesn’t. This included blindly cheering, among other things, foreign interventions, both invasions of Iraq, torture, rendition, wire-tapping of American citizens and the rise of drug war inspired, warrior cops. I am through with that sinful, lethal, ill-informed devotion and pray for forgiveness everyday. However, I do answer to a “conservative”; a Force I like to call The Conservator of the Universe and all It is: God & His Holy Trinity. As Tolkkein imparted through his fiction, there is no greater conservative because qui omnia facta sunt.

Through his Saints, we have a very clear idea of what kind of violence and war we are to pursue and when, in order to please Him. If one’s faith in Him and resolve to pursue the sanctifying Grace needed to get to Heaven is reverent then the fear of what men may say or do to one for following this course is replaced by a reverence and love for what His heavenly rewards are; in other words, some of these paths are not up for debate or my interpretation. One priest I am fond of puts it this way “I am in sales not management.”  This is where humility, that most precious and vigorous of virtues comes in. Our Lord told us in a parable to inspire humility in us all: “I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” I have also heard it stated from a Saint, “…humility is knowing your place.” My place is not in questioning Augustine, Aquinas, the Church canon they helped write or the infallible word of the Gospel, there’s enough of that to power Hell for millennia.

If you are interested, the following is part of what I am reading and praying over to understand what constitutes a proper response to the emotional, trying events of our day like Ferguson, MO and Erbil, Iraq. Below are the pertinent parts of St Augustine’s (my patron Saint) jus ad bellum (Just War Theory) as it applies to the police AND those the police are to safeguard. – Dona nobis pacem

All citizens and all governments are obliged to work for the avoidance of war.Despite this admonition of the Church, it sometimes becomes necessary to use force to obtain the end of justice. This is the right, and the duty, of those who have responsibilities for others, such as civil leaders and police forces. While individuals may renounce all violence those who must preserve justice may not do so, though it should be the last resort, “once all peace efforts have failed.” [Cf. Vatican II,Gaudium et spes 79, 4]

As with all moral acts the use of force to obtain justice must comply with three conditions to be morally good. First, the act must be good in itself. The use of force to obtain justice is morally licit in itself. Second, it must be done with a good intention, which as noted earlier must be to correct vice, to restore justice or to restrain evil, and not to inflict evil for its own sake. Thirdly, it must be appropriate in the circumstances. An act which may otherwise be good and well motivated can be sinful by reason of imprudent judgment and execution.

In this regard Just War doctrine gives certain conditions for the legitimate exercise of force, all of which must be met:

“1. the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain;

2. all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective;

3. there must be serious prospects of success;

4. the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated. The power of modern means of destruction weighs very heavily in evaluating this condition” [CCC 2309].

The responsibility for determining whether these conditions are met belongs to “the prudential judgment of those who have responsibility for the common good.” The Church’s role consists in enunciating clearly the principles, in forming the consciences of men and in insisting on the moral exercise of just war.

18 August, 2014

Vanity_declas_on_smartphonesMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day – I applaud all efforts from all people directed toward Christian Charity whose reward is knowing our sacrificial effort is pleasing to Him who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, who are poor in spirit, Our Lord. Bear that in mind when a friend hits you with a #icebucketchallenge. Certainly the cause of assisting those with ALS <—(direct donation link) is worthy but making a public spectacle of yourself is an act of Vanity. If we have to be inspired by 15 seconds Facebook & Twitter celebrity to perform charity then the meaning of the act is no more charitable then keeping Smartphone vanity decal makers employed. In the pursuit of Humility all other virtues flourish, what’s humble about this?

14 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The State of Virginia has just been told that in order to accommodate the nuptial desires of <2% of their population (no stats on how many of them wish to “marry”) the Virginia Constitution and its amendments are no longer valid unless federal judges agree with them. So the planet’s first Constitution, written by and for a free people in 1776 (prior to the Declaration even being proposed) has now been made into a piece of kindling paper by the deified federal court system. In ratifying the Constitution in 1788 Virginia stated that the “…powers granted under the constitution…may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to their injury or oppression.” Funny( or more likely serendipitous) that they used the term “perverted” as a condition to secede. Secession, anyone?

