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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Here it is a Tuesday.  What a Tuesday it shall be.  If you’re late to the party and don’t know the news, I will reiterate it for you in just a moment.  Let us for the final time here ask: What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?  I’ll try and tell you.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Here it is a Tuesday.  What a Tuesday it shall be.  If you’re late to the party and don’t know the news, I will reiterate it for you in just a moment.  Let us for the final time here ask: What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?  I’ll try and tell you.  It’s the Mike Church Show here.  Enjoy today, my friends.  Today is the final episode.  I hope I’m up to the task.  You can email me directly.  The email address has not and will not change.  It’s [email protected]  The official website for all things moi remain online at  You can find today’s Pile of Prep – it’s a bit abbreviated because there’s not a lot of prep material that’s going into today’s delivery.  There is some interesting things in there you may find intriguing.  We have brand new transcripts from the program, audio clips of the day, brand-new audio and videos from our series The Modern Wrong World Made Right.  We have The Modernist Pt. II going up this morning.  That’s the audio and the video edition.  Those will continue to be made.  All of that is on the site at  Follow us on Facebook, the Mike Church Show Fan Page, and on the Twitter page, @thekingdude.

If you did not hear the news, and I guess if you were not following the Facebook feed, or not a friend of mine on the other Facebook, the personal one that I keep, Frederick Michael Augustine Mary, or if you didn’t go to the website yesterday or check your email and you’re not on the [r]epublican email list, then you would not know that today is the last day that this show will be live on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel or on the Sirius XM platform, delivery service.  This is a decision that was – I’m going to go through this as honestly and humbly as I can so that you know what it is that’s going on.  It’s not a bunch of hearsay, a bunch of vitriolic garbage, which it’s not going to – folks, being angry solves nothing.  I am not angry.  I am not bitter.  I am looking forward to the next opportunity.  That’s what it is.  There is a passage in I think St. John’s gospel where Our Lord says: If you ask in my name, it shall be granted you.  If you know on the door, it shall be opened.  The door is being knocked on.  One door, as they say, closes and the other door opens so that you can make your way into the next room.

If you saw the release yesterday that the show is being terminated – or ended, cancelled, whatever verbiage you wish to use – here on the Sirius XM platform, we waste no time and we will honor our end of the agreement.  I’ll just take a couple days off, rally the troops, get everything ready to go, and we will launch on our own.  The show will continue.  It’s going to be on a channel called Crusade.  It’ll be a 24/7 channel.  It’s going to be on what we call the Remnant Radio Network.  We’re still fleshing out the details.  You will have access to many of the things that some of you have asked me for over the years and have complained mightily about, like being able to download and listen to the program when you want to, which you can get here on the On Demand app.  You will now be able to get it on our service.

Just a couple things that I would say to you or would like to say to you in the now – it’s become a reality now – just the little bit of time we have left.  I should have set a countdown clock so I could go: Two hours, 29 minutes to go.  A couple things here.  Number one, you don’t get to work in broadcasting for 13 years at one institution or at one place very often.  It does not happen that often.  If you follow local radio guys, maybe your favorite Eddie and the Breakfast Flakes morning show, I guarantee you that almost 99.99 percent of your favorites have not been on the station where you live – they’ve probably been shuttled around a couple of times at different radio stations.  Companies have come in and bought the properties and they’ve been moved all over hell and yonder.  It is just very rare that you get to do what we have been blessed the opportunity to do for the last, I estimated this, 3,241 days.  That’s an awful lot of shows.  Just footnote this, today is the last day.

Paul will be putting “best of” together for tomorrow, Thursday, and the final Free Phone Friday.  Next Monday, Steve Bannon will launch the Breitbart News Daily show on this channel.  Folks, I’m just going to say this and reiterate this a couple times.  For those that had to make this decision, for David Gorab, for Liz Aiello, for Scott Greenstein, for anyone that’s in management and had to pull the trigger on this, I bear you no ill will.  I will pray for your success sincerely every day.  Regardless of how any of this turns out, you did what you thought you had to do for the longevity of your business and to do the good job for your stockholders.  I understand that.  All of us that work in this industry have to understand these things.  I will pray for you.  I will pray for Mr. Bannon that he is successful here.

There is no doubt in my mind we leave him the third largest radio audience this platform has to offer.  I would never have said that in the past because I would have been screamed at and yelled at and demanded, [mocking] “You can’t prove that.  You shouldn’t say that.”  Well, I have circumstantial evidence and 13 years’ worth of it that says that’s pretty accurate.  That will lead me to the final thing that I would like to say to you.  For all of you that have listened, thank you.  Thank you.  I’m even going to thank those of you that are out there that are just joyously doing back handsprings.  You pulled your big-rigs over.  You got out and screamed: Hallelujah, he’s finally gone!  You’re singing: Ding dong, the wicked witch is gone!  God love you, brother and sister.  I thank all of you for listening for 13 years.

This show is not going to end.  It just moves to a new venue.  It moves to a new time.  I chose the time specifically to compete head to head – you can figure it out on your own, but it’ll be 8 – 11 a.m. Central.  That’s 9 – noon Eastern.  I will also be granted the opportunity to fill in for Andrew Wilkow when he needs a fill-in host, or if David Webb will let me, if he wishes me to I will.  I haven’t talked to David.  I’ve talked to Andrew several times.  I will look forward to reconvening this filling in for Andrew or wherever else.  Wherever they ask me to fill in, I’ll be more than happy to do so.

We just begin a new chapter.  In beginning a new chapter, it’s always, I think, instructive to look back on how this one came to an end.  How many of you remember the end of the – I mentioned this yesterday.  By the way, please go to the website at and sign up for the Daily Republican email newsletter.  Now you may know why I’ve been encouraging you to do so over the past couple weeks.  If you want to keep up with this show and you’d like to be informed of where you may hear it in its next incarnation, my advice is to go to the site and do it today before you forget about it and go sign up for the Daily Republican, soon to be Daily Republican Remnant, email newsletter and news about our new channel, Crusade, which will be a 24/7 channel.  I’ll be the anchor of it, but there’ll be other things you can listen to on it.

I have a couple things I would like to say.  I was telling Paul before we went on air today – by the way, thanks to Paul for doing a great job.  Paul, thank you.  You had to step into a breach when you weren’t really a show producer and we needed someone after Eric left for Laura Ingraham.  You stepped in and you filled the task with a passion and a thoroughness for your job.  You’ve done a fantastic job.  I don’t know if you’re staying on to help the Breitbart guys, but you’re going to do great wherever you go, brother.  Thank you.

Paul:  Thank you, Mike.  I appreciate that very much.

Mike:  When I asked you a year and a half ago, “Hey, do you want to go produce the Mike Church Show?” you went, “Uh, how about no?  Do I have to?”

Paul:  I thought it was –

Mike:  You volunteered.

Paul:  Yes.  I was looking forward to it.  I knew the channel.  I knew the show.  I said, “Absolutely, I’d love to do it.”

Mike:  You did a great job, and you’re going to do a great job.  Carson Smith, who fills in for Paul – is Carson here today?  Let me guess.  He’s working for the Madisons?

Paul:  Yeah, he’s – honestly I forget which.  They have to shuffle him around so much nowadays.  He sends his thanks as well.

Mike:  Carson does a great job when he has to fill in for Paul, so does Owen, and so did Charles.  Charles had to fill that gap a couple times in the early days, and fill in when you took days off.  They all did a great job.  Folks, it’s always a pleasure working with people who are pros.  I was telling Paul before we went on today, I’ve received not thousands, because not thousands of people knew the news – now that thousands of people know the news, maybe I’ll receive thousands of emails and other correspondence about our moving over to our own project.  You’ll be able to get the show, Remnant Radio Network, on Crusade when and where you want it.

I was telling Paul, some people should just not write.  Some people, just because you have a keyboard and a screen and the ability to hit send on the email should just not send it.  Without getting into any details, the super-duper overwhelming majority of you that have written to me in the last 18 hours have been kind.  Thank you for all of your prayers.  I don’t say that in a flippant way that your average broadcaster says it today: Thoughts and prayers.  No, dude, you don’t really mean it because thought is a prayer.  Prayers are just fine.  Thank you for your actual prayers.  Some of you have actually sent me text of prayers.  Thank you.