12 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Misplaced obedience: You will encounter far more resistance calling into question the sanctity of deceased actors & musicians than you ever will the Sanctity of Our Lord or heaven forfend it become a topic, his Universal, Holy Mother Church. See a recent example of this from my Twitter feed and note that my point was very simply to try and put the death of Robin Williams in some Christian perspective: 

07 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day –  In her “Christian” damnation of Dr Brantly Ms Ann Coulter writes “America is the most consequential nation on Earth, and in desperate need of God at the moment. If America falls, it will be a thousand years of darkness for the entire planet.” So in Coulter’s view, America IS God, the Light of the world and its salvation. I’ll be charitable and ASK if a blasphemy has been this obvious since Ms. Palin’s “baptism of fire”? Dr. Brantly was actually imitating the great St Francis Assisi as Mother Teresa tells it: St. Francis of Assisi. In a famous story of a turning point in Francis’ life, he encounters a leper by the side of the road and passes him by. Then he realizes that if he is going to devote his life to the poor he must embrace the leper—he must welcome him into his life as a brother. Francis then runs to the leper’s aid. Mother Teresa commented, “The encounter with the leper made St. Francis.” This world needs the modesty and pursuit of sanctifying Grace of Mother Teresa’s more than it needs immodest, “Christian” charlatans.

06 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – When the citizens of the southern states, featuring borders with Mexico, realize they’ve been operating under a false interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, will they re-assert their power and regain physical control of their borders with the assistance of the federal government? This is the [r]epublican solution to the problem that then paves the way for the rest of the restoration of sovereign, state powers, namely the refusal to admit “lunatics, imbeciles, idiots, paupers, those likely to become a public charge and criminals.” There is NO power granted Congress to force states to A. deny admission to alien friends or B. FORCE admission to alien friends therefore that power is reserved. Take that, Nancy Pelosi and Bill O’Reilley the king and queen of “the Feds are Supreme when it comes to immigration” school.

05 August, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The day – It occurs to some of us that the cascading wave of politically & culturally tragic events has one thing in common and it’s not Obama: corruption. When a King was corrupt his reign could not last. When the Church went corrupt, the Lord sent Saints like Vincent Ferrer to whip the new pagans into conversion. What pray tell can save us from this ubiquitous corruption of nearly every institution and vast majorities of the population? I can tell you what it’s not: a “federal” ballot box.

28 July, 2014

My [r]epublican thought of The Day – I read the ballyhooed “debate” between ESPN pundits Stephen A Smith and Michelle Beadle over the proper/improper treatment of women. When Smith offered the ill-advised “women need to help avoid provoking [domestic violence]” Beadle launched feminist Howitzers at him via twitter including this gem. “I’m thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend…I’d hate to think what I’d be asking for by doing so”. Funny she should put it that way because according to longstanding, yet currently ignored, Catholic teaching, Smith is more correct than secular observers including Beadle would ever imagine. Pope Benedict XV made this clear in 1928 & the Church has not retreated. “One can not sufficiently deplore the blindness of so many women of every age and station. Made foolish by a desire to please, they do not see to what degree the indecency of their clothing shocks every honest man and offends God. Most of them would formerly have blushed for such apparel as for a grave fault against Christian modesty.” In other words (and yes, this applies to both sexes) if the dress causes men to consider mortal sins, the dress wearer is equally in sin. I doubt this will be talked about on the next ESPN roundtable or for that matter in any Catholic Church not serving the TLM but we can hope.

22 July, 2014

My [r]erpublican Thought of The DayTwentieth Century Conservative Man seems to be mostly incapable of the concept that most immigration problems are issues previously solved/handled by the States under the Constitutional treatment of “alien friends”. But, since Federal judges have obliterated the State’s authority here (see Arizona’s acts barring hiring illegals being struck down) that remedy has been stolen. Perhaps its time to reclaim it and solve this problem as: States, seeking BACKUP from the Feds?

16 July, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – To many Americans it is not a point in debate that President Obama has done extensive and grave damage to the office of the Presidency and he has continued the erosion of trust in the office itself. Impeachment is therefore the constitutional and advisable remedy. But, it is also true, that the Officers of The House, pursuing their ridiculous “lawsuit” against Obama for these offenses are doing equal damage to their Institution while simultaneously promoting a repulsive, extra-constitutional response to the President and elevating its unearned legitimacy by the station of their offices.

09 July, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Dear Leader, Chairman MaObama wants Congress to print up (borrow) another $3.2 BILLION so he can “beef up” the border parol but wait. Shouldn’t Congress have, in executing what both parties (wrongly) agree is an actual job for the Federal Leviathan, already appropriated $$$ for this task? Hmmm, if they haven’t, then why is all the border mess Obama’s fault? Aren’t GOP leaders in the House also to blame, they do control (or are supposed to) the purse-strings and ARE the legislative branch. The CBP are not part of the Army so how then can Obama claim dominion over them? Why do Republicans WANT to grant him dominion? Might be because the problem is too big for a quick-fix & the GOP thinks it can gain political power through it…at YOUR & MY expense of course.

19 June, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The DayCaller to my SiriusXM Radio Show: Is the hulabaloo over the Washington Redskins trademark is a “freedom of speech/1st Amendment issue”? Me: No because Mordor on the Potomac has not passed an Act that no one can say “Redskins” but even more damning is the charge of “disparagement” levied by the native Americans and trademark office. You are permitted to “disparage” Christians and Catholics with impunity, whether by name or with copyrighted content (see most any “R” rated flick for details). What IS at issue is using the power of government to make subjective decisions about business conduct after basically repealing every obscenity law on earth. Laws that made subjective decisions on individuals vulgar behavior.

16 June, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Today’s news is weighted down the wishful thinking of too many “conservatives” over the  re-invasion of Iraq. Hand wringing over President Obama’s “blowing it” there implies that  the affairs of foreign countries can be successfully run from thousands of miles away by Washington’s Mordorians. How can that be when the same geniuses cannot “run” a  small section of the U.S./Mexico border?

05 June, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Conservatism, to be revived, is in need of leaders who are scholars and philosophers; not convention centers full of shoppers at “Conserv-a-Mart.” Consumers of conservatism are just that: consumers. They are not scholars because that requires study and devotion as opposed to impulsive selection for expedience. They are not philosophers because that requires contemplation and detailed explanation as opposed to decisiveness and quotes from google searches.

03 June, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The Bowe Bergdahl controversy is another inconvenient reminder of the costs associated with our undeclared, never-ending wars. Bergdahl was deployed in February 2009 after completing infantry school in Ft Benning in September, 2008. The “counter-insurgency” he was part of was part of The Obama Pentagon’s “troop surge” which  counted 38,000 troops at Bergdahl’s time of action. Obama increased the force to over 100,000 a year later with not much difference in results save for the body bag count increasing. Whether Bergdahl is a coward or traitor will be settled and he held accountable but the war-lusting hawks who supported Obama and Bush before him’s bellicose foreign policy will never be held accountable for the death and destruction they have caused.

31 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought Of The Day – President Obama and his GOP cronies in Congress showered the UAW & GM with nearly $50 BILLION in 2009 because “GM had to be saved.” Nevermind that bankruptcy would have forced GM to reorganize the company’s assets, jettison dead-weight including the slothful UAW workforce and either find a way to become profitable or close the shop and sell off the assets. Instead, with government assistance GM is back making profits to the tune of over $22 BILLION since the bailout and yet the conditions of the bailout allowed GM to be forgiven from $10.6 BILLION of the loan. WOW, that’s how easy it is to transfer wealth from the middle class to the wealthy stockholders of GM!? I long for the good old days when crooks had to figure out how to rob moving trains as opposed to bloated, invalid pigs.

30 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – John Kerry calls Edward Snowden a “coward” and then throws in “traitor” for good measure. This is yet another example of the State anointing flawed humans with God-like powers. Treason carries the penalty of death, meaning Kerry wishes for Snowden to be convicted under the Espionage Act then executed. This for simply alerting his countrymen to the admittedly illegal & unconstitutional acts of its own government. A secret that our federal overlords, apparently, are willing to kill, to protect. WHOSE Liberty, does THAT protect?