Some of you, and I don’t know what feeds this, but I’m going to say this one more time.  If you can’t hear it in my voice, call me personally and I will tell you this.  I had nothing to do with this.  This is not my doing.  I did not ask to leave Sirius XM.  I would never.  I love this place.  As a matter of fact, truth be known, I’m the one thirteen years ago that took the chance when all my friends in broadcasting said I was a nutjob.  [mocking] “Nobody is ever going to pay for satellite radio service when they can get it free.”  The same argument they made against cable TV, right?  Yet, undaunted, March 10, 2003, we launched this service.  If anyone loves satellite radio, it’s the host of the current show.  If anyone has been a part of – that’s another thing.  It will be up to you people to grant any gratuity for the job that this show has done in making legitimate talk radio on Sirius XM.  It didn’t exist until we did it.  There was no map.  There was no blueprint.  There was no handbook: Here’s what you do to launch a new service on satellite radio.  We wrote the book, going all the way back to 2003.

I can still remember a conversation in August 2003.  Some of these conversations, by the way, will probably be news to some people, and some others may deny them.  I have a pretty good memory, as many of you know, when it comes to quoting history facts.  I’m fairly confident that I have these facts right as well.  I remember a conversation back in August of 2003 when then-program director Jeremy Coleman and I had a conversation at about the time that Pamela Anderson was brought on to wash cars half naked on Monday Night Football and promote satellite radio.  Some of you will remember this.  As a matter of fact, you’ll remember that we used to give away – they had these cardboard cutouts of Pam Anderson, half naked, holding the new Sirius plug and play and that you should get one.  You would see these in radio stores where you could buy satellite radios.  I had a conversation with Coleman.

I still remember Coleman telling me that he had gotten the deal for me.  He had secured significant amounts of funding and internal support.  From the Mike Church Show, we would begin to build a talk radio empire.  He may not have used the term empire but something to that effect.  We would write the book.  When David Gorab was brought in in December of that year, similar things happened.  He and I had conversations.  Today David Gorab is Vice President of Talk Programming for Sirius XM satellite radio.  This is all publically available information, by the way.  I don’t say any of this other than Gorab has been a friend for all these years and he still is.  Again, I pray for his and everyone’s success here.

Folks, when we started this back in 2003, those of you that were early adopters, do you remember how difficult it was?  We had to put modules in the trunks of our cars.  We had these goofy-looking antennas that were on the roofs of our cars or your tractors that were pulling the trailers.  You had to run all these wires.  You’d have to run the Sirius radio through your FM.  Some of us got the antenna thing where you’d hook it directly to the antenna feed.  For those people out there saying already – I said some people just shouldn’t write.  Some people shouldn’t write to someone like me on an event like this.  [mocking] “It’s going to be too hard.  People can’t figure out how to do this with your little Remnant Radio thing.”  I wasn’t offered a chance to stay.  You don’t understand.  No room at the inn.  The vacancy sign was closed.  Move on.  It happens.  It’s broadcasting.  It happens.  For those that say it’s going to be too difficult doing this and that, folks, we were basically carrying around – some people were carrying around backpack-sized satellite radio decoder devices in order to get the show in those early years I was just mentioning.  Don’t tell me it’s too difficult to do something like that.  This is the exact same thing that was said back in 2003 when this was all new and there was no talk radio on satellite radio.  Again, we provided it.

I would also like to say – and I’m going to finish my thought from a moment ago – it’s up to you people to repeat this mantra.  This is one of the only business-like regrets I have or that I will lament.  It’s never been officially deigned that this is the longest-running radio talk show in the history of satellite radio, although the fact is undeniable.  The facts of that are not in question.  Anyone that wishes to see the documents of March 10, 2003, I’m happy to provide them.  You can go and ask Elana Sofko if you can find her.  We’re happy about that.  Again, it is to the credit of satellite radio that Sirius XM should admit this, because you’re parting ways with me.  Thirteen years together is quite a record, and says an awful lot about the future viability of satellite radio.  I would think one would wish to boast and brag about such a record.  [mocking] “Mike just kind of outgrew the platform.  He’s not doing the kind of radio we’re doing now, but we thank him.”  Folks, regardless, you people repeated to me at every public event I have been to in the last five, six years, you’ve repeated it back to me.  Please, it’s really the only credit that I ask for here, that that one be accorded.