22 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The outrage directed at The Obama Admin over the VA hospital controversy will soon be directed at ObamaCare hospitals. After all, what is a VA Hospital but a government-run hospital? We can look forward to the same types of stories becoming commonplace ’til the point when they are no longer any more outrageous than the excruciatingly long lines that lead to aloof service personnel & lackluster service at the USPO & DMV.

19 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – To the less than chivalrous Gentlemen among us. George Washington CROSSED the Delaware on Christmas 1776 he didn’t send a #SurrenderTrenton tweet. StoneWall Jackson’s First Brigade drove a superior force from the field at Bull Run, he didn’t tweet #StandWithSecession. Confronted with the gruesome news of events in Nigeria, American “heroes” P. Diddy and Justin Timberlake threatened Boko Haram with terrifying Tweets if they didn’t do what American rappers demanded. The irony is Boko Haram would be more likely offended by the duo’s music than their cowardly outrage.

14 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – On this day in 1787, little Jimmy Madison (poor, withered, little apple-john as Washington Irving called him) strode into Independence Hall to launch what he thought would be a national take-over of the Confederation government, replaced by a “Supreme power” that would have a “negative (veto) in all cases whatsoever on the legislative acts of the states,” a “national executive” and a judiciary that exercised “national supremacy.” Madison was thwarted at the Philadelphia Convention but everything on his “bucket list” has been brought to fruition, since Lincoln. It is time again, for another convention, but perhaps not one that seeks a resolution to our problems with Mordor on The Potomac.

13 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The Imperial Congress is right now debating the despised, National Internet Tax Mandate. This tax would allow the collection of sales taxes from every vendor in every state payable to every state and the Federal Leviathan monster. As an added bonus for the alleged “two party system” which is actually 1 party with a pair of heads, Congress would assume power over the tax codes of the states just as they have of the air and water. Pipe-dreaming neo-nationalists think we can fight this non-stop menace in DC, the practical [r]epublican long ago decided the real fight against DC is the battle to regain self-government via a rethink of the American Union.

06 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – When someone says they are a “hardcore conservative” what exactly does that mean? Is it possible that the term “conservative”, used properly, should resist being further diluted by descriptors? That would then require “conservatives” to have an agreed upon code they live by, kinda like the code adapted by chivalrous knights once upon a time. Here was their code, written by Sir Amylion. “From this day forward, ever mo Neither fail, either for weal or wo, To help other at need, Brother, be now true to me, And I shall be as true to thee.” The code also included the vow that your friends enemy was yours and vice versa.  “A generous friendship no cold medium knows, Burns with one love, with one resentment glows.” There is but ONE, easily identifiable, common enemy, that “conservatives” could unite in their enmity: the Devil, and thus one beneficiary  of that unity: God. Eschewing politics!? How many “conservatives” would take this conservative vow in place of the “vows” made to the Constitution and fake, fraternal groups like the GOP? I will take the vow, comment below on your acceptance or rejection.

05 May, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought Of The Day – The Wisconsin GOP  voted this weekend past on resolution proclaiming WI’s sovereignty, right to interpret the constitution and right to secede. All 3 measures went down in flames with 1 delegate saying “[s]overeignty is clearly laid out in the Constitution the way it is.” It IS!? Actually NO, there is no mention of the term or one like it because State sovereignty was not in question at that time. This is yet another reason why placing faith in party politics and the GOP will only end in more disappoint and misery and delay making the necessary changes for [r]epublican revival. If WI doesn’t have the right to secede then what right enabled it to JOIN the Union in 1848?

01 May, 2014

Children recite the pledge in pre-Hitler America. Creepy isn’t it?

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – For those outraged by the Fort Collins CO high school that said the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, what you should be outraged by is the Pledge itself. Conceived as a loyalty oath to the new Blob of America borne out of the Civil War, the Pledge was crafted in 1892 by the  socialist/nationalist Francis Bellamy. The Pledge is defiant of the very concept of federalism, mocks [r]epublicanism then does it all in Gods name while blaspheming him with the graven image of the flag, the symbol of our new God: America & her government.