Moving on to another subject here on the final show on Sirius XM Patriot Channel – today is the last day.  If you’re just tuning in, that’s the news.  Go to  Sign up for our email list.  Keep up with us and you’ll find out where it is that I will be located.  Let’s talk about something else that has transpired over the course of the last two years here.  I will leave you today, at 7:58 a.m. Central Standard Time, with this hopefully hanging on your thoughts.  What began – I don’t pretend to know how it began.  I just know that it began.  What began two years ago and culminates today is the future of Western civilization, and the future of Western civilization as it expresses itself in broadcasting media and in civil government.  What’s being denied now – and I will continue to carry this on.  I will not change one solitary iota.  The order of our discussions of our political and civil affairs is backwards.  The order that we have placed it in in the last two years is correct.  That is not a boast and a prideful brag on my behalf.  That is a historical and ecclesiastical fact.  The order all human affairs go in is God, Creator, Man.  We are creatures.  Creatures implies creator.  To deny Him the highest seat at our table is the fatal flaw in all our deliberations.  It’s the fatal flaw in all our discussions.  It’s the fatal flaw in every civil institution Western man claims he created himself.  As our Lord told Pontius Pilate: You don’t have any authority other than what my Father has granted you, pal.

It’s the same here.  It has been my great pleasure and eternal joy to reverse that order.  Of course, ‘Murica today has the order backwards.  [mocking] “You’re not going to tell me how I’m going to live my life.”  Yeah?  [mocking] “I don’t have to listen to you and your moral code.”  Well, it’s not my moral code.  [mocking] “We have a Constitution here and that’s all we need.  We gotta get back to the Constitution.”  We’re going to talk about that in just a moment here.  The order, you’ve heard it here on this show, is correct.  I’m going to say this again just for the sake of fleshing the point out.  It’s not my order.  I humiliate myself in the understanding that I’m nothing more than a puny, worthless, faithless sinner.  But by the grace of God there go I, my soul, like a little snowflake, falling into hell.  It is only by those graces that this has been so beautifully revealed to me where I cared not and care not for those that say, [mocking] “You need to get back to bashing Obama.  You and your stupid Catholicism, you’re going to ruin everything.”  Ruin everything for who?  How can getting the eternal order of things, the correct natural order, ruin anything for anyone?  It ought to put things back in the correct order of things.  It should make it better, not worse.  Yet there aren’t very many other adopters, are there?

In 2003 on March the 10th when this show launched on Sirius satellite radio, there weren’t very many adopters then.  Through providence and the grace of Almighty God, here we are 13 years later.  I’m going to say this to all the naysayers out there because you’ll come to this realization sooner or later, hopefully sooner rather than later.  The order that we have put the affairs of discussion in here on this show and will continue to do so is correct.  The order that everyone else has put them in is incorrect.  Putting them into the proper order is the proper thing to do.  It’s the humble thing to do, to be filled with humility.  To those of you that say, [mocking] “You should have stuck with the Constitution talk,” we never abandoned it.  I don’t know what you were listening to.  This is quite amazing here when I hear some of these things.

It took almost a year, 14 months, to produce the docudrama that aired on Sirius XM satellite radio’s Patriot Channel twice this 4th of July called Pages of Independence.  What precisely was that?  It was a historical discovery into the whereabouts and location of the original, the Jefferson copy of the Declaration of Independence.  For those of you that heard it and heard the final product of it – and we will have a version for sale very soon.  Yes, you’ll get to hear it on Remnant Radio.  It’ll be part of the service.  Go to  Again, the show is ending here today.  If you’d like to continue listening to me, I’d love to have you.  Sign up for the Daily Republican newsletter.  We spent 14 months researching this, 14 months putting all these pieces together.  We had to rewrite the script about five times because every time we’d open a door, we’d find a new one and new facts.  By the time we got to the end of the process, I believe that we conclusively proved that the original copy that Jefferson himself wrote of the Declaration of Independence – just as an aside, it sits in the New York Public Library.  They have it in their possession.  That’s the copy.  Our story proves that.