23 April, 2014


My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – I see more and more reports that the American middle-class is sinking while the top 1% are rising meteorically  just as solutions for the gap are presented with more urgency. But what is their to solve, really? The middle-class and their children are receiving enough saturated, government fat to compensate for any loss of earned wages while the lower class is nearly completely dependent on that government diet. Does the lower class LOOK deprived?


17 April, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – History let’s us explore our current malaise while “standing on the shoulders of giants” (h/t Russell Kirk). On Maundy Thursday let us stand on the shoulders of the greatest giant of all, Our Lord Jesus who teaches us the true meaning of sacrifice: an act of unconditional love i.e. willfully going to horrifically suffer and die on a wooden cross for Us. Think of that when next you believe you are enduring the hardships of hitting “unfriend” or “ctrl alt delete”. 16 April, 2014 My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – There is no greater evidence that the national government of the United States has become our official religion than watching the political class show up to speak at memorial ceremonies for the dead. Yesterday VP (Vice Pope) Biden gave the government’s homily on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings while Pope/Emperor Obama remained, controversially, out of camera and microphone sight “having his own moment of silence”. This vain pursuit of ego to result in, I presume, our sinful idolatry, is pure evil at work. Yes, that means The Evil. Sad, so many have fallen for it…

11 April, 2014

Greed is Good.

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The saga of Cliven Bundy is being seized upon by some of you as an instance where the Feds are in the right because Bundy is a “squatter” who is “ripping off the taxpayers” who “rightfully own” that land. I must remark that those who hold that view will fit right in under the American version of Stalinism. Mr Bundy ‘s family occupied the lands since 1885. In 1993 the Feds, under pressure from turtle humping whackos, decided to re-designate the land as a national preserve for the desert tortoise BUT Bundy could stay if he forked over hundreds of thousand in “usage fees”. Does this sound like the actions of a morally centered government or did greed-for the land to be used for other resources-rule the day? I’ll give you a hint: Gordon Gekko would be proud.

10 April, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Moses to Mordor’s BLM “Let my cattle go.” The Constitution lists 4 circumstances under which the Federal leviathan can own property. Article I, Section 8 provides for the erection of “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards and other needful Buildings” INSIDE Mordor on the Potomac (the “ten miles square”). Then there is Article IV Section. 3. The territory or “enclave” clause which would give Congress power over lands UNTIL a state is formed of them. Cliven Bundy’s ranch is in NV, now a state formed from a territory. Unless NV has made a cession to the Feds of the land in question, Bundy is the owner as he claims.

08 April, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The greatest lie told today is “we really don’t have any choice“. Wrong, we always have a choice unless the issue under consideration is one already decided for us by God. The “we don’t have a choice” crowd are the cowards who will not speak up for a Brendan Eich or a husband and wife photography team in New Mexico but instead cowers in fear of the Gessenites (named for radical marriage abolitionist Masha Gessen). We are told by the “no choice” crowd featuring NY Times’ Ross Douthat that the “gay marriage issue is settled,” and the Gessenites won. Think about that before leaping. A failure to stand this ground, emboldened by Faith and fearful of nothing but disappointing God, is a failure to guard against what looks more and more to be the start of a revolt, viva le France, 1794.

02 April, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Pipe Dream: Paul Ryan releases his plan to balance the Federal “budget” in ten years while cutting a whopping $5.1 trillion in spending over 10 years. Those “cuts” combined with scheduled tax increases, supposedly, get to balance around 2024. This is of course absolute non-sense, Congress doesn’t know what it will spend next month much less next year. If there is any hope of “balancing” a federal budget in our lifetime we must see federal, universal hiring and spending freezes followed by removal of American military from its deployments across the globe. That won’t be allowed by the “War Party” whose livelihood is tied to making expensive conflicts near those bases.