For the other naysayers, [mocking] “You should have stuck with the history stuff,” when did we ever abandon history?  This is amazing, this criticism.  So the Battle of Lepanto was not real history, really?  The first crusade is not real history, really?  Says who?  The Siege of Vienna is not real history, really?  The establishment of St. Augustine as the first Spanish city in North America, founded by Catholics, under the communication with Rome Spanish Empire is not history, really?  Who gets to make that determination?  You?  What about the history of the NRA conventions that we’ve been talking about with Chris Ferrara in 1871 and 1872?  For those of you, [mocking] “We gotta get back to the Constitution,” let me leave you with this.  The Constitution is not going to save you.  The Constitution has its order in the incorrect order.  Until it’s repaired, it can’t save you.  [mocking] “That’s just your opinion, man.”  It may be my thought to repeat what was said, what was written.

In 1872, the NRA had a convention.  That’s the National Reform Association.  These were a bunch of Protestants that saw the horror of Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression and knew that the wheels had come off the “republic.”  They knew why the wheels had come off, because the order was incorrect.  There was nothing to constrain man other than man himself and man won’t constrain man because he has given over to being influenced by the prince of this world.  Man must be constrained.  Almost every government in the history of the planet – whether it was pagan or Buddhist or Eastern, it doesn’t matter – was founded upon some religion, and acknowledged that religion.  That’s not me making an excuse and saying they were all great.  Why do you suppose that’s so?  The American republic is the exception.

I quote my Protestant brethren from 1872 NRA convention, Dr. John Mason, one of the most influential American Presbyterian theologians and preachers of the late 18th and early 19th century.  He made this devastating point at the NRA’s 1872 convention.  Now, what was the NRA trying to do?  The NRA was trying to get Congress to amend the Constitution of the United States to put the order back, to put God in it as the supreme ruler under which all laws are made.  Then you can still have the Constitution.  You won’t have abortions.  You won’t have homosexual, sodomitical marriages or unions or whatever you wish to call them.  Mason:


While many, on various pretenses, have criminated the Federal Constitution one objection has urged itself forcibly on the pious mind. That no notice whatever should be taken of that God who planteth a nation and plucketh it up at His pleasure, is an omission which no pretext whatever can palliate. Had such a momentous business been transacted by Mohammedans, they would have begun, “In the name of God.” Even the savages whom we despise, setting a better example, would have paid some homage to the Great Spirit. But from the Constitution of the United States, it is impossible to ascertain what God we worship, or whether we own a God at all.

[end reading]

Mike:  Mason then cited Dr. James Wilson of Albany, New York, who wrote this in 1831 while the father of the Constitution, little Jimmy Madison, was still alive.


“When the [Revolutionary] war was over and the victory over our enemies won, and the blessings and happiness of liberty and peace were secured, the Constitution was framed and God was neglected. He [God] was not merely forgotten. He was absolutely voted out of the Constitution. The proceedings, as published by Thompson, the secretary, and the history of the day, show that the question was gravely debated whether God should be in the Constitution or not, and after a solemn debate he was deliberately voted out of it.”

[end reading]

Mike:  If you’d like to read more on that subject, I suggest you get a copy at the Founders Tradin’ Post, which, by the way, will still be open, of Chris Ferrara’s Liberty, the God that Failed.  It’s in that book.  Ferrara did some amazing research on this.  As a matter of fact, we have a couple of those speeches on the site for Founders Pass members.

To reiterate the news, and for those of you that I mentioned earlier that shouldn’t write to people like me because you’re just incapable of doing anything other than – and I think it’s unintentional – causing offense, let’s reiterate the news.  My agreement with Sirius XM will expire at midnight on the 10th of November.  It’s been a 90-day-long process to try and get it renewed.  Sirius XM has chosen not to renew it.  This show will end today at 7:58 a.m.  Paul will play a “best of” tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, and then Steve Bannon will take over with the Breitbart News Daily show.

Again, folks, please don’t be hostile to these people.  These people are just trying to ply their way through this existence that we call Earth in 2015 as well.  I will pray for Mr. Bannon’s success.  I will pray for Ms. Aiello, who’s a program director.  I will pray for Paul’s success as the producer of the show, for the company’s success to promulgate it.  This is a business.  This stuff happens.  I wish all of them well and thank the company for 13 years.  Let me hang around and fill in for Wilkow every now and then.  Now it’s off to our new venture.  Go to  Sign up for the Daily Republican email newsletter.  In that, you’ll get on the main list.  You can see it on the front page.  You can see the logo of Crusade, the channel that we will launch that will feature this show.

This show is not going away.  Much like it did in March 2003, I will humbly ask the grace of God to guide us.  Through all the naysayers, [mocking] “It’s going to be too hard.  It’s too difficult to get this and that.”  The same things were said when satellite radio was just rolling out 13 years ago, 13 years, 6 months and 20-some days when we began this little journey here that we call the Mike Church Show on Sirius and then the Sirius XM satellite radio platform.  That’s the news.  That’s the take on it.

I didn’t quit.  I didn’t ask to leave.  Please refrain.  My daughter was reading the comments yesterday in the Facebook.  She said: Some people just really don’t like you.  I said: Maybe you shouldn’t read the comments.  This idea that somehow I knew this was coming and it was my idea and I’m the one that’s walking away is just a pile of smoldering, stinking, Mr. Ed droppings.  It’s not true.  I’ll deny it officially right here, right now, and tell you straight up, I will stay here for another 13 years if they’d have me.  It’s not the way it’s going to happen.  It happens, folks, it happens.

There’s another thing, though.  One more thing on this.  One more point on this.  To many of you that have been writing as if – I used to get this at the family barbecues and annual family reunions and stuff when some family member would ask me, maybe 15 years ago or so: So, when are you going to quit that radio garbage and get a real job?  Pretty much the same thing, about a third of the correspondence that I received yesterday and a third that I’ve looked at today is, [mocking] “Well, Mike, good luck mopping floors at Winn-Dixie.  It was nice knowing you.”  People don’t build careers in broadcasting so that they just walk away from them one day and quit.  I don’t know who does this.  So this idea of “Good luck, Mr. Church,” don’t wish me luck.

If you want to wish me luck because maybe you felt some kind of attachment, follow me.  It’s pretty simple.  You can listen to more than one thing in a day, I’m pretty sure.  This show will be available.  It’s not going anywhere.  We’ve been doing this since 1992. This ridiculous idea of, [mocking] “I hope it’s nice at Burger World where you’ll be flipping them, pal.  Thanks for ruining everything with you and Chris Ferrara and your stupid, etc., etc.”  By the way, that’s why I wanted Ferrara to be the last guest on this program.  Some of you are going to try to blame him, are going to try to blame my reversion to orthodox Catholicism.  Blame away, brothers.  It is a persecution I hope you publish from the highest rooftops.  I hope it is said 100,000 times to the glory of the church militant and Almighty God.  If I’m taken out because of that, what a great way to go out.  I can’t think of a better way to go out, as a matter of fact.  So please, if you think that, say it loudly, boldly.  Proclaim it.

To that end, I was reading Ross Douthat yesterday.  If you don’t know, Ross Douthat is one of the editorialists at the New York Times.  What you may not know is that most of the editorialists at the New York Times are allegedly Roman Catholics.  Ross just happens to be Orthodox.  I say Orthodox.  Some of you are going to go, [mocking] “Really?  You think he’s Orthodox?  Really?”  For the sake of argument, dude, just go with it.  It’s the last day we’re here.  I don’t feel like arguing with you.  Douthat is Orthodox.  I read you his column last week and I wrote one similar to his.  You can find my work – by the way, I’ll be writing again weekly for The Daily Caller and our man Jordan Bloom.  Jordan and I will still be doing the biweekly Our Man in Mordor.  We’ll do it live from The Daily Caller offices now.  I’ll be writing weekly for Jordan Bloom, and also writing weekly for OnePeterFive.

I wrote for them last week a little about what Douthat had written, and some of the things that had been said about the Synod in Rome.  This is an ecclesiastical perversion, what’s happening inside the Church.  The Church is calling out, right now, in her hour of need for the Orthodox to stand shoulder to shoulder and prevent the coming schism.  That’s what it seems Pope Francis is trying to engineer.  This has been afoot since these radicals began their quest with Vatican II in 1962, the year I was born.  Some people do not believe that it was a coincidence that I happened to be born that year, that I happened to be baptized at the St. Augustine Church on Governor Nicholls Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, that I happened to take the patron saint name Augustine.  That’s now happenstance; that’s supposed to happen.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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