26 March, 2014

jefferson founders pass avMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day – I find the discovery of the Founders’ philosophical inspiration as fascinating as the Founders themselves. Take Algernon Sidney for example. Some believe Jefferson held Sidney up as equal to Locke but reading Jefferson and Locke is not the same as reading Jefferson & Sidney. Sidney was a [r]epublican who did not reject the Christian order as Locke did. Judge Spencer Roane the great jurist and most outspoken of all critics of John Marshall’s perversion of the Constitution in McCulloch Vs Maryland, took the pseudonym “Algernon Sidney” when writing blistering critiques of Marshall in the Richmond Enquirer. Read those essays and you will understand Jefferson and Taylor’s [r]epublicanism.

24 March, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought Of The Day – The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is as clear in it’s intention as is possible yet Senator’s Schumer, Graham, Hatch and others want to add an alleged “protection” to the “information gathering process”. This is cover for the real intent of their action: making a federal crime ala the Sedition Act out of investigating then revealing the U.S. Government’s corruption and lies. The proposed “Media Shield Act” should be titled the “NSA-CIA-Torture Protection and Journalist incarceration Act.” If Congress cannot abridge freedom of the Press then it follows they cannot abridge HOW The Press gathers what it prints,

Obama-Deathstar19 March, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – When Emperor Palpitine proclaimed “The First Galactic Empire” in Return of The Sith, he didn’t have complete capture and 30 day storage of all the planet’s verbal communication but he did have a Death Star. Our Federal monstrosity has this planets verbal communications captured & stored but there’s no Death Star….yet. Which Empire would you prefer to run from?

17 March, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of the Day – Saying that they have “a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate for equality for all” Guiness Beer has dropped its support of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade because it isn’t homosexual friendly enough. Funny, I thought Guiness had a strong history of making dark beer that gets Irish people drunk. Shame I will now have to order Black & Tan’s made with American beers,Turbodog™ & Covington Lager anyone?

16 March, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Dear Leader, Chairman MaObama has found some love for the Constitution! Of course it is the constitution of Ukraine that he is so fond of, invoking it while declaring the Crimea referendum on joining the Russian Federation “would never be recognized by  the United States” because it “violates” that constitution. I take this to mean that apparently Ukraine has a 14th Amendment and a former President named Lincoln while Crimea must have plantations replete with cotton fields and stately plantation homes with 2 story white columns.

Do you expect me to secede? “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to secede and then to die!”


12 March, 2014

Mike’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – If at first you don’t secede you still have the RIGHT to secede.  With typical, American conceit our “leaders” keep telling the world that Crimea must not be allowed to secede from Ukraine because that “would empower Putin.” Hmmm, will “allowing Scotland to secede from the UK” empower Sean Connery (as James Bond 007 of course)? The right of self determination is either universal or it is no right, I say it’s universal.

Listen to Mike’s interview with Chronicles Magazine’s Srdja Trifkovic on the subject of Crimea’s secession from ukraine.


07 March, 2014

Mike’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Fox News’ Shepard Smith says Obama should tell The Crimeans that it is against Lincoln’s law for them to “undermine the sovereignty of the Ukraine” and secede. That’s a whopper I don’t even think Lincoln would tell to the 51st Emancipators under General Sherman. The Crimea’s sovereignty is well established dating back nearly 800 years, a span of time 8,000 times longer than the memory of Shep’s career will last.

04 March, 2014

Mike’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The surrender being negotiated by “victorious” gay-rights activists with their defeated Christian “enemies” is another appalling reminder of why every assault on tradition must be opposed with the ferocity the Left pursues its demolition with. The idea that their is something gained by “peaceful surrender” might play well on TV talk shows but I imagine St. Peter and the Man won’t be so amused.

26 February, 2014

Mike’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Is an Obama coup de grace underway? Attorney General Eric Holder’s suggestion that the AG’s of the States ignore their own Constitutions, Acts of their Legislatures or ballot initiatives in regards to the law and homosexual marriage amounts to what lawyers call “soliciting sedition.” That is what I would call directly abrogating the sovereign authority of what makes a state, The People. If this is Obama’s position and if the Congress won’t even take the time to upbraid the AG, then we have reached the end of a separation of powers. Put another way, have States that will not honor “gay marriage” edicts from on-high, seceded? Is Obama paving the way for further actions? Cue Vincent Price “darkness falls across the land…”

19 February, 2014

Mike’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Kathleen Willey says that Slick Hilly IS the “War on women” so ballyhooed by the louts populating “the Media” these days. How strange that the epic struggle for “equality” has actually given rise to the inequality of some women wielding powers of character destruction and legislated moral decay. Ah to yearn for the days when women’s only care in the world were the baking time and temperature of bread as opposed to going out and winning it by beating the other rats in the race to perdition.

17 February, 2014

Mike Church’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – “President’s Day” is the year celebration of all the Constitution shredders who, as President, brought infamy to their names and ignorance to our former Constitutional order. Post, Lincoln there were but three “Jeffersonians” who were President and worthy of our acknowledgement today, Cleveland, Coolidge and Reagan. Throwing the tyrant Lincoln along with the two authoritarian Roosevelts, Wilson, Kennedy & the gang is a commemoration only a Tory can admire.

13 February, 2014

Mike Church’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Memo to the memory of Steve Jobs & the Apple “1984” TV ad: 1984 IS like 1984 & 2014, despite your best efforts. The Macintosh was going to give The People a weapon to wield against Big Brother (played by actor David Graham in the ad) and it did. BUT it also gave the deceitful bureaucrats at NSA a perfect device to gather and then transmit to them nearly every intimate detail of their lives. Next time we are promised “the next big thing” lets make sure to run it through the ol’ “1984” test and imagine what a tyrant like GW Bush or Dear Leader Chairman MaObama might do with it. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:

epublican Thought of The Day – If AG Holder can alter “Federal law that applies to state law” to cater to homosexual “marriages” by issuing a memo, what, pray tell, Act of Congress is he executing? Thought of another way, will the Holder “memo” clearly define exactly WHAT a “homosexual” for the purposes of his “memo” are? Can he borrow Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade description? “Not funny ha-ha, funny queer”. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


06 February, 2014



Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day – If you want the Keystone Pipeline project completed, as planned, you’ll have to end the cartel that is preventing its completion: Mordor on the Potomac. As John Taylor predicted in 1813, once “protection” gets inside a government, that government will A. inevitably consolidate (nationalize) and then B. serve its paying members i.e. Warren Buffet, with protection from silly pipelines that transport oil and compete with railroads that, transport oil…. then derail and blow up towns in Montana. Don’t let a town in Montana get blown up, END consolidation, Secede today.



30 January, 2014

Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day – A public gullible enough to fall for the “MyRA” already has 1 foot, 1 thigh and 1 torso in the grave. We EXPECT Obama to propose such deception but we don’t expect “conservatives” in the House of Representin’ to enthusiastically back $956 BILLION in Big Ag giveaways yet they did it with smiles. The only way out is to leave hive otherwise this corruption will sting ‘tip its venom poisons us all. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


[r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon29 January, 2014

Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Our parents told us over and over again that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Then I watched Obama’s SOTU speech. I turned to my wife and said, ala Buford T Justice, “remind me when I get to my mama’s house to smack her right in da mouth.” [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


[r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon27 January, 2014

Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day – If asked to give a 2-3 word description of last night’s Grammys I would reply “Paradise Lost” in the sense that Milton meant it but with our AntiCult’s perverted stamp on it. Adam & Eve may have lost paradise but the 14th Amendment and secular modern man has given Adam an Adam an to Eve an Eve, to be “wed” by someone not of God’s law as a parson or monarch- “Queen Latifah”. While the rest of us were unimpressed with Robin Thicke’s inability to “twerk” his way through Peter Cetera’s harmony parts in the Chicago, song-medley debacle. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:

Mike Church [r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon22 January, 2014

Mike Church [r]epublican Thought of The Day – The 40th annual March for Life was held in “Mordor in the Potomac River” today. Is there any other symbol of the real world wickedness of that city than the 40 year record of 50 million murdered in their mother’s wombs by Its blessing? At least Sauron let Middle Earthlings live before sending Orcs – Middle Earth’s pro choice creatures – to kill. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


[r]epublican_thought_of_day_icon21 January, 2014

My [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Can you spell “a-b-o-l-i-s-h?” In his speech of Friday last, Dear Leader ChairMan MaObama tried the “four corners” approach to “fixing” the NSA. There is no “fix” for an agency that has operated uninterrupted since 1952 without Congressional approval and like its cousin DHS, will accept no limit to its own powers. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


15 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Clyde Wilson reminds us(1) of WHY we love & admire Thomas Jefferson: His tireless, unwavering advocacy of the “Principles of ’98” meaning nullification and the state of sovereignty the union was formed in and, he hoped, would continue to exist in. Of course Jefferson died and then along came Lincoln, alas. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:

[/private] 1. See Wilson, Clyde, Nomocracy in politics, Looking for Mister Jefferson.

14 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day – Memo to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). It wasn’t “…the President” who said Colorado pot smokers won’t “go to prison” for buying, selling and consuming marijuana. It was the sovereign people of Colorado & Washington State, voting, as the VA Assembly did in 1798, to make “void and of no force” what the Leviathan had unconstitutionally made illegal: Pot. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


Visit the 2013 [r]epublican Thought of The Day Archives


09 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought Of The Day. Like man-made global warming there seems to be nothing that disproves the effectiveness of the DeceptiCONS bellicose foreign policy. Now Lindsay Graham & Company rev the war machine up for ANOTHER go of it in Iraq as the Senator berates Obama’s “small footprint” there, apparently still believing another “large footprint” and 500,000 more dead is the answer. Please beam me up, Scotty (and James Doohan IS up there). [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day! Audio:


08 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Dear Leader, Chairman MaObama & his crime family lieutenants in Congress weep for the long-term unemployed and demand we shower them with extended “benefits” but most long term unemployment is a problem of will, not means. There is PLENTY of work in the Trades and Skilled labor markets, but the sheople refuse the work. So, when you hear “I am long-term unemployed and can’t find a job” respond by saying “no worries, friend, here’s a pipe wrench, the North needs lots of plumbers after the deep freeze thaws.” [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76] NEW, Founders Pass Feature, Today’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day Audio!

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06 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. If Senator Rand Paul’s effort to bring a class-action lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s despicable NSA is successful, imagine what other agents of deceit this could be applied to. Of course, believing a Federal Judge will allow the usurpation of their own maliciously attained power is a bit like believing in the Baby New Year. Founders Pass members can now listen to or download today’s [r]epublicast! Not a Founders Pass member?  Signup today for 17 cents per day and gain access to this feature and much more, take the Founders Pass tour here. [private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]


03 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconMy [r]epublican Thought of The Day. Last month I was asked to choose one word I would like to see used more often in 2014, I chose “humility.” Last night on the second day of this new year I saw it on display when Trevor Knight accepted MVP honors for his amazing Sugar Bowl performance. Thanking “our seniors” and “my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” for any accomplishments he was credited for. How long before the Tebow haters revive their campaign to martyr this impressive young man?

1 January, 2014

[r]epublican_thought_of_day_iconOn 1 January, 1776, Sam Adams wrote to fellow Continental Congress delegate Elbridge Gerry, warning what would happen if the Harry Reid or Darrell Issa types infiltrated [r]epublican government. “[F]or any Man to fill a publick office, merely because he is rich; …mortifies me greatly. The giving such a Preference to Riches is both dishonorable and dangerous to a Government. It is indeed equally dangerous to promote a Man to a Place of publick Trust only because he wants Bread… is not so dishonorable; I hope our Country will never see the Time, when either Riches or the Want of them will be the leading Considerations in the Choice of publick officers. Whenever Riches shall be deemd a necessary Qualification, Ambition as well as Avarice will prompt men most ardently to thirst for them, and it will be commonly said as in ancient times… quaeren dapecunia primum – est Virtus post Numenos “Get Money, Money still – And then let Virtue follow if she will”(1)

Sam Adams from Road to Independence-The Movie
Sam Adams from Mike Church’s  Road to Independence-The Movie. Own it on DVD today

(1) Taken from:  Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume: 3 January 1, 1776 – May 15, 1776, Samuel Adams to Elbridge Gerry

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